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  1. I make these things all the time at bellagio, and have STILL never eaten one. I guess I'll have to venture over to FIX one of these days.
  2. are you by any chance working at a Ritz Carlton?
  3. I just noticed the eyeball on the right one--what was that?!?!? ←
  4. I searched for this mag, can't seem to find it, does anyone know where you can order from? Thanks.
  5. I believe it is a birthday cake competition for Elvis, run by the food network....not real sure, I know that our wedding cake designer here at Bellagio will be in it, and chef Chris Hanmer(World Pastry Team Champion) was going to assist her, but for whatever reason, he is no longer going, and another member of our cake team will take his place.
  6. Still in hiring limbo. Alot of miscommunication going on, on the drug test stage now, its been sent, the lab rejected it, and they had to send it again.....I'm not giving up dammit!!
  7. I'm stuck in Limbo!!! I am in the middle of the hiring "process" going through the background check stage, and now theirs a hiring freeze!!! Alittle frustrated I am. Hope it doesn't last long....
  8. Moro Restaurant in Wilmington DE, has had a few instances where they've called something "Study in _____" I think they did it on the hot side too.
  9. Othafa9

    Pastry Buffets

    When I was at Amelia Island Plantation, we set up an Easter Pastry buffet, it looked great, then we went to replenish it, and people had eaten much of the pulled sugar, and chocolate showpieces. The pastry chef wasn't happy.
  10. I did'nt like the way it was set up, its got all the baking science info at the beginning, then each chapter is pretty much just recipes. Ideally I'd rather have a chapter on say....ice creams, talk about the science of it, then give some recipes. Also, they never mention Pate Sucree anywhere in the book, instead they have "321 Cookie Dough" or something like that, I didn't look at it that close, so I'm not sure if its the same thing or not, probably is, but I'd rather have the classic version.
  11. I constantly see it in publications like PA & D, but am unsure of what it actually is. Thanks.
  12. I was reading a french book that uses alot of "Invert" sugar I have no idea what it is, also I see Caster sugar every now and then, and that too I don't know........sigh.
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