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  1. Here in Lancaster County PA there is Long's Horseradish that is good and hot. If one goes to lancaster central farmers market, they cook it up right there. Fills the building with a great smell and can't be any fresher. They also bottle it and it is for sale in the refrigerated section of many local markets. I guess that offers you no help in Califorinia, but you ought to be able to find something that works for you

  2. My late mother always told me that it needed to be poached. But the best chicken salad I make is with the chicken smoked on the BGE.

    I do believe that the classic method is poaching, but I think it tastes much better if the chicken, is smoked, grilled or done in the oven

  3. Noob inquiry: I was forced to buy a frozen turkey today - it's 14 pounds. I'm looking to brine the turkey. What's my best plan for getting it thawed and brined in time? Can I brine it now and let it thaw while it's brining? Or would I be best off thawing it in cold water and then brining it? If I brine it now, do I need to lower the salt content? I read Alton Brown saying it's ok to brine it frozen, but everything else I've read says that's a no-no. Thanks for the help!

    Check to see if it is labeled as "minimumly processed" if it is already injected with a solution that means it is pre-brined. You can do the thawing and brining all at the same time. I heard the famous Mr. Brown on NPR the other day saying he would brine a frozen turkey without thawing it first.

  4. I have just been informed that due to family member travel plans service will need to be moved to 1PM instead of our traditional 4PM. No change in the menu, just means I need to get out of bed sooner.

    There may be something of a change come to think of it with appetizers and before service drinks.

  5. I was able to get a bottle of VanWinkle 12 year old from the PA LCB website. They got their allocation and not one drop made it to the stores. The entire state of Pennsylvania recieved 60 bottles of the 23 year old, 360 of the 20 year old, 480 of the 12 year old and 42 bottles of the ten year old bourbons.

    And a grand total of 3 bottles of the rye. Yes, 3 bottles for the entire state of PA. I have heard the rye described as the unicorn of whiskey. Reported to exist, but nobody had ever seen one.

    The entire PA allocation was gone withing a couple hours. I was hoping for a bottle of the 20 year old but I was too late. I was informed the 23 year old lasted two minutes with a one bottle max.

    Please excuse lousy phone camera picture.


  6. I do flank steak hot and fast on the grill, direct over coals, then slice it thinly and serve it rare. I don't marinate it....I use a dry spice rub, then use a squeeze of lime, lemon, or other acid after I've sliced it.

    Exactly. I get the BGE cranked up to 600 or so. Four minutes on a side and it is rare and charred and delicious.

  7. Yesterday's New York Times article in the Dining & Wine section has a Jacques Pépin recipe for Steamed and Roasted Turkey that I am considering for Thanksgiving. The article states that steaming the turkey first makes for a very moist final product and allows one to skip brining.

    Instead of roasting it in the oven, I plan on using my smoker with cherry and apple woods. My smoker has very accurate temperature control. Has anyone tried this approach? Any general comments as to its potential for success or failure?

    -- Mache

    I have smoke lots of turkeys. It will be great

  8. Got my Cabela's ad in the paper this morning and they have some sale prices in meat grinders, sausage stuffers and other items as part of their deer camp sale. The stuff they have is very good quality and it is worth a look for anyone looking. They are a sort of under the radar spot for many cooking items. I don't live too far from their Hamburg PA store which is just huge.

    I think all the specials are available from their website as well. As I say they have lots of stuff with an emphasis on outdoor cooking and butchering and preparing game.

  9. DSCN0695.jpg



    Fair to say it was an unsuccessful experiment in separating the liquid - but a successful experiment in terms of getting all the various parts explored. For circulation of water I used a fountain pump immersed in a bucket of ice water. Amazing how quickly the ice melts and the water warms. We kept plenty of towel around just in case something blew!

    The vacuum pump was an old Gomco suction pump liberated for the week from the hospital. It will be returning to it's dark corner tomorrow, unlikely to see the light of day until I next liberate it for something.

    The water bath heated, the glassware turned, we seemed to have a vacuum in the system, but in spite of that the receiving flask didn't contain a drop. And it wasn't getting sucked into the vacuum pump - because that has a jar between and it didn't contain anything either.

    Not sure if it just needs a stronger vacuum or whether there were leaks in the system that I just can't detect.

    There will be more experiments when I get back home to investigate further.

    Am very impressed with this rig and sorry to hear it did not produce. I hope mad Dr. Frankenstein, I mean Dr. Beal will be able to beat it into shape.

    As an undergrad we managed to cobble together a working still with parts mostly "borrowed" by my roommate, who was conveniently enough, chemistry major. And distillation of alcohol was indeed out goal.

    Staying on the topic, if it does produce a distillate how do you know when it gives you want you are looking for? Perhaps I am wrong, but if you go to long won’t you get things in the distillate that you do not want?

  10. If you use xanthan, tread LIGHTLY!!! It's amazing how little you need before things turn into a mucousy mess... Plus, I've found it takes a little while to hydrate, so if you're adding by eye, go little by little and give some time inbetween to see the full strength... and, to see how thick it is, don't keep stirring - let it sit for a bit, then when you stir once you can see how thick it is.

    I must seconfd what Kenneth says here. I have limited experience with using the xanthan but I won't forget my first time. Was making a simple gravy and instead of a roux I tried a bit of the xanthan. My bit was was way more than I needed as I ended up with gravy Jello. A little of it goes a real long way.

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