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  1. He said upwards of TEN, which sounds kind of improbable. How many shows are there in a season? Are the other IC's going on vacation for a year?
  2. The restaurant will be called "Roast". Sounds like it's going to be a meat extravaganza. From Symon's blog:
  3. Symon posted about the DI gig on his blog: Big News Times Two.
  4. More info at the Cleveland Free Times: Yeah, it would work great here in Cleveland.
  5. Looks like Michael Symon will be taking over the "impossible" role.
  6. A wine dinner at Baricelli Inn in Little Italy featuring wines from Burgess Cellars Striped Bass with Fava Beans, Scallions, & EVOO Schramsberg Blanc de Blanc 2004 Since Burgess produces only red wines, the featured bubbly for the first course came from a neighboring vineyard. The bass was firmer than I expected, and had a pleasant, slightly nutty flavor. The favas were fresh and tender, and the olive oil drizzled over the dish was deliciously peppery. It was a Chianti Classico (registered DOP). A small bottle of the same oil was placed on the table for bread-dipping. NancyH has a picture on her blog. Cavetelli with Giancale & Roma Tomatoes Ilona 2002 The second wine was from a small neighboring vineyard but was produced at Burgess. It was a fine accompaniment to the cavatelli. I meant to ask chef Minillo if "giancale" is from a regional dialect - as far as I could tell, it was the same as guanciale (cured pork jowl). Come to think of it, this had a smokey flavor, and I think that guanciale is usually unsmoked. Maybe that's the distinction. Pork Tenderloin Scaloppine with Rapini Burgess Cabernet Sauvignon 2004 The pork was perfectly cooked - moist and a bit pink. I'm so glad that restaurants in the U. S. are no longer afraid to serve pork that hadn't been cooked to death. The rapini provides a nice counter to the slight sweetness of the pork. The jus was spiked with capers and enriched with caramelized onions. Nice! Lamb Ribs with Five-Spice Rub, Slaw & Mango Chutney Burgess Syrah 2004 An unexpectedly Asian flavor combination, and surprisingly spicy. The Syrah was a great match for this, and was my favorite wine of the evening. Chocolate Semifreddo & Biscotti Burgess Library Cabernet Sauvignon 1994 The semifreddo was light and airy. The 1994 Cab has aged gracefully. It was an interesting contrast to the 2004 current release. Little Italy is sort of off the beaten path for me. It's just far enough from home to make me think twice about driving there. This dinner was a reminder that there's a very good reason to travel the extra mile. Paul Minillo is one of Cleveland's most accomplished chefs, and the dining room at the Inn is a pleasant setting for some remarkable food.
  7. Yeah, the pasta was fresh and made in-house. I believe that they get some of their pasta made for them by Ohio City Pasta, but our server mentioned that this was made at Lolita. Here's a slightly bleary picture: I should mention that our server Michael was new (at least to me) and quickly picked up on the fact that he had a bunch of foodies on his hands. He was clearly up to speed on the entire menu and sensed that we wanted all the details. Excellent service to go with the awesome food.
  8. Dinner at Lolita on Friday. Pig's ears are back! Well, at least they were on Friday, as a special. Served with pickled fennel and roasted cipollini onions. There's yet another great pizza added to the menu: Shredded roast pork, smoked cheddar, salsa verde. The crust was perfectly crisp. What a heavenly pizza! Seared scallops on a bed of cauliflower purée. Just luscious. One of my dining companions had (house made) linguini with clams, and another had arugula salad with fresh goat cheese. Both were very tasty. I finished with a cheese plate with truffle honey and fig relish. My companions had the chocolate pot de creme and the stout ice cream with crushed pretzels. Smile all around.
  9. nathanm posted some handy charts (discussion starts here). Unfortunately the formatting has gotten messed up due to changes in the board software. You can copy the HTML into a text file and view it in your browser. Some of the info has been transcribed by other folks (see here). Presumably all this info will be in Nathan's book.
  10. I made falooda last night at a friends birthday party. The basil seeds swell up to an astonishing extent. Two tablespoons of the dry seeds made way too much soaked. The rose syrup at my local South Asian grocery seemed to be mostly citric acid. so I made saffron syrup instead as suggested in this Gothamist blog entry. I'm not sure how authentically Parsi that is, but it was tasty! I topped it with ice cream made with almond milk - again, maybe not authentic, but we liked it.
  11. It's hard to tell from the picture, but the copper was all fogged up with condensation. The drink was icy cold. I don't know when the new menu is being introduced - it will be supplemental to the regular one, not a replacement. This drink certainly sounds like a summertime hit. Or at least it would be better suited to warm weather. Like I said, we were in denial about the weather. I can picture sipping one of these out on the patio.
  12. They're getting ready to introduce a new drink menu at VTR. One of the additions is the Moscow Mule, which will be served in a nifty copper mug. Since the mugs had just arrived today, we had to try them out. I also enjoyed a lovely Rangpur Gimlet (already on the current menu). Trying all the while to pretend that it was warm outside... These will both make great summertime drinks.
