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  1. I quickly read through all the posts looking for mention of Sullivan Street Bakery's pizza. I know it's unconventional, but please don't tell me that I'm the only one who thinks the stuff is amazing - or does it not qualify as pizza because you can only get it with cheese or with sauce or with mushrooms or with celery root......?
  2. use up scraped pods by storing them in your baking sugar
  3. I can't even give approximates on the recipe i use because i eye everything the way Nonna does it and when it looks (and tastes) right I go. The one thing I'd like to add is that I've used the electric irons and not had good results. ITS NOT THE SAME. I can only turn them out right if I use the hand made iron my Zio Levino forged in Argentina in 1976. PS - never, ever try it on an electric burner - as I found out the hard way when I was newly married, homesick and living in a god forsaken place that had an electric stove - nasty.
  4. 1) Tette de Moine - firm and very funky, with serious bite on the end when it's well aged 2) Shropshire Blue - shhep's milk - spicey and salty and amazing 3) Mimmolette - nutty and salty and almost reggiano like in texture - but orange honorable mention Cahill's - hey, if nothing else - the Irish know how to have fun with their cheese
  5. chicharon (because pork rinds is two words)
  6. not there any more - closed for at least 6 months or so
  7. OUCH!!! I've heard about an opening in March. (and no, I'm not affiliated w/ them) don't know much about it yet, will keep you posted as thing progress.....if anyone is interested......
  8. Fresh, put up, canned or "pomi" - forget the sugar Tim - add a peeled carrot and let it simmer - like my mom and nonna do.
  9. I took a look - are you trying to kill me? Do you know what it's like here today - cold and raining and cramped and crowded and i don't even know what air is supposed to smell like...... I'll be there in 15. And besides - those three star guys - most of them wish they lived in your neighborhood - their fancy plates would taste much better. Oh, btw, happy new year
  10. problem is - in general - i reaaallly need to take a vacation. and please, stop rubbing it in - i can almost taste that corn - doesn't even need butter - right?
  11. Tim - long time no speak - check your e-mail thanks for the info on Howard Hillman's Kitchen Science - i've been stuck on McGee for years.... in re's to your picks, i agree w/ pretty much all of em but have a few comments - if you please..... 1) welcome back, indeed 4) you should have at least one of his 7) glad we agree - hey want your's autographed??? To this list I would like to add - any Culinaria
  12. Born and raised in Queens, NY - I don't think I've EVER had fresh picked sweet corn or asparagus - I'm so envious. (strawberries I do remeber picking as a child in our back yard)
  13. I love Ceci Cela. I lke the Spring Street location better. Their product is the same but the spring street shop has a more rustic character. Many of the croissant that are sold in coffee shops and bistros in the west village are made by Ceci Cela. Their truffles and sandwiches are also very good - try the smoked trout if you get a chance.
  14. The family actually owns all of the places on Stone Street. Harry's Of Hanover closed about two months or so ago - Harry's wife was a big part of the restaurant's operation and she passed away last year. Harry's son Peter is part owner of Ulysses -also on stone- which btw has a really great Irish Cheese and Pate plate.
  15. Haven't been there - yet. Financier is right around the corner from the now defunct Harry's of Hanover - a stone's throw from the Sea Port. Cute place w/ minimal seating Eric Bedoucha, executive pastry chef for Bayards also bakes everything for Financier. (I believe he was Gray Kunz's original pastry chef at L'Espinasse) His work is amazing. THE BEST madeleins in NY. What's more incredible is that Financier sells these beautiful (and delicious) confections and pastry for A FRACTION of what you would pay at Tribakery, Payards and Bruno - although I love them all. Pan - also on Greenwhich - have you tried the Polka Dot Cake Studio - a bit different but very good.
  16. Menton is pretty much right on the money. I think equally as good, much cheaper and quite a bit out of the way would be my second pick Financier 62 Stone Street 212 344 5600
  17. Butter - the really high fat content kind - like English Devon, Kerry Gold or Vermont Butter & Cheese butter. In a pinch, Plugra or Cabot will do. The regular Keller's, Hotel and Land o Lakes are flavorless by comparison. And that Breakstone's whipped stuff - that stuff's as gross as Parkay.
  18. I agree. The problem is that many don't know the difference between hunger and eating because it tastes good. I try to eat until i'm no longer hungry. Many small meals throughout the course of the day works for me - it actually has increased my metabolism. Starving or depriving yourself of anything only makes you want it more. And on the diet word... I simply refuse to do it. I eat what I want, when I want, always keeping in mind that if i over-do it today, tomorrow I'll have to eat lighter. I try to remind my husband that - It's not the Last Supper. Three servings may make you like what you're eating less than if you were to have some more later or tomorrow. And you don't always have to finish whats on your plate - listening to how your body feels is the best gauge to know when you are no longer hungry.
  19. I had mixed feelings about Elements also - the playing field is not level. Gray Kunz opened L'Espinasse. (Peter Kaminsky is a writer) I understand the content of Elements in relation to his food. Could I apply it to my culinary undertakings. Not in a million years.
  20. marthapook


    going there for the first time w/a bunch of chef friends next week anyone get there yet???
  21. We do the cotechino and lentils on New Year's Eve when our cousins from Bologna make their yearly visit. Try Faicco's Pork Store on Bleecker 212.243.1974 They say they don't ship - some say there are ways around that.....
  22. marthapook


    nope, not yet cesca was the first time i tried his food - about 2 weeks or so after opening sadly the only thing i do remember is the tripe hmmm?
  23. marthapook


    double phooey tripe can be delicious only i wasn't impressed with 'cesca's - a little too tough and it tasted more like carrots than tripe i grew up eating the stuff cut into much smaller pieces and a bit softer - tripe is definietly not something you wanna fight with on your plate mom always added a stick of cinnamon during the initial boil - it didn't mask the nasty smell but it did add a nice effect to the tomato base it then simmered in nice to meet you pan
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