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    Mushrooms & eggs

    Mushroom fried rice w/egg. Sounds like dinner to me!
  2. Deensie-That popsicle looks amazing! And I think that's one of the best possible uses for blackberries. Curls-Sometimes the classics really are the best, and I love your beautiful curl on the frosting! PanCan-We must have been on the same wavelength! I made a coconut covered cake too...but mine's coconut through and through, with vanilla bean coconut cake layers, filled with toasted coconut pastry cream, and frosted with a coconut milk buttercream frosting. And the soaking syrup had Malibu in it, just for good measure!
  3. Great start to the week! I also love Trader Joe's...the only problem I have there is that I tend to spend more money because I always find something new I want to try! Are those tomatoes or tomatillos? Because something with salsa verde sounds pretty tasty...
  4. Popsicle-Wow that stuff is GORGEOUS! I'm in preservation mode right now too, but it's becoming a little bit of an obsession. Normal people don't buy 15 lbs of sour cherries and make jam in a friend's kitchen when they're on vacation! What else is everyone making this year?
  5. So excited to follow along with this one! Bring on the food! Mexico is one of those places that I'd like to go and just spend a month eating...
  6. My dad brought home two Pearson's salted nut rolls yesterday. I don't think I'd had one in 20 years. It was just as good as I remember. Sorry FG, Caramello's just too sweet for me!
  7. Gonna try! Wish me luck and happy noodle juju! I think I'll do pictures and post em too. Then everyone else can share my hard work and triumph, or possibly my catastrophic failure and subsequent trip to Uwajimaya to get some premade noodles...
  8. Threestars, if it makes you feel any better, I had an oscar meyer hot dog and coffee for breakfast today...surely not the stuff of eGullet fame...
  9. I have the momofuku ramen broth in the slow cooker as we speak. I haven't started on the noodles yet, but they're on the burner for tomorrow. I just pre-ordered issue two, can't wait to see what's inside. I think I'll hit my mom up for a subscription for my birthday.
  10. Genkinaonna

    Dinner! 2011

    Nikkib-Here's the recipe I used for the bacon cheddar fritters. I added some finely minced chives (a couple tablespoons) and left out the onion. I also added a little bit of Piment d'Esplette, since there was some in the soup. I used a medium cheddar since it's what I had in the fridge. They reminded me a lot of hushpuppies. The soup is from Around My French Table (it's the French Fridays with Dorie project this week) and is availablehere. I cooked the onion and garlic in some rendered bacon fat instead of the butter, and left off the garnish, since I added my own. I also used 2 c of 1% milk and 1 c of cream instead of the 3 c whole milk, just because those are the dairy products I happened to have in the fridge at the time. The tomato salad is just quartered cherry tomatoes tossed with a little red wine vinegar and some olive oil, salt and pepper. I really liked how the acidity of the tomatoes cut through the richness of the soup. I think next time I'll make shrimp fritters and toss those in...or maybe scallops like she suggests. Thanks for all the compliments! I feel like my cooking is coming along ok, but this was the first recipe in a while that I felt like could have come from one of my favorite restaurants. It was a shame that my husband's out of town and my kids and dad had already eaten so I had no one to share it with!
  11. Pocari Sweat has to sound better in Japanese than it does in English...or maybe it just sounds more appealing if you only speak Japanese and not English ...
  12. Genkinaonna

    Dinner! 2011

    Davina-Those tacos look incredible! I wish I had friends who cooked, much less developed recipes! I'm pretty much the only foodie in my social network ... Scotty-There must have been something in the air that whispered "soup" tonight... Corn soup with bacon and cheddar fritters and an heirloom cherry tomato salad. It was supposed to be hot, but by the time I got the picture taken it was lukewarm. Still didn't have a problem eating the whole bowl.
  13. Genkinaonna


    It was water, sugar, and rice wine vinegar. The daikon cubes were salted and let sit overnight and then rinsed prior to adding them to the pickling liquid. They're sweet, but not as sweet as the ones at the restaurant.
  14. Genkinaonna


    Baron-Cutest. Pickles. Ever! My live in nanny (ie my dad) has been out of town for the last couple of months, severely limiting my late night Korean food intake. One of my favorite Korean restaurants gives you a dish of sweet daikon pickles when you sit down, and I've been craving them like mad, even though in general I can happily lead an otherwise pickle-free existence. I figured they couldn't be too hard to make. And I was right. Happy day! Now I can have them whenever I want! I'm even contemplating growing some daikon in the garden next summer for the true DIY experience.
  15. We must be on the same wavelength! I'm making crepes with caramelized apricots for dessert tonight. Great minds and all that ...
  16. Wow that's a breakfast I'd get up early for. Any unanticipated effects of Irene? You and all your NY eGullet kin were in my thoughts last night...
  17. I have a Turkish friend I can ask...let me get back to you.
  18. Welcome back, Soba! Can't wait to see what you're going to inspire the rest of us to make this week!
  19. Nanaimo bars are all over here, but I hadn't seen them before I moved from the Midwest. They're pretty delicious when done right, but most of the store varieties are tooth achingly sweet. PanCan-That cake is lovely. Do you taste the plantain as well or is it just there for moistness? I love anything with coconut but I've never tried combining it with honey... Last night I broke into the Toasted Almond, Candied Cherry, and Chocolate Truffle Ice Cream I made from The Perfect Scoop. It was my trial run making creme anglaise SV (a rousing success, I may never go back to making it in a pan) as well as the maiden voyage of the Donvier ice cream maker I got at Goodwill for $7.00. I was suprised with how well it turned out, given the decidedly low tech nature of the machine in question. Super easy too. Apologies for the bad picture, darn lack of natural light...Oh no wait, the uploader won't work for some reason, so you're saved from seeing yet another demo of my marked lack of photography skills. Picture vanilla ice cream with chunks of cherries, chocolate, and almonds, and you get the picture...
  20. Genkinaonna

    Dinner! 2011

    Scotty- I'm guessing you have the first issue of Lucky Peach too? I've been itching to try out some of the recipes in there. Glad I went to the website to confirm I had the name right, otherwise I might not have seen the corrected noodle recipe, leading to much wailing and gnashing of teeth when my noodles came out horribly. MGaretz- I love char siu pork, I see another sous vide project in the near future! I had zucchini pancakes with sour cream and quick roasted cherry/grape tomatoes tonight. I wish I could say that the zucchini came from the garden but I finally gave up and pulled the whole plant out today, after it succumbed, once again, to powdery mildew. And everyone else bitches about having too many zucchini ... At least the parsley, oregano, and basil in the pancakes and the tomatoes on top were from the garden...
  21. I would assume you'd need a reservation, I think they're on opentable... Little Bird is Gabriel Rucker's other restaurant so if you can't get in at Le Pigeon, you might want to try that. Good luck and post pics, I keep meaning to get over there and just haven't made it yet!
  22. Chicken breasts are one of my favorite things to do in the SVS. I know they're pedestrian, not so glamorous, and not requiring transglutimase or other fun chemicals, but it's hard to beat perfectly cooked chicken as an ingredient in about fifty million recipes...
  23. Genkinaonna

    Dinner! 2011

    Wow, Prawn! Both meals are gorgeous! I've never had squab but that spread makes me want to give it a try...
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