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  1. ...Crows...eat....Yankeeeesssss.... Sorry! Not quite over it yet... ...if ever!!![/COLOR]
  2. Losing the World Series after devastating the Evil Empire from three back in the Penant Race is incidental. Sports History has been made this week. Period! Clemens? How shall we serve him up? Anyone? Some sort of "guarantee" regimen, Blovie et al??? :laugh: (Red Sox in five!)
  3. Aaaaaahhhhhhhh - yeah! Sweet... so, so sweet.... Spatchcock that crow... edit to add: It's like the Berlin Wall has fallen around here
  4. That menu worked up to now... ...Now we have to spend some real money to get us through the Ultimate Series!
  5. ... which begs a tantalizing question: Just what was stadium "food" back in 1918? Anyone?
  6. I wish I could take the credit, but it is a Nation that I belong... a Red Sox Nation. We are planning a menu... and I've decided my research will cover the Babe's favorites. Whether it's Dogs or Brats or whatever it was back then that passed for junk food, I will prepare for the Final Meal... THE ULTIMATE IMPOSSIBLE SERIES!!!
  7. Hmmmm... After a week like this there are no guarantees. Bring your hats and mitties!
  8. Better bring enough cash for a few of those 'dogs guys, could be a long one! Have a great time... wish I could be there with you. Keep an eye on that shyster A-Rod.
  9. Ahem... The chowder was very, very good. Shall I send you some Mr. Brown???
  10. Let's eat: Start at my house for Oysters Moscow and Stoli, hop a flight to Spain for An hour in any tapas bar in Seville, then fly to Miami for an hour or two at Joe's Stone Crab (thanks Jason), ...then off to a roadside churrascaria I know just before Angra dos Reis in Brasil, end it all in Zurich with tiramisu, Pfumliwasser and a good espresso. Wow. Did I, ...um, go too far here? I suppose if I was ever on death row and they ask what I want for my last meal, that would be it. But I'd settle for a good burger...
  11. There must be some kind of japanese torture that the inventor of this travesty should be made to endure... suggestions?
  12. We're here for you, but you know this. Post often - it will help.
  13. Tonight's the night.... [gulp!] I made my chowder, and I will cradle it in my lap as the hits keep coming... edit to add: Easter Bunny was a little sloppy so Santa's running the wetvac...
  14. I'm thinkin' braised... ... or on a stick...
  15. And I just ordered my lobsters... we ain't done yet Bronx Fans! ...one for each inning...
  16. Just to add an echo: Sazon flavoring does work magic and the sodas are truly awesome. I can't wait to try the malta on the spiral ham w/bean soup idea and this Mojo that you speak of... best chicken ever? OK, it's on the list. I've always avoided the Sofrito, thinking I could make it from scratch and it would be better, then I think about how long I've promised myself I'd actually do it, and that little jar is looking awful tempting... OK, it's on the list.
  17. As mentioned in the play-off 2004 thread, it is so unheard-of around here to win the freakin' World Series, that there is no traditional motif whatsoever. I'm leaning towards kosher dogs with my home-made slaw, slow-cooked shortribs, B&M baked beans and lots of Gearys Pale Ale during the World Series against Cleveland. We will have chowder while Boston buries the Yankees, 3 games to 1 in the Ultimate Armageddon Series... ... and it will taste soooooo gooood! When we win (my wife would kill me if she saw me type this), we'll probably blow big bucks on sushi, always our mainstay celebratory meal.
  18. As a Boston fan, I know how Twins fans feel after watching the come-from-behind Yankee win last night over fried chicken, garlic smashed potatos and delicata squash. We begin the Series of all Series Tuesday at 8p so I took out my chowder base to thaw. I'll only need enough for three nights, of course...
  19. Pim & Mamster's class is a godsend, thanks! I thought I'd finally conquered Pad Thai but I see more to the recipe here. I threw in a bit of dashi in my sauce along with a splash of mirin. Hell, I make it a bit different every time.
  20. It's official: Pizza and Beer while we watch the Angels' wings get clipped this afternoon... *snip!snip!snip!* Perhaps our Za should have a SoCal flavour to it? How about Nopalitos and Anaheim Peppers???
  21. We used to have Chorizo, Fava Bean, Potato and Tomato "Fry" when I lived in Portugal as a kid. Olive oil to finish (so much flavour), serve with a little fresh bread and a good plonk or beer. Chorizo has so much going on spice-wise, I never add much like garlic or herbs.
  22. We had a mini-Feijoada night before last that simmered for nine hours: black beans in chicken stock, herbs, ancho chili, stew beef. I saute onion, green pepper and tomato in OOil then fold in some of the black bean liquid to simmer a bit. Combine, then I put three locally made chorizo, whole in the pot for a half hour more. Served usually with rice, wife made corn muffins instead and I sauteed some collard strands in OOil and garlic. YUM! Serve cooked chorizo whole and slice on the plate. Don't forget to drizzle Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the Caldo Verde before serving.
  23. Double posting will not bring the Yankees any more luck as they will fall to the Twinkies in three - sorry 'bout that! My baseball mania resurfaced (rooted for Mantle as a kid in NYC) when I married a Boston Girl. (I can't believe I still believe...) So we have been keeping fat kosher brats on a simmer during the game (fits in a roll when cut in half, lengthwise) and I make a mound of coleslaw from the recent texas issue of Saveur. When Anaheim has gone home, we will switch to either BBQ shortribs (my hand ground spice rubbed ribs sit at 250 for a few hours) with Boston Baked Beans, or Lobster Rolls with chowder. We are foaming at the mouth over Curt, Pedro, Manny and Papi so it might have to be both... and a case of local Gearys Pale Ale, a tasty Portland microbrew, to wash it all down. Since Boston has gone the distance so rarely, no one around here HAS a tradition of what to eat during the final series. I am up for starting one.
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