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  1. Amazing news released today . Cumbrian chef Simon Rogan takes over the starring role at Claridges , London. Lenclume style cuisine no doubt with a quirky Rogan twist. Seems like it`s looking like an April / May takeover so exciting weeks lay ahead. So its bye bye Gordon and hello Simon....Happy days.
  2. Surely there must be some "leaks" seeing as though the guide is out at midnight tonight. I know i`m being a little ambitious here but my gut feeling tells me that Mr Rogan is going to be our next UK Michelin 3 star restaurant....this guide or next. It has to happen soon , surely.
  3. Oh dear SuY , i take it you`ve already been there by now ? Not a good choice at all. Nearest City Carlisle and then you`re not going to get anything decent, Lakes are 30 minutes from Maryport , nearest decent restaurant is Cottage in the Wood , Keswick.
  4. Adey73 - Yes , was the back end of last year Simon took over Cartmels Pig n whistle pub. Not managed to get there yet and ive still to eat at Rogan n Co, also in the village, I`m sure theyre both wonderful. No sign or mention of a book yet , i`m sure the idea will have been banded around in Simons head...hopefully sooner than later.There are quite a few recipes of Simons online if you have a little look around. Itll be interesting to see the next stage of Simons move to the Midland , there`s the Brasserie and another restaurant to be addressed i believe. As for the food at the French , yep
  5. Mr Rogan makes the move into Manchesters Midland hotel and Tuesday 12th March will see the doors opening to a very exciting start to the fine dining scene and fingers crossed the Michelin stars back into the city again. I was fortunate enough to be invited down to a preview of what the new look The French restaurant is going to be producing over the next few weeks. I believe there will be 2 multi course tasting menus in true Rogan style , a small and a large ( itll be something like a 5 and a 10 course choice i would expect.). Here`s a wee sneak preview of what delights await....The future l
  6. I`ve been following the Lenclume gang around since the place opened almost 10 years ago. I`ve watched Simon Rogan evolve through many stages of cuisine , endless experiments and i have to say it`s been one hell of a journey.Simon has now levelled out and the new phase of Lenclume food over the last few years has been producing wonderful delights from the Cumbrian landscape , sea , lakes and mountains and also the very best of the regions farmers and suppliers. The menus have now been cut to just the one....roundabout 16 – 18 dishes and they`re decided upon each morning depending what`s avai
  7. Yep....soft , melting and packed with Oyster, exactly same texture as a steak pud....and as i said , highlight of my meal , im converted.
  8. Finally got around to visiting Aumbry last week....well overdue.We chose the £65 tasting menu which really was good value considering what we actually got....about 15 courses in all. Mary Ellen came out to see us and spent 20 minutes giving us the industry gossip , nice lady. I wont really parp on about Aumbry`s history as its already been mentioned umpteen times. I`ll definitely return , even if it`s just to sample the Plaice dish with Oyster pudding....Amazing pudding , highlight of my meal which is great for someone that could never stomach an Oyster....im converted. Keep up the good work.
  9. WOW , you guys are having a great time of it are`nt ya ? Looks like im well overdue a visit to Fraiche....must check the diary. Thanks for the great photos David , looked awesome. Cheers.
  10. Had an almost identical meal there last week....Amazing. Down to London on the train.....lunch and then straight back again....was definitely worth it. . Smoked Pork and Eel croquettes Onion biscuit , Nettle cream and Shallot jam. Roganic breads – Pumpernickel , Onion Thyme and Wholemeal with Ale. Burnt cream of English mushrooms , Ramsons and Cheese drops. Grown up Egg yolk from the Golden egg , Celeriac , Sorrel and Garlic cream. Spring broth with Carrot dumplings , Sea kale shoots and Pearl barley. Raw Venison in Coal oil , Mustard , Scurvy grass and Onions. Crispy seaweed mashed Potatoes ,
  11. Amazing and the pics look fantastic. Im so pissed off as i was meant to be eating there last saturday and due to some bad news it all fell through....i was in a proper low way all weekend and now....when i realise just what i missed its really peed me off again
  12. Another amazing meal at The Ritz last week...10 course Sonata menu. Here`s the highlights - £99 Halibut Dauphine , Smoked Oyster mayonnaise with Caviar. Venison Tartare , Parmesan bread and Black Truffle. Roasted Langoustine , Sauce Marie. Croque Monsieur with Truffle. Dressed Devon Crab roll , Avocado , spiced apple puree , confit ginger, Charentais Melon. Terrine of Goose liver , Port glazed Spiced Fig , Gingerbread and Marsala jelly. Seared Scottish Scallop , Smoked Eel , Bacon , pickled Shallots and Watercress. Braised Cornish Turbot , Chestnuts ,Artichokes , Cep puree and Truffle.
