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  1. What A party indeed...I think you forgot to talk about the big breasted ladies ..the ones that play in movies... yes the food was good....plenty of vodka....good beats and lotsa people perhaps too many.... kerry simmons in the place.....really....
  2. I am bringing back this topic to life cause I have invitations for the first of december for the Hotel opening....But no sign of any restaurant yet whats the deal with that... The lounge-bar area looks interesting anyways...
  3. Whatever the critic was I hear you guys are just jam packed....I passed buy saturday and it was crazy in there.... congrats actually the bars were also packed upstairs and downstairs.....
  4. Really good stuff I have used it lots while I was working in a restaurant in London, the boudin is chunky and really it is something else....decadent just on toast !!!!
  5. Lesley, Who are the chefs from chicago ... since you have THE LIST ... and where are they going to cook ... and also... is bronte in it ?
  6. Anyone knows what the line up for this year is.... What big name is coming to town.... And what event is going to be totally outrageous...
  7. Try at The 357c on the la commune street...
  8. Club Gascon uses beef from Chalosse, quite nice stuff.
  9. I would be interested to know what kind of wine-spirits matching one can expect during a meal at alinea.Knowing that many courses would be served and in bite size portions, is there a special approach concerning the wine-spirit matching during the meal...thanxs....
  10. I would sugest you to try le Restaurant le Saint-Amour it a chef and son owned restaurant, where local ingredients are used carefully throughout the menu.
  11. wow looks wonderful ! its nice to see them come back strong as ever !
  12. miammmm salt and pepper squid from beijing looks like a date for me zack...michel.........ohhhh its kinda o late now must go to bed...call me this week!!!
  13. It will be open on friday night apperently.
  14. yep ...that would be him and Carl confirmed everything as well.I don`t know why exactly but seems pretty serious damage.Does that place have a bad reputation for owner-chef relationship? anyone
  15. Apparently the chef got a little mad on friday night and decided to trash the restaurant and no I am not making this up Mr Ross. I will have more info tomorrow and will report back.All this came to me after a phone call from a well known food rep from montreal called Serge.
  16. I guess the chef is outta there .....all that apparently took place in a very dramatic way as well ...we are talking heavy damage and someone in jail...true story.
  17. Wanted to go to club des pins tonite and it was closed...just wondering why and has it been closed for a while...
  18. As we entered the bistro orgueilleux we were asked to put our jackets on hangers situated by the entrance under the eyes of 1 bartender 2 waiters looking at us doing fu*k all just looking pretty there in front of us.WE then were escorted in the back of the room which was about 20% full.The time was 8 oclock,thursday night.Passing by the pathetic oyster showcase in the middle of the room I ask myself exactly what they were trying to create as for atmosphere.Obviously not the typical bistro in my little head or my friends.First course came , pork belly and baked beans in tomato sauce.The piece of belly was about 80 grams which is a nice portion but the actual cut was not spectacular, too much fat compared to meat, the cuisson was excellent melting in mouth but underseasoned , no salt on the table grrrrr grrrrrr the belly wasnt seared either which I think is quite important to do for adding flavor and texture, regarding the beans in tomato sauce I wont comment cause that too pisses me off.My friend had greens and rabbit kidneys, that would be a very small portion of lettuces and 5 half pieces of kidneys it was pathetic it was a two bite salad , innaceptable for the price charged.Then came the sweetbreads , really good sweetbreads (27$) good portion but the sauce was just non existent it was this little drizzle around the beautiful piece of veal,It came with a quarter of roasted salsifis and some puree of roasted garlic.The other dish was Omble chevalier wrapped with bacon beautiful cuisson moist fish.When I usually go the a bistro I don`t expect a culinary experience or some little epicurious adventure I expect great ambiance cheap wine fast service and low prices I just want to be there enjoy myself talk loud and be merry! Cocagne was everything but that. sorry , like i said before I will try it again it might be a warmer ambiance soon and I wish they do become what they want a BISTRO!
  19. Was at cocagne(bistro orgueilleux) with a chef friend from London as well as another chef from montreal last night.Not exacltly what we expected, we thought it was going to be a bistro and thats exactly what it wasnt.A 2 course meal with a beer and glass of wine was 55 can$ which for a bistro is quite insane.The food was good but not exceptionnal, the portions were small as well.The feel of the room was quite cold no real ambiance, service was good.It just seems to me that they create a confusion stating that they are a bistro, it`s just not. We will try it again in a month or so to have a better idea, I know they`ve just opened i`ll give em that.
  20. I work in London , England.Don t be shy for any question about the techniques I will try to do my best!
  21. bigorre

    Reheating Rice?

    I second microwave
  22. bigorre

    Pork Belly

    we have been serving it for a while we actually cook it sous vide at 80 degrees for 4 hours in a herb paste and duck fat then cut nice slices and sear them on one side it is serve with a civet de cepes a truly wonderful southwest france dish i can eat it non stop....we use a pig from France called Le Noir de Bigorre I just cant get enough of that stuff i really enjoy the chinese style....wht r your recipes
  23. bigorre

    Citrus Cured Salmon

    yeh....throw in some pastis in there as well !!!all kinds of methods you know do some experiments and enjoy my friends make some blinis on the side some creme fraiche and thats it dont need much more huh!
  24. bigorre

    Roast meat

    When using conventionnal methods, half of the cooking time is needed for the meat tobe to bleeding everywhere....thats it and thats all trust me
  25. At the restaurant we do work a lot with sous vide a lot of foie gras bird and fish are done this way, but it is very important to be extra cautious with cleanliness when working with the sous vide techniques.A lot of experiments are needed to achieve good results but wow they are great.For example with cook confit of d uck sous vide...for 7 hours at 90 celcius, pigeon for 1h30at 54 celcius,rabbit legs at 58 celcius for 50 minutes...and it goes on. obviously it requires a final preparation example searing it to order..crisping the skin...we use retractable bags as well it is very important they are special bags to cook in..always adding some kind of fat or liquid and aromatics inside as well...it is great for cooking foie gras for cold preparations...anyways if you have a more specific question you could always ask me...salut...
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