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    Citrus Cured Salmon

    If you are doing a whole side of salmon I would first keep the skin on, then prepare the following mixture, 500grams of coarse salt,200grams of sugar, the zest from10 lemons black peppercorns 10 grams,fennel seeds(10 grams put all of that in a bowl mix it well and apply all this mixture on the filet.Then place in the fridge for 36 hours.Then under cold water remove all the salt lemon mix outta there.It should work out pretty good.If you want to sear it make sure youre fish is patted dry and using a t-fal pan could be good in youre case.
  2. I'll tell you how we do it at the restaurant where i work its a long cooking time but well worth it.First you should work with fresh ones for sure...then what we do is that we cut the end of the bone off so that the meat slides down it during the cooking then we trim slightly the fat just a little then we salt them meat side with coarse salt and press fresh rosemary crushed peppercorns smashed garlic clove and thyme on the meat side.let this "marinate for 4 hours rince them off. Then bring enough duck fat to cover them to 90 degrees celcius and cook them for 7 hours. leave them in the duck fat after that taking them out only when needed...to serve them you need a thick bottom skillet and slowly roast them skin side only on slow heat not touching it at first to make sure you don t damage the skin....hey thats our way.....and it really is wonderful just like they do in bayonne!!!
  3. I am so sorry but I don't really know what "molecular gastronomy" really is never had the chance to eat in any restaurants of that type can u explain a little bit more of the style..........
  4. Thanks a lot for the replies, Yes I will have a car. Basically I will be in the region for 4 days, and the main thing I want to do is EAT GREAT FOOD! So bring on the diffrent options I will note them carefully and report back thanks in advance.
  5. Going to trieste in late feburary and would like some help in finding some good restaurants out there can u help me..
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