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  1. I understand what a wolf range has. But in my house with the cooking I do I cannot justify the expense. The issue to me is one of value. Lots of people drive Mercedes and Lexus. I am lucky enough that i could afford both a Wolf range and a Mercedes if I want them. But I don't see the value in either one of them.
  2. I am currently looking for a 30" gas range to replace the one I have which was in our house when we bought it and has to be from the 70's I imagine. I cook more than the average person and even use the oven. I just can't in any way imagine a $4,500 Wolf range will serve me better than a $900 one from Sears. Would it increase the resale value of my home? Without a full kitchem remodel I'm not sure it would. I just don't need a $4,500 range. I just cannot imagine that it would mean the food I cook would taste better. I just can't
  3. Samuel Gompers said, "Time is the most valuable thing on earth." There is only so much of it to go around and time spent cooking does not have the value that many other things have to the modern American family. That is unfortuante, but I think true.
  4. What a shame, nothing worse than somebody who is all talk and no walk.
  5. Scorching the whiskey? Could you explain this bit of esoterica please.
  6. My wife started going right after the first of the year. Last night she went and lost a another pound, She is down 23.5 since she started. I don't go but we eat the same stuff and I am down as well, though I think scales are evil, but I know I have dropped around the same
  7. I think I was being a bit more tongue-in-cheek and revealing my exasperation with the medium. And I'm not a producer, other than one of witty sarcasm . I like what andiesenji has to say above... Her first sentence is the reason why I don't watch 90% of the more recent shows. With PBS being the lone exception. From Lidia to Colameneco, it's pretty informative stuff. The Top Chef stuff I watch because I'm just waiting to see someone's head explode. And what Padma's wearing. Oh, sarcasm. I understand now. Ha, ha, ha, ha. TV is about TV not cooking. It is nice to see serious cooking shows on PBS but commercial TV is all about TV not about cooking. Take the example of Guy Fieri. Alot of people don't take him seriously as a cook. Although on his cooking show he does indeed cook. But he is a great TV personality. The look, the schtick it works and the camera likes him and he knows how to play to the camera. he ain't jacques pepin. But if I was looking for somebody to host a TV show that may have to do with food, he would be a good choice. Of course he is common and maybe even a little white trash in style. perhaps that is all beneath some. But the fact remains: TV is about TV not about cooking.
  8. The only thing that stopped me from buying one last year was the small size of the oven. The cooktop part of the reange I liked alot.
  9. not with who, but with the purchasing power of a certain quantity of production of a farm in a certain time frame. Example: Farmers sells 1,000 bushels of wheat and with the procedes he can buy a car, or a tv, or a sous vide supreme or whatever. In another year sale of the same quantity would allow hime to buy the same thing. If the price he obtains drops, the government makes up the difference, thus providing him with parity in purchasing power. As a student of 20th century US history could tell you this concept started after WWI when farm prices took a dive. it continued under the New Deal.
  10. I've seen the guy on TV. it seems is is a highly effective TV personality. The concept that TV food shows are more about TV than food seems hard for some to grasp. He was compared to Tyler Florence, who is another very effective TV personality. So these guys don't meet out high EG standards. But the people running the TV shows seem to like them. it is about TV not about food
  11. I don't recall where I read this, but supposedly something in the spray forms a permanent bond with the non stick surface, thus making it a stick surface and the pan is ruined. My pam says it contains canola oil, grain alcohol, and soy lecithin plus propellant. The alcohol is probably just a thinner and evaporates quick, canola oil has been in my pan many times, so I can only imagine it's that soy stuff that's causing problems? I don't use it anymore, I use their grilling spray (or weber grill spray) on the bbq sometimes, but never in a pan. Those contain some kind of silicone or some other unpronounceable stuff. I think I remember that the silicone is the problem, but can't be sure, it's been a while that I read this. Now, since the "natural" pam is basically just oil, why not just use a tsp of oil? The calories saved with the spray seem completely negligible to me, and you don't have to deal with over spray all over the stove and counter. Or a tiny bit of butter, which makes eggs so much better.... more of that molecular stuff causing trouble
  12. If there is really 1 million spent one would think Blatstein is the guy with the money into it. If this is the end for Speck he will get somebody else in there to run it. Michael Klein reports that Shola owns the liqour license, however
  13. I'm sure I could. but I don't mess around with gas. Even my brother in law who is one of those do everything kind of guys and is an electrician by trade, hires people to do gas work. I don't mind paying to have to job done, I just don't want to get overcharged.
  14. I was ready to buy a gas range from Sears yesterday using the extra 10% discount from the "friends and family" discount program. Sears must have lots and lots of friends. They were also offering free delivery. I asked what the instalation charge was and they told me $240. I thought this sounded like a lot. I called my local plumber and he told me he would charge anywhere from $150 to $250 depending on how long it took. I already have a gas range, this would just be taking the old one out and putting the new one in. I realize to do gas work you need someone licensed to do so. At least where I live you do. And I undertand that. I don't want some schmoe off the street hooking up a gas line. But these prices seem high. Have any of you had the same type thing done and what did it cost you?
  15. I know many insist two cans are better than a can and a glass. I have always had the glass and can Boston shaker both at home and when I tended bar. For average everyday user I just can't imagine why there would be a difference
  16. Ketchup? perish the thought.
  17. I know nothing at all about spherification but if Ph is an issue your water could be part of the problem.
  18. Hi, Read all of the ingredients and you will realize that it definitely is not Creme Fraiche! Ingredients: Pasteurized Nonfat milk and milk fat, water, whey protein concentrate, cheese culture, salt, tapioca starch, maltodextrin, lactic acid, carob bean gum, guar gum, sorbic acid (preservative), natural flavor, vitamin A palmitate Doesn't that sound delicious? Tim Sounds like it is directly out of the modernist book
  19. Outstanding work Roberta. Like everyone else I enjoyed it immensely. I hope you and the two dogs have some rest this week after a great effort of keeping us entertained. Lizzie and Declan our two non-gratuitous friends send their regards as well. Thanks for sharing those dishwasher shots. Reminded me of another long ago blog.
  20. Just finished my Friday night cocktail. In honor of you, this wonderful blog and those dogs, I had a Sazarec
  21. Correct you are Holly. Are not lists like this in national publication more a function of publicists and who you know than quality of the item?
  22. 100% spot on. If five days is the time frame they are asking you to be able to support yourself with no help from anyone water is absolutly the most critical supply. Most people could survive 5 days with out eating anything. This excludes, young children and the ill and the very elderly.
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