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  1. Salt Lick closed because basically no one ate there. It will reopen as "Yard House" a bar/restaurant. "RUB" BBQ may also have closed, I went there last week, and their was a temporary wall where the restaurant used to be...not sure if its renovations or just closed for good. Vegas is a very weak BBQ Town, just about everytime I go to one, they are dead. No local support for BBQ:( You might want to try Lucille's BBQ at "The District" by green valley ranch.
  2. I think you could potentially argue "Pizzeria Bianco" onto this list. It is by far the most well known, and influential pizzeria in America. After all, pizza is the most popular food in the country!
  3. In exhibit A their isn't a problem with the cooking, the problem is that the part on top that is "over charred"(which is arguable) was not topped correctly, and it is bare dough where as the rest of the top is covered with the lardo.
  4. VPN America doesn't hold its pizzerias to the same level as VPN in Italy. If you look at the VPN America website and look at the different pizzerias, there are some that are worthy of a title (A Mano, Settebello, Il Pizzaiolo, Spacca Napoli) and some that aren't (Flatbread, La Perla, Fritti, Luciano) I think the only real requirement nowadays is that you pay your yearly dues.
  5. Actually toppings heavy is never the way to go if your eating Neapolitan pizza........that is, unless you want a limp wet pizza.
  6. Othafa9

    Pizza Dough

    slkinsey I don't know where you got that tidbit about salt "not being traditional" it absolutely is. Assuming by "traditional" you mean Neapolitan. Otherwise, I don't know what tradition you speak.
  7. To recommend another pizzeria, try "Settebello". One of only a few pizzerias in america doing authentic Neapolitan pizza.
  8. I generally feel the current system of tipping is flawed. I have worked at a high end las vegas restaurant. Here is essentially the pay breakdown of this restaurant. wait staff: 75-80k a year. food runners: 45k a year (only job was to take food from the kitchen to the table) Sous Chef: 45k a year Busser: 35k Cook: 35k Only Executive Chef, and Pastry Chef made more than a waiter, and the pastry chef was just barely at around $85k I definately feel a certain percentage should go to the BOH. My main argument is that the main reason most people are going to go to a restaurant is for the food. Generally speaking, people don't go to a restaurant based on the service. BUT they will decide NOT to go to a restaurant based on the service.
  9. You could transfer to Robuchon at the Mansion in Las Vegas (3 michelin star) probably an easy job for you to get. Then once that is on your resume, you can probably go anywhere you want pretty easily.
  10. I believe the only "Born American" to win this event over the 3 times that America has won (2002, 2004, 2008) is Chris Hanmer, currently executive pastry chef at the Ritz Carlton Lake Las Vegas.
  11. We used raw apples in a fan when I worked at Jean Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio, also all other fruit was raw too. Key Lime juice was used on the apples to keep them from browning, then the tart was glazed.
  12. Well, from another geographical perspective.......In las vegas, or more specifically the MGM/Mirage coorporation which owns Bellagio, Mandalay Bay, MGM Grand, Mirage, among others. The starting pastry cook(or Baker, as is what Pastry Cooks are called here) the starting salary is around $16/hour with full benefits (they pay 100%) Their is no state income tax, and they will give you a one hour paid break where they feed you. I will use Bellagio's main pastry shop as an example, since I formerly worked there, but no longer. We were gauranteed an 8 hour shift (one hour of that was break) and overtime was optional and usually welcome, but they didn't always need it. I have my quarrel's with the union, but the reality is if your just starting in this business, its a good way to make a solid salary, while going through your learning years. Also, another benefit is the ability to transfer. For example: Say you work at Le Cirque at Bellagio, you can transfer to someplace like Robuchon, Mix, Aureole or another restaurant that MGM/Mirage owns and keep your benefits,vacation time, and many times your pay.
  13. Payard is now open, the pastries are pretty flawless right now. I was really impressed. Payard himself was very active in the shop when I was there, hopefully they can maintain that quality after he leaves town. Also, from what I've been told, they are having trouble filling some pastry positions. So if any pastry people are interested, there's a great opportunity over there.
  14. I think the 3 and 2 stars were pretty right on, I was alittle surprised at some of the 1 stars.... 3 Stars: Joel Robuchon 2 Stars: Guy Savoy Alex Picasso 1 Star: Le Cirque Mix Wing Lei Daniel Boulud L'Atelier Mesa Grill (!) Alize Nobu Aureole Andre's Bradley Ogden Michael Mina
  15. not on the strip, but for my money, the Red Rock casino has the best buffet around.......
  16. Has this changed? Caesars' web site still says: "Coffee/liquor/panini bar serving breakfast, lunch, dinner; and late-night offerings will be served to guests on the go. Guests will have the ability to enjoy more traditional table service in the restaurant’s dining room that is centered by an open-air kitchen. [my emphasis]" ← I could be wrong, but when I talked to someone involved in the project I was sure they said no hotside food at all.
  17. Payard Patisserie will not have the "Bistro" part, like the New York one. It will have a 30 or 40 seat dessert bar though. The Executive Pastry Chef will be Gregory Gourreau formerly of MIX, Le Cirque, Daniel in NYC, and the St. Regis Monarch Beach.
  18. I think Jean Philippe Patisserie at Bellagio has something like what your talking about
  19. I remember reading somewhere, or maybe I imagined it that PA&D was also gonna start putting out a "Gelato" themed magazine? I can't find information about it anywhere. Did it ever happen? Did it come and go? Or did I imagine the whole thing? Thanks.
  20. It sounds like he's "borrowing" plenty from El Bulli.
  21. Yeah, I remember that application, hopefully I'll never have to fill it out again...its all transfers from now on! (Slightly less paperwork)
  22. Agave, a solid mexican restaurant. Kona Grill has a great Happy Hour.
  23. A Master Cook, is a Las Vegas Casino coorporate designation. For instance their is no such thing as a "pastry cook" here. All pastry cooks are deemed "Bakers". A master cook is half-way between a Cook, and a sous-chef.
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