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  1. I think more Beaker from the Muppets
  2. Will be in Las Vegas for Thanksgiving this year. Going to visit single prospective Brother-in-Law who has no facilities for a home cooked meal. We would like to visit one of the Casino buffets for some traditional Thanksgiving food. Does anyone have any recommendations? Thanks
  3. Have you received any response asking you to join in the inevitable nightly discussion at the bar about you and your laptop?
  4. Hope you enjoy it, I'm kinda sorry they moved from Kirkland, as there is no good place around here to get my taco truck fix now. Also, you gotta love a taco truck with a website: http://www.myspace.com/ranchobravotacos ] http://www.myspace.com/ranchobravotacos
  5. 365 Mayo - Tastes like homemade.
  6. Actually, here is Washington State, employers are not allowed to take a tip credit against the minimum wage ($7.63 for 2006), so your server is making at least that. Washington State minimum wage FAQ
  7. mark918

    Chicken salad

    I make this Chicken Salad at least twice a month.
  8. The economic system is capitalist, the political system is based on democracy.
  9. This comment is totally lost on me. Is that a good thing or a bad thing? As I work a couple of blocks away, I convinced a couple of work buddies to go with me after work one day. The beer was really good, with an amazing selection, and matching glassware! It was also pretty pricey. There's local competition (the Dubliner) that sells $2 pints during happy hour, and lots of other Fremont area bars with the same price or cheaper beer, with better food. But, we were all impressed with the selection of imported beers. If the food were better, I'd be more willing to pay the high price of those cool Belgian beers.
  10. What a ringing endorsement!
  11. Some interesting facts about the food stamps program in Maine: http://www.maine.gov/dhhs/bfi/foodstamps/F...od%20Stamps.htm This includes Rights and Responsibilities. I looked, but apparently people on food stamps in Maine do not have the right to remain unjudged by those around them in line at the grocery store.
  12. The Chilito was a chili cheese burrito, and is now called the Chili Cheese burrito. Someone must have told them that chilito is Mexican slang for a male body part.
  13. I think the potato salads available at Whole Foods are pretty good, and I've always loved the potato salad at Schlotzky's.
  14. All of this for crabcakes? (searching for more emoticons) EDIT: not just for crabcakes... ← Records showing quantity of each ingredient consumed..... If anyone here has never been in a kitchen, it would be a real eye opener for them to spend and evening in a busy kitchen. All the the owner had to do is smile, assure you that she would check into the matter with the chef give you a bowl of ice cream. End of story. I am still curious as to if the beverages where the same on each visit. Wine or cocktail selection can make the same dish taste like night and day. ← I didn't mean to imply that they should do that, just that if they did, it would show that they understood the complaint was about consistency, not what the raw crabcakes look like
  15. The complaint in this case was basically your crabcakes aren't consistent. That's a management issue. If the owner had brought out the recipe, along with records showing the quantity of each ingredient consumed per day for the last few weeks, that would show that at least they understood that they had two people making the crab cakes in two different ways. Huh? Bringing out the recipe with records showing quantity of each ingredient? Arent we taking ourselves a widdle too seriously? ← We? I know I don't take myself too seriously, and I have a tough time taking anyone who uses the word widdle seriously at all.
  16. The complaint in this case was basically your crabcakes aren't consistent. That's a management issue. If the owner had brought out the recipe, along with records showing the quantity of each ingredient consumed per day for the last few weeks, that would show that at least they understood that they had two people making the crab cakes in two different ways. The owner showed that she understood the problem by saying - oh, the other chef made the crab cakes the last time you were here. Then demonstrated that she can't communicate effectively with the chef in the kitchen, who interpreted the comment as there was something wrong with the way he made the crab cakes. I think feedback was given when the owner explained about the two chefs. Whatever happened after that was a little bit off. If he does spit in your food, you should definitely stop going there.
  17. So, you go to a restaurant that you've been to before for dinner. You've tasted their crab cakes before, and you really like them. You order the crab cakes for dinner, and they aren't as good as they were when you tasted them. The server gives you some excuse. The owner asks about your dinner and you tell her that they weren't as good as they were before. Apparently, the owner talks to the chef, and brings the chef out to show you some uncooked crab cakes. I'd be extremely annoyed if this happened to me. Not only was the chef being defensive, but his defense was irrelevant. You aren't in a position to judge uncooked crab cakes, only to compare what you had at that meal with what you had tasted before. I'll bet you don't feel like going back to that restaurant any time soon, if ever. If they had just said that they were sorry you didn't like the crab cakes as much as before, and comped you a free dessert, you would have been happy. I'd have been embarrassed, and would not return to that restaurant.
  18. mark918

    The Griddler

    I bought myself a griddler for Christmas, and in the 9 weeks that I've had it, I've probably used it 30 times. It's great for kicking out a quick burger or two, and making grilled sandwiches. I've taught my 16 year old son to make himself a sandwich with sliced turkey from the deli on sourdough bread with some Jarlsberg cheese, mustard and mayo on the inside of the sandwich, brush some melted butter on the outside. He grills it for about three minutes on high heat, between the melted cheese, the crisped up bread from the grill and the weight of the press, it makes a very yummy sandwich. :) And, it's a breeze to clean with the removable plates.
  19. I think people fall into two camps as well, people who think there's something wrong with people who disagree with them, and nice people.
  20. Last time I was at Larry's Market, they had Aidell's Andouille. I bought some and put it in jambalya. I thought it was great, but what do I know? I grew up in Southern California, so my cajun taste barometer probably isn't calibrated correctly.
  21. mark918

    Good Keg Beer

    I think the Stella is a great choice. You just want to provide something that most people at the party will enjoy, with enough alcohol to make it worth drinking. I like Red Hook ESB, but it is a bitter beer, and if you're trying to avoid bitter, you should avoid the ESB.
  22. I've enjoyed excellent hot chocolate at the Dilettante on Broadway on Capital Hill. It's the best I've had in Seattle.
  23. According to the nice people at world spice, Completely dried lemons are used in the Middle East as a souring agent in chutneys and even ground into flatbreads. The powder made from black lemons has a sweet-tart flavor that is unique and has no substitute. They are, naturally enough, out of stock. Perhaps you could grind up some Sweet Tart candy. If all else fails, I vote for the stuffed camel
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