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  1. May I ask for the recipe for the Vinegar splashed sesame meat balls? I couldn't find it in the recipegullet. THanks!
  2. iThis morning I had some loos pu-er that I had picked up from Teance. Brewed it kungfu style. It was a little smoky, and ..... a hint of sour?? it was an ok tea. In the afternoon, I had some ancient chinese iron goddess (TKY). It was floral and really light. I need to find some drinkable pu-er this weekend.
  3. I am drinking this oolong tea from Teace, in Berkeley. It's the Monkey Picked Tikuanyin, medium roast. It's really light, but really floral. I love the aroma, but the taste is rather light.
  4. I was reading about the rice crisis in China, Phillipines, and other asian countries. Then I go to my Asian grocery store and all the rice are sold out! All the 50 lbs bags are gone and the price went all the way up to $50 a bag! Almost double the price from when we bought it in the beginning of the year. We are in Northern CA. A lot of the people that I know are starting to hoard the rice. They are going out of the city and buying 20 to 30 bags of rice, because they are afraid of the price of rice going out, and worst, not enough rice to go around. Is this happening anywhere else?
  5. Peter, I love reading your Travelogues! I feel like I am there in person also! Thanks for taking us along!
  6. Happy New Year! I wish good health and great prosperity to all readers. Just wanted to share our cny eve dinner: eggrolls, geoduck over lettuce, lobster, scallop stir fried with veg, shark fins soup, steam fish and chicken, all mom-made.
  7. Ahuacatl, I really love your pictures. It makes me want to jump on a plane to Hong Kong just to try the food. I love the picture of the chicken sandwich at McD's..... very asian.....
  8. I was just at this website that had a guide on how to make soba noodles. They also great a great description of how to cook the soba, and how to choose the noodles. Great site!! Just hungry Soba noodle basics
  9. Thank you for the link. I'll let you know the result aftre i attempt it!
  10. I love yu-shiang eggplant when I go out for chinese food. It seems pretty simple, but I have no idea how to make the sauce, and specifics. Does anyone have a good recipe for that? If hzrt8w could do one of his great pictorials, that would be fabulous!!
  11. Wonderbread, can you post the recipe for the Yu Sheng Salad? It looks great and I tried going back to the website you mentioned, but it's down. Thanks!
  12. I think this restaurant is a spin off from Vien Houng in Oakland Chinatown (next to Legendary Palace). My friends and I think that the original spot in Chinatown is better...
  13. lemoncoke

    Birthday BBQ Party

    YES! please post...
  14. I have a question that I have never been able to get an answer: How do you make store bought spaghetti sauce not so sour?? Everytime I cook with the jar spaghetti sauce, it's really sour.... Thanks!!
  15. guppymo - I love your pictures and your recipes! They look so good and it seems sosimple to prepare. I am going to try the papaya soup and maybe the pork rib (only because the directions were not included....and i am not a good cook) For the papaya soup - Do I put the whole chunk of pork in or do I have to slice it? I'm not sure? thanks for all your post and hope to see more!
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