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  1. sashimi

    Dinner! 2004

    I did lick my screen. :( Not tasty at all. Tried adding salt and pepper, and my monitor exploded. Sad, really.
  2. This thread is fantastic. I just wanted to thank you for documenting your experiences like this, andiesenji.
  3. Trio's mozzarella balloon. Trio's "cheese 'n cracker".
  4. It's a big market -- which store?
  5. sashimi

    Dinner! 2004

    Behemoth: that looks fantastic! I feel like I could lick my monitor and taste it. Very fresh and vibrant looking. How'd it taste?
  6. sashimi


    Indeed. Or, complete and total bold-faced lie.
  7. Oh my goodness. In all sincerity, I believe I can safely say that is the most beautiful cake I've ever seen. You're incredibly talented, but I'm not telling you something you've not heard before. Just, wow.
  8. sashimi

    Per Se

    Was it really necessary to correct his/her use of the term cordials? For what it is worth, the diner made the distinction between cordials and Calvados, did they not? "...then a Meursalt, a Syrah, and cordials (I loved my Calvados)...." Anyway, great review -- thanks for posting it!
  9. Of course! How could I forget? I'm changing my vote, and hopping on the Fat Guy™ bandwagon.
  10. My vote goes to Risotteria.
  11. Oh my! It looks like the best pasta I've ever had too! ... but wait. I didn't have it. :( Do you do mail-order? :)
  12. I definitely agree with Pan. I felt the review had a decidedly negative tone. I can't see how Bruni could make the comments he did and proceed to present "V" with 3 stars. My guess is 2 stars.
  13. I thought the "from my experience" qualifier at the start of my post spoke for itself. But to be clear, I'll say it again: from my experience. I say "it seems" because it seems as though I can only garner a 4-star experience from JG in the form of an afternoon meal. I'm sure it has something to do with how gorgeous and fantasy-like the room is with that afternoon light. Ambience is an important part of a 4-star meal. I also genuinely find the kitchen to be more competent during the afternoon seating. I wish I knew why.
  14. From my experience: 4-Star: Per Se JG (but only at lunch it seems) Le Bernardin Babbo 3-Star: Bouley Daniel 2-Star: Masa
  15. Yes, he does. Well, whipped crème fraiche and maple syrup. It wasn't simply the vessel the dish was served in that caused the uproar. But, I digress. I respect Pim's opinion perhaps more than any other foodie, and thus, if she is at peace with the issue, I am as well.
  16. sashimi


    I agree with Mark -- that really is a pet peeve of mine as well. You'd think Bruni would at least be aware of this seemingly simple designation, or surely his editor. Maybe I should see how he likes that fabulous Iranian caviar from Ohio.
  17. This is the chef that stole L’Arpège's egg, right?
  18. I don't bake. I just don't have the patience required, and to my palate, the payoff usually isn't worth the frustration. Same goes for pasta. Actually, now that I think of it, most (if not all) dough. Brining is something that takes a while but I consider well worth the extra time. Smoking meats, slow BBQ, etc. are also well worth my time and energy. Risotto is biggie. I'd stand over a pot of risotto for an hour just to taste the final outcome. Great thread, btw!
  19. Like Nero, I too dislike foie gras. Button mushrooms. Mustard. Mayo.
  20. sashimi

    Per Se

    Are you in any way affiliated with ADNY, xyz123?
  21. sashimi

    Roquefort and Wine

    I've always enjoyed an Oregon Pinot Noir with blue cheeses. I don't know if you have access to wines from Ontario or not, but Cave Springs makes an incredible off-dry Riesling that I've found to be wonderful with blue cheese, especially Roquefort.
  22. This is perhaps my favourite thread on all of eGullet; and that is saying one helluva lot. Thank you for this, bleudauvergne. Your photos are absolutely awe-inspiring. I hope you don't mind that I've saved them all.
  23. Nope. Blais is reopening his own place in Atlanta to be open by September. Negotiations still in progress, but it is pretty much a done deal.
  24. Ohmygosh. Those ribs look absolutely fantastic, ronnie! I'm being completely honest in saying that those look infinitely better than any specimen I've ever sampled here in friggin' Toronto. Disclaimer: I say "friggin'" because Toronto is horrid for BBQ. It's lovely for many other things, and I love it dearly. But when it comes to BBQ, it sucks like a Hoover.
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