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  1. ok. i give up. coffee is no longer a breakfast food, it has elevated to food group. 6 days 23 hours and 31 minutes to deadline. wtf am i doing on eGullet?
  2. so, a question. what are the semantic boundaries of breakfast? I know you can eat breakfast foods at any time of the day or night. what if you don't go to sleep? for several days? coffee. breakfast of thesis champions, yo. 7 days, 23 hours and 52 minutes to deadline.
  3. According to the America's Test Kitchen episode I saw on saturday, Eggplants are actually genderless. Seed size has to do with the relative age of the fruit(?)
  4. coffee breakfast of champions, yo. 11 days, 22 hours and 57 minutes to deadline
  5. coffee. breakfast of champions, yo. 20 days, 4 hours and 12 minutes to deadline.
  6. my neice is 'pie' or π.... all started when my brother screwed up the 'bun in the oven' and said 'pie in the oven' stuck.
  7. what about stick/stink factor? i was hoping you all would get into the absurd and ancillary sides of wearing wine :)
  8. So I am trying my darndest to finish my thesis and graduate from college. If and when that happens, there is a crazy celebration where all the graduates turn in their theses, burn old drafts in a huge bonfire, march through the library banging on drums, and most importantly, shower each other in Champagne. I'm just curious what y'all oenophiles would suggest. Obviously, cheap is good. the brand of choice from previous years has been Cooks (ugggghhhhh) ---peace, from the prince of procrastination alliterating away days of deadlines
  9. As an oregonian, I've had enough of Caprial and John.
  10. i'm now thinking that i should get her a certificate to a nice restaurant with a good list... i'm going to poke around in here; i'm suer there are dozens of good recommmendations floating about. then again, someone could just plop the best idea ever on me.
  11. I'd like to make it easy on her, so near the u-district would be good.
  12. A very very dear friend of mine is about to turn 21. I am too far away and too tied up to help her celebrate, but I would like to do something nice for her anyway, it is one of THOSE birthdays, y'know? What I'm thinking is buying her a nice bottle of wine at a shop where she could pick it up? maybe there is a place that'd deliver it? maybe a gift certificate to a wine bar? I know very little of seattle, I'd love some ideas!!! Money is a bit of an issue (we're both college kids) but not much of one. any advice'd be great! thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  13. when every homey you've got calls you before every date to discuss restaurants, and then calls you back in the morning to ask where to take her to breakfast because she loved your recommendation from the previous night :)
  14. wow... this thread will never die i guess the urge to experiment has broader considerations that food for a lot of us! bubble bubble bubble... i recently wrote a column for my college rag about munchies, maybe i should post it.
  15. Nor could sister Patricia...she was my nemesis. seriously, sweet potato lends itself to seafood pretty well as I've also discovered. It took a while and some left over shrimp but I tried the sweet potato and shrimp cakes on the epicurious site and it's now an all time favorite. If anyone can direct me on how to post those sites I'd appreciate it. I usually copy and paste but if I leave what I'm typing for a second I've got to go through 25 pop up ads to get back to it! Major overhaul coming for mr. computer. I have a kid who'll put choc. syrup on corn chips..HE says it's good. ← sweet potato + fish = 80% of west african food (esp. ghana) fu fu, for instance.
  16. 40 oz of coffee breakfast of the stressed-out, thesis-deadline-looming, 2-hours-a-night-if-we're-lucky champions, yo 4 guys, one house. four theses, weekly Coffee budget, $60. and we're talking beans here, not brew or espresso
  17. van winkle, all the way. I like both, but i have to say that each van winkle has its own unique flavor profile, whereas Evan Williams, be it green, black, SB or some other type, all taste like, well, Evan Williams.
  18. brother bru-bru's african hot sauce. not only is it amazingly complex for a hot sauce, the dude on the label looks EXACTLY like my housemate's father.
  19. for me, it depends which employer/friend is being demanding... i have some friends who want the same thing, over and over.... shiso-risotto: japanese risotto made with sushi rice, a complex dashi with sake shiso herbs and as much kombu i can find; japanese eggplant, mushrooms, tofu and kabocha. right before the finish, a healthy dose of akamiso with the last of the dashi and 2 oz. of organic Natto. chiff some shiso leaf for garnish. it's amazingly good. but be warned, if i see this on a menu anywhere, i'm coming into yer kitchen with guns blazing :)
  20. coffee. breakfast of champions, yo oh, and i alternate between my hometown brew http://www.safehousecoffee.com/ i haven't lived there in 4+ years, but the owners still keep my pic on the regulars page. it must have something to do with me 'keeping the place open' for most of my high school career. Aaron, the owner, makes a special 'high octane' blend for my thesis experience and ships it to me monthly. gotta love him. and my adopted hometown brew http://stumptowncoffee.com/ It's damn good, but i don't have any deep connection with the organization. french press only.
  21. markovitch

    "Trading Spouses"

    you're a member of a large community of pork advocates. many of us are smug ;) i re-read my post, and i see it is terse, but i just wanted to point out that you could remove the word vegan from all the previous posts, and the character assassination still stands. it all just stank of back benching, y'know? e-gullet is better than that.
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