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  1. So what happened, does anyone know who is behind that
  2. I was wondering if any of this is true but I heard that Heston Blumenthal was coming to montreal for a demo... Where would that take place and how much is it and who is organizing it ?
  3. bigorre

    Per Se

    Was at Per Se last week it was incredible....here is a picture of the chocolate tray!
  4. Bouchon is indeed opening soon...very soon... last monday and tuesday was staff on staff.....and please do not under estimate TK !!! there is a a kitchen for bouchon.....and lotta staff and a beautiful room!
  5. European in which way and to what degree ...what exactly defines montreal as the european city in north america....i personnaly don t know. is it a few good boulangeries....a couple of authentic french bistro's...or the fact that we speak french ?
  7. I believe the Chef from Parkside rstaurant is invited here in Montreal this Feburary for the Montreal festival en lumiere he will be cooking at Brunoise restaurant..should be interesting...I hope
  8. The Chef from Sooke Harbour House on Vancouver island will be at Decca 77
  9. Here we go again .....Who is coming to town this year...
  10. Sorry Jeff if what I said affected you in a bad way.
  11. Ask at the comptoir Gascon in Smithfields they probably can arrange something.
  12. I am out ....not this year I guess....got rejected ! !!
  13. Another question ....is any other major US city expected to be rated next year
  14. Even if some of the restaurants were awarded stars that, for some are not deserved, do you believe it will create a competition in between restaurants to get a better rating next year and therefore make better restaurants ? I believe it will give a lot of chefs, maitre d waiters to be better, I believe they are going to play the game ... Am I wrong or what !
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