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  1. WOW , those desserts look superb, how good does that banana tart look ? Now im very excited.I`ll be there on the 18th August and probably going for their tasting menu...the countdown has started....report with pics to follow.
  2. Hi Harters , its from a dairy called Mawsons in a village named Seascale , west cumbria(mawsonsofbaileyground). I prefer to use "Dykeback" ( Hedgerow) Jelly on my scones.Basically its any produce that can be found `back of the dyke` ( hedge ) Last year i made it with Damsons , Sloes , Rowanberry , Hawthorn , Bullace ( wild plums ) , Rosehips , crab apple , elderberry , blackites (blackberries) .....it was fantastic on the scones , crusty buttered bread and good for sauces , pates , meat etc. Raspberry and strawberry are still amazing though.
  3. Tracy McLeod sounds like she enjoyed it also after reading her review in yesterdays independent.
  4. We`ve a local dairy up here in Cumbria just started making their own clotted cream , its fantastic....and the way we do it up here is butter first...then the jam and then the whole pot of clotted cream.
  5. Booked in for sunday lunch 21st Aug, fingers crossed for a window seat.As for photos , ill be snapping for England so there`ll be plenty to post up....cant complain about poor lighting either.
  6. Nico Ladenis at 90 Park Lane , London.....Won`t even hazard a guess at a year but prob mid 90s
  7. Jeez , they`re at it again.....this time they`ve gone and made the Wall street journal with their fancy dinner parties and celeb cheffy doos....Dont you just hate em Here`s the piece for those not interested. My link
  8. I`m only new to the big world of blogging myself ( cumbriafoodie ) and to be totally honest here , i visit the CC website on a couple of occasions every day.I love their write ups and like to try and keep up with them when it comes to the food photography....a little healthy competiton to keep my standards as high as possible. I use their blog for my own research and selected my last London trip restaurants based purely on their reporting and pics. Obviously when it comes to blogging theyre well up there with the best that blogging has to offer , they speak from the heart exactly as they find
  9. Just looking over their list of restaurants visited....and their total lack of dining expertise.
  10. "I very much agree with Felix. Looking at the CC blog I think they have both a lack of technical knowledge and of dining expertise". Joke of the day that one..... Ohhhh dearie me , its getting a little weary this thread now ,its been pretty entertaining though....Logging on here at 6.30 in the morning when i should be helping manage a Nuclear plant
  11. Didnt realise you were one of those sad Twitterers David....You`d best add me then ;-) ( sped98 ) They still need to get this dish on ...blow the Londoners socks off with it.
  12. Im back again.... I was sat in a meeting at work and couldnt concentrate , had to come and look at those photos again.....yeah yeah yeah , so im a sad food obsessed person. Im definitely thinking of doing a double...Hillbark and Fraiche as soon as i can fit it in. I went on to the Hillbark website , read up on Stewart , checked out the menus....WOW , they`re definitely my cup of tea. Here`s a reminder from my last trip to Hillbark - Ohhhh it was good. I shall return and blog , snap and eat to my hearts content
  13. Well that looks absolutely fantastic....and great news too. Plates look a little too busy, too much going on and need a little refinement with a delicate touch.That will improve the aesthetics a lot. The hillbark meal in the window seat with Aiden was one of the highlights of my culinary life,i struggle to think of a better meal ever, simply pure luxury , accurate cooking and a joy to eat.It was devastating when i found out he had gone from Hillbark but we also felt lucky that we were one of the "chosen few" who had experienced the dream. As for the new team and set up , well all i can do is g
  14. To begin the meal we were given a little taster of thinly rolled flatbread the thickness of a poppadom with Smoked haddock brandade piped on top , just a little amusement to start the experience off nicely. The bread selection arrived and for a classic French chef we expected nothing other than perfection, and the bread met those levels perfectly.The white bread was freshly baked , warm , crispy and the best in the business.The brioche was multi layered and as light as a feather and as the photo shows , you simply cant improve on perfection. Our starter was recommended by Richard , he advis
  15. They`re both good in my book , i can only speak as i find and so far they`ve only come over to me as a couple of lovely people.Love their website , visit it most days , fantastic pics , good site for sussing the restaurants out and informative write ups from the heart.As for the web wars....i have to have a wee chuckle when i read em.
  16. Well tell you what David , ive got a £2,000 Canon 7D sitting here redundant and that £299 i spent on the Lumix LX5 was the wisest thing ive done for food pics...Cant go wrong with a Leica lens. As far as faves go , im so much a sweet toothed person ,i love my puds and one of my all time faves is on the menu at Roganic and thats the Sweet cicely , strawberry and buttermilk...Love it. The potatoes and onion ash is fabulous but i have to say that one of the best if not "the best ever" is the Carrot combination with Ham fat and carrot sorbet made with the liquid nitro.Its normally on at Lenclume ,
  17. My pics from opening lunch on opening day at Roganic.Same menu as Davids above , the 10 course meal.
  18. Hi Theakston...you didnt get a reply because its info@roganic ......you added an "s" by mistake.The website will be up and running this week so i`m told. Cheers.
  19. Photoshop ???? Erm....rings a bell , itll come back to me over the day im sure.Your pics are definitely improving a lot , looks like you`re thinking lots more about composition...spot on. And yes...the lovely Miss Chang was definitely more pleasing to the eye
  20. " Currently I am typing this in my hotel room trying to finish this report before the fast approaching check out time. ".............Are you sure about that David ? A little Marylebone birdy told me you were seen running back to your hotel to get the pics up on the www before i got them up Glad you enjoyed it , was a fantastic meal for us on saturday lunchtime , 13 courses in all....and of course , my pics will appear this week but i dont wanna go rushing them. Top marks to the staff by the way....Lovely people , well educated on the food already, didnt see any teething problems and they al
  21. I managed to squeeze in for opening lunch on saturday....Fantastic , batteries fully charged.
  22. Thanks for the tips but i`ve decided to take part in the madness of the Roganic first service....opening day saturday.Will get the pics up on here so you can see what theyre gonna be doing.Cheers
  23. Good weekend coming up - Friday evening - Tasting menu with wine flight at Sketch Saturday lunch - Suggestions please ( something light...but gastronomic ) Saturday evening - Tasting menu with wine flight at Helene Darroze at the Connaught Sunday lunch - The legendary Koffmanns ( snails cocotte and pigs trotter ) Should be a good weekend , pics on my blog and the better ones on here a few days later.
  24. ROGANIC UPDATE - All seems to be nicely on track for the opening date of Saturday 25th June.Ben Spalding will be leading the brigade with Simon Rogan overseeing operations until Roganic finds its feet.I spoke to Simon yesterday and sounds like some exciting things will be happening there so i must make the effort to get down there soon. Simon will be commuting between Lenclume in Cartmel and Roganic.Spending time in London will also give him time to spend time with family that he hasnt seen a lot of this year due to heavy work committments up in Cartmel. Fans of Lenclume need not worry about t
  25. Everything about this series...and the show in general annoys me...yet i still torture myself and have it all on record. Lots of good points noted on this thread though....Would love to actually see some cooking and technique , we could all learn a lot from these guys....n girls.
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