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  1. sashimi

    Pop or Soda

    It's definitely "pop" in Canada. It always throws me when I'm visiting the US and I hear someone refer to it as "soda".
  2. GG is indeed correct. Keller is currently back in CA at the moment, while Chef Benno handles everything at Per Se. And I'm sure by now you've seen the string of absolutely fabulous reviews, thus solidifying the fact that Chef Benno is indeed quite capable of maintaining the Keller level of quality in his absence. Being the perfectionist that he is, you can rest assured that whoever is running his kitchens is trained to perfection.
  3. sashimi

    I Have Much Pork

    That looks positively scrumptious, snowangel! Your husband is right -- the smell of pork on a woman simply can't be beat. Pulled pork lingerie? I think I just had a eureka moment! Nope, nope I didn't.
  4. Bleu Bénédictin, produced at the Saint-Benoît Abbey, in Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, Quebec is by far my favourite blue cheese. I'd have to give Roquefort my silver medal. Does Cambazola count as a real blue cheese?
  5. This is just fucking astounding. When can we expect this to be released (either on TV, or DVD, or whatever) Tony?
  6. Alton, Ever since I first saw an episode of Good Eats, you've been my favourite FoodTV personality. The perfect blend of food and science is great for a gadget-geek like me. I own your first book and absolutely adore it. Of the hundreds of cookbooks I own, I struggle to come up with one that gets as much use as I'm Just Here for the Food. I haven't picked up your new book yet, but plan to in the very near future. I was just wondering if maybe you could provide us with something of a teaser. Maybe, your top five kitchen gadgets and a short blurb as to why they're so indispensable? And quickly, how did you enjoy your time on Iron Chef: America? I realize what happened after the taping is something you'd rather forget, but how did you enjoy the actual taping itself? PS -- Your website is phenomenal! Much love, homie. Much love. -Jeff
  7. It is the exact same menu as L'Atelier, only you don't have to sit at a bar to consume it. It isn't to be considered fine dining, but more akin to bistro dining.
  8. sashimi

    Per Se

    Wow, that really is a nice touch. He even drew little pictures of lobsters beside the lobster dishes, and a steaming cup of coffee beside the coffee and donuts dish. Talk about going above and beyond.
  9. sashimi

    Need an ethnic soup

    I like gazpacho as well, but a couple other relatively easy soups: Italian wedding soup New England chowder Minestrone Lobster bisque
  10. Rumours are floating around the culinary world that Chef Achatz is leaving Trio to start his own place. I'm wondering if anyone can either verify this, or deny its truth. Maybe ChefG himself could chime in? Whatever the case may be, I think Chef Achatz is one of America's best chefs, and wherever he lands, I'm sure it'll end up being a roaring success.
  11. Mustard. Mushrooms. Foie. Jarred Mayo. Most offal. Everything else is fine.
  12. sashimi

    Superior Vinegars

    Verjus. Balsamico.
  13. Cheese, bread, eggs, steak, lamb, olives, pickles, oils & vinegars. Butter!
  14. Raclette Epoisses Brillat Savarin
  15. This BLOG is simply stunning. Thank you for doing this for us -- I've thoroughly enjoyed every second of it.
  16. Who claimed Jamie "started" it? Seems to me "miss d" only said he was "doing" it.
  17. Shit, double post. My apologies.
  18. Bistro Stefan (inside Best Western) is incredible. I realize that it isn't commonplace to find a haute cuisine restaurant in a Best Western, but it's true. Here is a sample menu: http://www.bestwestern.kingston.on.ca/Bist...enu_-11698.html Gorgeous room, too. Very romantic. Great service. Kingston's best, in my opinion. Far better than Chez Piggy, where I also don't "get" what all the fuss is about. Cheers! 1217 Princess Street Kingston, Ontario, K7M 3E1 800-567-8800
  19. Wow, what a phenomenal post! Thank you for taking the time to recount your experiences with us. I was glued to my monitor. Thanks again!
  20. Lol, I couldn't have put it better myself. In case it isn't clear, I'm happily hopping on the raisin-hating bandwagon. Nasty little bastards, they are.
  21. Always eat the pickle -- never the coleslaw. Like Caroline, I've never been a fan of mayo-based salads. A fresh, crispy pickle though, is a wonderful thing.
  22. So, which restaurants would get your vote for "worst lighting"?
  23. You can use it in a Jamaican-influenced jerk marinade. You can use it to make a wonderfully refreshing herbal tea (along with other fresh herbs of course). ..sorry, that's all I've got. :/
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