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  1. QOTW= Is it Jeremy Lieb of Concentric s' Trois?
  2. The restaurant will do just fine in Kennesaw. Frankly I don't think they really counted on ITPr's to keep Elevation busy when they came up the business plan, but I'm sure they would love to have them. A lot of loyal Blais fans will make the trip to the area, but there are plenty of food lovers in Cobb County and Marietta that will keep the place packed.Not to mention that airport is very busy with corporate jets and the like so that will add a 15 or 20 customers a day itself. I live next door in Marietta and it will be a welcome edition to this culinary starved area.
  3. blueapron

    Career Boards anyone have any

    Starchefs.com is a good one. usually some great restos and hotels. Good resume and interview tip section too.
  4. blueapron

    Tamis (Drum Sieve)

    JB Prince is a great source also. They have some really cool stuff too. http://www.jbprince.com/ JB Prince - The World's Finest Chefs' Tools & Equipment
  5. blueapron

    Cruise ship cooking

    HI all! Just wanted to say that I too will be joining Reefpimp on the NCLA ships in Hawaii. It seems like it will be quite an adventure for me as I have never worked or lived on a ship like reefer has. The company had a job fair here in Atlanta last week and did the hiring on the spot. I'd say they hired about a third of the people who attended. The job sounds tough and long, but the benefits are amazing. This particular cruise line appealed to me for several reasons. 1.) It is an American flagged fleet that solely operates in Hawaii and never leaves the islands. Customers are flown to Honolulu to meet the ships (3) 2.) The ship is in port a 100 hrs a week so plenty of time to get off and do you're own thing. Also stays in port 2 nights a week, so workers can sign out over nite if not working that shift and spend it ashore. 3.) With American flags comes American labor laws. All employees must be American citizens, which is more than I can say for my current restaurant. Any work over 40hrs in a week or 8hrs in a day is paid at time and of half. 4.) The benefits- 4 free meals a day, free room and board, free uniforms and laundry. Health Insurance and much more. As far as guests go, there is a zero fraternization policy when it comes to guests, but employee dating is allowed! And you do have to pay taxes like everyone else while on the ship. 20 weeks on 4 or 5 weeks unpaid off for workers. 16 weeks on with 8 weeks PAID off for management
  6. GEB is Graham Elliot Bowles is the former chef at Avenues at The Peninsula Hotel in Chicago. A rising star.
  7. blueapron

    Cruise ship cooking

    When do you leave for the boat?
  8. blueapron

    Hats in an open kitchen

    In Atlanta is a rarity to see any Exec. Chefs wearing any type of headgear. I have worked in about 10 different places here and it just not done. I think it is seen as a right of passage type thing- You have made it this far so you no longer have to peel shallots, break down and clean after service or wear a hat. I personally don't have a problem with it because most of the chefs have little to no contact with the raw food and just work the pass checking the plates for smudges, errors or hairs. I'm not saying no chefs cook, but here its mostly line dawgs producing the food. The servers and mangers working the other side of the pass have just as good a chance of losing a hair and it landing on the plate as the chef does yet no one looks at them. I shave my head because I have little choice yet I have had people eyeballing me for the found hair when that simply is impossible.
  9. I've been thinking about getting the Morton"s Salt Girl on my forearm in full color or B&W. like this A few years back, I almost got flames around both wrists. I always thought it would look really good when rockin the line to have flames peeking out the sleeves of my Chef jacket.
  10. blueapron

    One night for dinner in Atlanta

    It's Kevin at Rathbuns. His brother is in Texas and on some Freschetta pizza boxes in a freezer near you.
  11. blueapron


    you could use egg whites in a canister if they will eat eggs.
  12. blueapron


    The Gothamist actually has a recepie for the gnudi from The Spotted Pig on its website. Although they added a little lobster to them. Still looks really really good though. I have been wanting to try to make them myself, but not yet. http://www.gothamist.com/archives/2005/01/...cotta_gnudi.php
  13. blueapron

    Raleigh man on Iron Chef

    Opps. My bad it wa Ostrich not Venison.
  14. blueapron

    Raleigh man on Iron Chef

    Walter did great! He was so calm compared to alot of contestants. I missed the start so I am not sure why the little kid as a sous, but I assume it was for a good cause of some sorts. Venison was a good choice compared to some of the recent battles.
  15. I have recieved a great basket from Harry and David before. They have a couple of retail stores around but are mostly a catalog and internet bus. I wouldn't complain if I got a basket from Dean& Deluca though.