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  1. I should have explained the "dirty water," thanks Suzi for the assist! Yesss!! I've enjoyed quite a few Italian hot dogs, and Jimmy Buff's is my all time favorite (and a visit is LONG overdue, thanks for the reminder!). They look at me funny when I ask for "no peppers" but usually oblige the request.
  2. For lunch today I had a north Jersey "Texas Weiner" which is a dirty water dog with spicy mustard, chopped raw onions, and chili. I like them all kinds of ways, but am especially fond of various combinations of potatoes, chili, or hot onions. Sometimes though, a simple "mustard and a little kraut" is the magic combo. One place nearby serves one that's become an occasional favorite of mine: with chili, cheese, sour cream, ghost pepper mustard, and (don't knock it til you try it) marshmallow fluff, it's freaking amazing!
  3. Actually the large volume is because they would make a bunch of fruitcakes that were intended to get them through winter. Another factor to consider with older recipes: Before the industrial revolution and the birth of the modern food industry, many ingredients (from eggs to apples to animals) were significantly smaller on average than we're used to today.
  4. Hmmm, I like the idea of aging cheese in purpose-made glass. Maybe I'll start looking for this kind of thing, thanks for letting me know they existed.
  5. All-American Pressure Canners & Cookers $199.99 + shipping (and maybe tax) for the 10.5-quart All-American No.910 Pressure Canner/Cooker. At checkout, you’ll have your choice from five other sizes: 15.5-quart (+ $10), 21.5-quart (+ $20), 25-quart (+ $20), 30-quart (+ $30), or 41.5-quart (+ $50). Plus shipping. Free membership required. https://www.massdrop.com/buy/all-american-pressure-canners-cookers?mode=guest_open I have purchased quite a few other products through this website, the shipping tends to be slow but this looks to be a really good price...
  6. OMG, I was there earlier this year, and ate there, and it was amazing! I was hoping that it was already a regional phenomenon that hadn't yet expanded into my home area. And I DO hope it expands!
  7. Stick them in a mug with some water (and top it off every day or 3), and give them a little light, they'll last and grow longer than you would expect! (this is coming from someone whose thumb is the opposite of green!)
  8. I would rather someone tell me they to my face that they would not share their recipe because I was ugly, than to know they were lying to my face.
  9. ❤️ Safe travels, thanks for sharing, and I'm looking forward to seeing the kitties and everything else that is next!
  10. This thread inspired me to stop lurking and actually finally join eGullet after a year or more of lurking. Thanks all! Up until a month or so ago, I was completely unaware that limoncello even existed. Suddenly, some friends wanted to get together and make alcohol infusions. I had noticed that the new Anova app had some alcoholic recipes in it, and one of them happened to be for limoncello. We tried it, and it came out really good to my uneducated taste: Super lemony, smooth, yet boozy, and a hit with everyone who tried it. Basically, we took the zest of 10-12 generic supermarket lemons (a combination of long peels cut by sharp knife, and grated, team effort!) and 4 cups of decent 80 proof vodka (Titos), put them together in a ziploc bag, and sous vided it for 2 hours at 135F. Meanwhile, we made a syrup of 4 cups water and 1.5 cups sugar, then let it cool. We strained the infused alcohol through a colander (next time I will add cheesecloth or a coffee filter), mixed the filtered alcohol with the syrup, and put into jars. It was amazing, and I know it can be better! We didn't even have the patience to let the flavors marry for an hour. I'll be trying the traditional method next time, so i can compare and contrast with the sous vide method. I will also be a lot more careful about cleaning and zesting the lemons, as I believe some of the cloudiness we experienced may have been due to wax or excess pith from the lemons. So many gifts will come out of this! Has anyone else played with sous vide limoncello?
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