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  1. You dont find the food to be expensive? I had the sandwich tasting ($18) and was really unimpressed.. I also think they use different rolls for the sampler then they do for the whole sandwich.. I agree the pickle plate is really good.. But didnt like a lot of the offerings.. Glad to see they dropped that single grilled quail dish for 13 bucks and that there are new offerings.. Blue crab sounds great. How much was dinner for the four of you?
  2. Daniel

    Flounder Roe

    I went to this Japanese Market Mitsuwa yesterday on my ride home from work.. They had pollack roe but, since I wont be home to cook much this week, I didnt purchase. But will give that recipe a go.. Nice photos Johnny
  3. This was a passion fruit dessert I recently had.. It was wonderful.. What they did here was make an unsweetened passion fruit granita.. They then topped it with a fresh yogurt gelato and had it sitting in a white chocolate sauce... Has anyone ever purchased a passion fruit and took a big bite into it before discovering its tartness? Its pretty eye opening.. But through the white chocolate and yogurt it gets sweetened.. The clean fruit also cuts through the richness...Also the ice and the cream mixed with the velvety white chocolate sauce.. It was a great play on textures and flavors..
  4. Congrats looks awesome...
  5. Daniel

    Lunch! (2003-2012)

    Really nice Johnny!
  6. Shit totally forgot to get my momo on today.. Any chance there is still a spot open? I dont mean to sound like an elitist but is there some way I can use money or influence to step over you roaches..
  7. Exactly.. How is that different then using store bought Pizza or like Fridays Buffalo Wings and just heating them up?
  8. Thats what I was thinking to do.. Make a pistachio cake, soak in the three milks, top with merengue and crushed pisatchios.. You could even make like a pistachio milk and use it as one of the leches..
  9. Funny enough, that was my first or second episode of this season.
  10. THe guy got kicked off for disobeying one of the chef's rules about not tasting stirring spoons in something they served.. And then the top chef contestant got all loud and disrespectful..
  11. I am just curious what chick did for 2 hours of prep when all she did was chop up onions and peppers.. Oh and marinate shrimp..
  12. As someone who has tried some of Kim's Baked goods, I must say it was wonderful.. Your food looks great and nicely varied.. Love the Boursin "Light" in the photo.. I am sure that really kept that dish on the healthy side of the street. Really enjoying your blog..
  13. That guy Ryan is the dictionary definition of the word Deuche.. A self proclaimed Metro Sexual, with zero style, or Metro Sexualocity.. I dont even think he had his eyebrows done.. He looked like a poormans version of someone who is trying to be an Abercrombie Model.. He has made a failed attempt at being a cheeseball.. If he would have said closet homosexual, he would have a better chance of pulling it off.. The reason why I feel he should have gone home, besides being annoying and conceited was the fact that he defended his dish.. Even when leaving he didnt feel what he made was crap, he just felt it was too sophisticated for a tailgate.. And although the judges did mention it had no business being at a tailgate, they said at a restaurant the food would have sucked.. The guy from that 70's show at least new his food sucked.. And the chick also could have lost for busting out store bought sawseeg, but in the end, I was happy to see Ryan get tossed out.. The world just isnt ready for his "Metro Sexual" cuisine..
  14. Holy shite that was quick.. Made my first attempt today.. I was x'ing pretty hard at first but, I crashed before I entered the party..
  15. I'm no help other then to tell you that they are selling soft shells wholesale for 58 bucks a pound or 1.60 a piece.. So we have been making softshell Po Boys with a spicy remoulade sauce.. Thats my favorite way to go..
  16. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Daniel~ For ANY size? Not per pound? Geez.... 5 spice+lime creme fraiche? Good combo? Another 5 spice beauty. I love 5 spice.... ← Yeh, per pound.. Sorry for that.. I didnt do the lobsters five spice, however, when I had it at Morimotos in Pa 6 years ago or so, it was wonderful.. Though, I am from the school that dont do anything to something unless it takes better then what it naturally taste like.. But its something interesting and unique.. Though, give me a steamed lobster and some napkins and I am happier.. But if I were cooking for other people, I would feel obligated to screw around with it..
  17. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Fairway has any size lobster for 9.99.. A bargain for the area.. Boiled two 2.50 pounders in salt water.. Served clarified butter, a lime creme fraiche I had at Morimotos a few years ago. The dish was with a spicy five spice lobster... A container of creme fraiche in the fridge and a left over lime made me try it.. Potato salad and a Muscadet. Started the water boiling before I took the dog out.. Came back and dinner was ready in 12 minutes. Funny enough, I had a craving for old school gringo hard shell taco night a couple of weeks ago.. I bought the ground beef, the cheese, sour cream, jarred chiles, tomatoes, onions,made guacamole, shredded lettuce, and bought the whole taco kit.. That all came to 43 dollars.. Dinner tonight was 10 dollars more.
  18. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Dinner is being made right now and too lazy to shoot it.. Shrimp with hot salt poured over it, cooked at the table.. Grilled tuna with butter lettuce salad.
  19. Daniel

    Dinner! 2008

    Boom..Looks awesome.
  20. Daniel

    Cooking without salt

    Ah,,, I misread the title.. I am heating up a bunch of salt in a 500 degree oven.. I am then going to pour the hot salt over the unshelled shrimp in a dish and see how it cooks the shrimp.. I saw this done on tv somewhere and have been wanting to try it since..
  21. Daniel


    I had only been once but, enjoyed my food.. It was an interesting concept and its sad to see anyone fail.. I wonder if its the space.. The night we went, a week night, the street was completely dead with just a ratty bodega open.. Sorry they had to close..
  22. Yeh, its official.. We are closing her down for a couple of months.. After this coming weekend we are out of our space.. We are looking into a couple of new places where we might end up... But more importantly, we are taking a little time to work on some recipes, roast a bunch of animals upstate, and to cheeel.. Thanks to everyone that came and supported us. We will let you know when we are back.. If anyone wants to book us for an event at there place, we would consider doing it.
  23. Daniel


    I was going to ask the manager to remove my 20 percent tip from the bill but, I didnt want to get into it.. I alerted the management and they didnt seem overly concerned or apologetic.. There is a way to handle a situation that doesnt include a comp or a freebie.. It is possible that I just wanted to alert you to a situation for the sake of your business or perhaps my future comfort.. I am not looking for a round of coffee or something, just a heads up that your service sucks and that your waiter is either a theif or a moron..
  24. Went to Mercat last night and had an awesome time.. I was with a party of 20 or 30 people downstairs.. They just brought out a parade of tapas and everything was really good.. I love the space very dark and chill.. The best potato bravas I have ever had.. Better then any version I had in Spain.. Really good fried peppers but overall it was one of the best group parties I have been to in Manhattan.. I was so impressed with this place from food to service and vibe.. If anyone is looking for a place to go with a group, I would highly recommend this place..
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