  13. There was a lovely story about Parsi food on NPR this morning: Sugar in the Milk: A Parsi Kitchen Story They interviewed Niloufer Ichaporia King, who shares some recipes on the linked page. Alice Waters was so enchanted with Parsi cooking that she decided to do a special Parsi New Year menu. It's on the Chez Panisse Downstairs menu for March 20:
  14. Dinner at Lolita tonight. There's a new pizza on the menu. Spicy Pork Sausage with Fresh Mozzarella, Tomato Sauce, Olive Oil, Basil This was delicious - lots of fennel in the sausage and a perfect char on the crust. There was an appetizer none of us had tried yet: Grilled Zucchini Salad with ovendried tomatos, eggplant, pine nuts, basil. Tuesday is Pig Roast Night. Extra-crisp skin this time. The mostarda and fingerling potatoes were terrific. And finally, Lemon Semifreddo with Basil Syrup for dessert. The perfect end to another wonderful meal.
  15. Now that the Lola and Lolita threads have merged together, it might help to point out to anyone not familiar with Michael Symon's restaurants that we're talking about two places here. Lolita 900 Literary Ave. in Tremont Lola 2058 E. 4th St. in Cleveland (downtown) I've got to get back to Lolita - I'm overdue for a visit. EDIT: Removed some thread-admin comments.
  16. Eggs can absorb flavors and aromas through the shell. (If you put eggs in a jar with truffles you get truffle-scented eggs.) If they're cooking at a low temperature to keep the yolk liquid, maybe the process takes long enough for flavors to be absorbed through the shell. I don't know how you'd control the temp of a smoker precisely enough to keep the egg perfect though.
  17. So this is sort of onsen tamago ("Hot Spring Egg"), only smoked? That's the first mention I've come across of the smoked aspect. I wonder if it's smoked in the shell.
  18. Donbert and Kathryn have already posted pictures of similar (if not identical) dishes, so we can return to those for the visuals. Thanks for posting, Nathan. This was fun.
  19. Nathan, are you live-blogging from your phone or PDA? Cool!
  20. ← * If and when you manage to beat out the other fourteen thousand people trying to make reservations when the system really does go live.
  21. Is there any chance that it's legit? I assumed that the system was up just for testing and the reservations would get wiped from the system before it goes live for real. But... the 12th is the first date that they're supposed to be done with the F&F. Hmmmmm...
  22. They do a terrific pigs ear appetizer at Michael Symon's Lolita in Cleveland. It's confited in duck fat, deep fried to crisp it up, and served with pickled vegetables. I don't have a recipe, but here's a video of Lolita chef Matt Harlan demoing the process.
  23. Last night Bar Cento hosted a special wine dinner for Slow Food Northern Ohio. M. F. Richter Riesling Dinner Dr. Dirk Richter was on hand to introduce wines from his family's vineyard in the Mosel. Back in the day, they supplied wines to the Zeppelins crossing the Atlantic. Chef Jonathan Sawyer prepared a menu to accompany the wines. 1st Course & Pairings Salo rye pizza w/ assorted charcuterie Speck, Mettwurst, Mortadella & horseradish Richter Riesling Brut Sparkling Mulheimer Sonnenlay 2000 Richter Riesling classic (dry style) 2006 The pizza was topped with (I think) rendered house-made lardo. I beautiful nutty-tasting crust, accented by porky goodness. The house-made charcuterie was awesome. There was, of course, a platter of delicious pickled vegetables along side. 2nd Course & Pairings Crispy Spiced Hake Fish Curry, Jerk, Chili, and house garum Richter Piesporter Michelsberg Riesling 2006 M. F. Richter Zeppelin Riesling 2006 The hake was flaky and moist, with a perfect crisp crust. The three seasonings (curry, jerk, chili) were subtle. The house-made garum dipping sauce was a hit! (more on that in a bit). 3rd Course & Pairings Boudin noir w/ challenging cheeses St. Agar blue cheese, petit Muenster, Goose Liver & grilled bread Richter Braunberger Juffer Spatlese Riesling 2005 Richter Veldenzer Elisenberg Riesling Auslese 2003 The sweetest (and most premium) Rieslings were accompanied by more charcuterie and some wonderful cheeses. In addition to the cheeses listed on the menu, there was also a gorgeous taleggio. At the end of the evening Chef jonathan came 'round to say hello. I had to ask about the house-made garum. He brought over a bottle of the stuff: Awesome! Larger photos on Flickr.
  24. That looks like an aebleskiver. I've never seen one so perfectly spherical. Thanks for the report, John. The Scandinavian presence was a surprise, given the location of the conference. There's some fascinating stuff going on up there judging by the presentations.
  25. Will we see a bit more detail about these menus? I'm leaning towards "nasty bits", but I'm willing to be steered towards the veggie menu if that's a strength for Chef Kahan. I'd also like to know more about their wine service - particularly what their notion of "premium" might be. Thanks for putting this together, Ron. This is going to be great!
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