  13. Yeah i have to admit i was peed off when i found out that they were quitting.It was their blog and Londoneaters photography that got me into it all in the first place....Theyve cost me a bloody small fortune. I`ve used their blog to weigh up most of the restaurants ive eaten at in London.If i didnt like the look of the food in a particular place then i just searched their blog for something more up my street. I like the air of mystery surrounding them...who are they...how old are they , what do they do etc etc.So when i finally met up with them for dinner at Sat Bains i was pleasantly surprise
  14. Absolutely David...£55 for the tasting and £45 alc....Erm...maybe he got a little carried away though...and i think i broke his record for the most courses.Certainly wasn`t complaining though,the guy is a superhero....i would have carried on if he hadnt stopped. I shall return.
  15. Had dinner last week at the Westbury.Lovely meal and got to meet Alyn also...nice guy. Current tasting menu priced at £55...best value tasting menu in London right now.Well selected wines on the wine flight as well but resisted the £35k bottle of DP 1996 Rose....Ohhhh dear. Amuse Bouche Cauliflower Pannacotta , Acorn , Cream cheese wafers. Smoked Egg , Perigord Truffle soldiers. French Onion Consomme , Crab , Lyonaisse. Lobster , Fennel custard skin , Eel. Foie Gras semi fredo , Liquorice , Lime , Frozen yoghurt. Foie Gras semi fredo , Liquorice , Sand Carrot. Beef Tartare , Catalonia , Grib
  16. I`m heading there on friday...Tasting menu and wine flight...and camera
  17. I`ve done both places guys.Ive done Roganic on opening day and Lenclume maybe 3/4 times a year or whenever the menu / season changes.I believe the Roganic venture was to give the Londoners a bit of a taster into Rogans cuisine and if they liked it then they would make the journey up north to stay over in the lakes and have the Lenclume experience.The two places are worlds apart in terms of placement.As for the food...well Simon spends time at both restaurants and has Mark Birchall running the flagship and Ben Spalding as head chef at Roganic...both extremely talented guys putting their own twi
  18. Ha ha...you`re all bloody nuts .....but i`m laughing my head off here. Cheers guys , all the best for a lovely 2012 to you all. Alan
  19. Happy new year folks and here`s my first report of 2012. Lenclume and the Winter menu.I originally planned to take my son ( he`s 15 ) for a little `light` lunch down in Cartmel....it turned out to be a 16 course cracking meal. Chef Simon Rogan i was told was taking a hard earned xmas break with his family and Mark Birchall was at the stove as Lenclumes Head chef. Mark has just returned from his Roux scholarship prize of 3 months working at El cellar de Can Roca in Spain.Watch out for some exciting treats once he gets back into the swing of things in chilly west Cumbria. Here`s the 16 courses -
  20. In my eyes....Very very annoying people who can do a lot of damage to hard working restaurants based purely on their own personal tastes....The world would be a much better place without them.One only has to look at their pompous, `up their own arses` facial expressions when the food lands on the table on the Masterchef programmes...they can barely raise a smile when those nervous contestants walk in with their plates of food.For example...Take that critic that looks like Klebb off James Bond..she`d pop the knife out from her shoe given half a chance.I`ve never seen a more miserable woman on a
  21. Well Marcus...it was a steal "however" the Lobster and the Grouse terrine weren`t inclusive of the set lunch.They were both off the alc menu.The set lunch did include the foie gras terrine with the truffle and the sea bass , pork and beef then chocolate pud.Definitely well worth casting aside your jeans for though.Ill be back early in the new year to try the tasting menu so ill be sure to let you know how that one went. Cheers.
  22. Sunday lunch at The Ritz is priced at £45 per person for a 4 course meal (inc an Amuse) and inclusive of service ,very reasonable for top class dining in such an establishment. There was an individually priced a.l.c. menu as well as a tasting menu available for lunch.I was absolutely gutted when the maitre`d suggested the Chef recommended we go for the Ritz Tasting menu ,it read beautifully on the menu but after our 21 courses and 15 wines only hours previously at Marcus Wareing i was ever so slightly delicate to say the least. I sent my apologies to chef, perhaps it would be best that we
  23. Almost all of my meals are posted on here Matthew and nearly always with photographs which take me days to edit.....as you already know.No need for that comment at all.
  24. £600 for two people..... Gobsmacked....dont ever tell the Sommelier to "feel free" when it comes to selecting a wine flight. Pics on my blog.
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