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  1. Papaya. ...except it takes eight years for the tree to bear fruit...
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    "bacardi does what?!!?!?!?! " Oh it's a rumour for sure: I heard it from a Brasileiro!!!
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    Back when I lived in Burlington ('80s), we used to drive to Bristol on Fall Weekend mornings to eat at Mary's for brunch. I went scouting and found Mary's at Baldwin Creek which seems to be of similar menu from back then, and mentions a cookbook for sale with 20yrs of recipes, so Mary's has obviously expanded (it is a B&B now as well). I remember amazing creations using fresh, up-to-the-minute ingredients (forest chanterelles eg) and dishes that reflected the pasture and woodsy nature of the area around this tiny Vermont village. It was a long way to Bristol from Burlington, but a perfect leaf-peeping drive that stirred the appetite. Well worth a visit. Their website includes a menu item called "Kitchen Confidential" which is two entrees in the event a diner can't decide...
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    Actually, I heard that Bacardi imports cheap cachaca in those railcars that look like big oil or water drums, like mile-long train loads of the stuff, then processes it somehow. That would explain how a little island can get their rum into every bar on the planet. Once I had a bottle of "Medronha" from Caldas de Monchique, Portugal which sat around for a few years in a closet. When I found it, it had turned a golden colour and tasted far better than the white, labeless spirit I had brought over years prior. Drained that in a hurry...
  5. I could stomach exactly one half hour of Sex In The City only once, but I clear my schedule weekly for Malcolm In The Middle. FOX could pull it off if they pay attention to Tony's voice and POV. Details, Tonyyyy!!!
  6. "(he refused to turn the heat on, on a 50*, rainy day). " That's downright balmy in these pahts!
  7. johnnyd

    Carne Asada

    I have good luck with Loin Tri Tip Coulottes.
  8. What a write-up! Thanks lala! Carnitas? Seems it was in the right company for 'em.
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    ...but seriously folks... I don't think Cachaca in the freezer is going to do any good. It's just the nature of the stuff that causes me to wonder about that move. Maybe just a hunch. The caramel colour will deepen with age, something the cheap stuff can look forward to if you keep it long enough. I bet the Germana 10yr was a deep colour, no?
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    Excellent, Smithers! ....I mean Viva! PM me to get my mailing address so you can rid yourself of that unsightly Ypioca bottle! ...and Beans, I'll see to it that, um, you get half...
  11. South of Augusta is Gardiner, about four or so miles off I95. It straddles a river and right on the bridge is the best diner I've seen in years: the A1 Diner. The decor is classic chrome and stainless. The menu is upscale diner fare (incredible liver&onions, open face turkey, serious meatloaf, excellent sandwiches, flawless burgers) and served with flare and finesse. Microbrew sodas and beers, reasonable wines, pies to die for and a great staff. Did a job near there and spent nearly two hours a day at the A1; $25 a pop for two. Try to visit but you'll have to wait for a table at mid-day.
  12. True: the passing of a cultural icon and the jobs that go with it's manufacture are lamentable, but those foods are part of a forty-odd-year-old trend of "convenience" foods that, perhaps unwittingly, got americans started on the obesity problem, and food conglomerates into big profits by providing low-cost, minimaly nutritional content in a seductive wrapping. Now the free market is cleaning house, our nutritional standards are higher and the twinkie replacement is on the drawing board somewhere with better ingredients, and an able workforce is standing by ready to go make 'em. Plus Ça Change...
  13. One day I was chopping onions on a plank, on a beach and realized I had no tears or discomfort of any kind. The answer: it was a windy day. From then on, I just blow (continuously, if they are the kind that really bother) on the onions as I chop and the fumes go elsewhere. Later I was in a real kitchen and the first day I had to prep a whole freakin' sack of 'em. I just set up a small fan by my elbow and chop, chop, chop...
  14. Jordan Farms 21 Wells Rd Cape Elizabeth ...seems to have a few sweet corn left. (and some other wonderful produce) Made a fabulous corn, fennel, onion sauce/chowder for lobster meat the other day. Try also: Maxwells Farm 112 Spurwink Av Cape Elizabeth These might be old news to you Christian; they are more in my neighborhood so I thought I'd mention it. The beans are insanely great I have to agree.
  15. Your tomato is probably a black krim. I have three of them right now waiting for basil and fresh mozza tonight. The brandywine is a tough one to grow - comes out almost pink when it does, but there is also the Brandywine Black that has a brick color with that green top too. Cherokees get quite large and mis-shapen, and the color of chocolate. All have the most amazing flavor... and too short a season.
  16. Amen... We have been inundated with harvest this week here in the Northeast. Corn and tomatoes, more corn... more tomatoes. I can't eat them fast enough because in a short while we as well will be shivering inside and dreaming of corn... and tomatoes. Fabulous blog. Not "unimpressive" at all! Every blog is special because all of us are different. That granite rocks. I'm setting out on my bike to steal your Keffir Tree... should be there by Christmas... larb!
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    The mid-range Benriner BN-1 costs around $35 and comes with three additional blades. It's awesome and easier to handle than the littler ones.
  18. Escargots en croute? Do you have any rabbit left over from your blog?? Does Chez Pierre do take-out???
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    Que Susto, meu bem! Manda-me dois garafas! De-pressa, pa! Where are you that you are getting 51 at that price? Translation: "You're freakin' me out, dude! Send me two bottles... on the double!"
  20. What a great report, GRider! You nailed the town nicely, and showed the strain of tourism in summer on the fine restaurants in the old port. The japanese place was either FUJI on exchange st, which is really an amalgam of korean, thai and japanese food, or YOSAKU on pleasant street, run by a former tuna buyer and chef at BENKAY sushi on India St. They are both very good sushi places as the fish is incredibly fresh, but I'd put the edge to Yosaku. Thanks for the review for Soffrito, I'll have to give it a whirl. Wharf street is a frequent backdrop for old-timey shoots of various caliber, commercial stills to movie sets, a very quaint stretch. The other side of the block features Portland Green Grocer, fresh produce galore and a fave of local eGulleteers.
  21. johnnyd

    Oysters - The Topic

    I served a mignonette at my oysterbar that went like this: 1 cup Champagne Vinegar 5 minced Shallots 2 heaped spoonful of William/Sonoma 5peppercorn blend (leave whole) best to leave a couple days before serving. This out -served the trad cocktail sauce by end of season.
  22. Saw Pitch Black for the first time today... almost went for it... but then I remember how grape lollipops turn my tongue purple and how my wife laughed so hard tears ran down her cheeks...
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    Count yourself lucky: PITU is $25 here in Maine and it's all we've got.
  24. Most Awesome, Rachel! I do believe the question of what to make for dinner has been answered
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