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  1. I've been seriously neglecting my drinking lately - well perhaps some wine while doing some research for a confection project. So figured I'd better do a little catching up.


    Tonight a Pan American Clipper - the very last of my bottle of Applejack, lime, homemade grenadine and a dash of absinthe.

    As fall arrives I always bring out the applejack. Never had this one and will have to give it a try. And you should change the topic title, cause a novice you ain't.

  2. Best find EVER!


    A vintage martini lamp at a thrift shop in North Wildwood, NJ. It was marked at $15 but I ended up talking the guy down to $10. It's fabulous. I have to figure out just the right spot for it. It needs to have the martini pick glued down with some Super Glue or Gorilla Glue so I can cut off the ugly plastic tie that's holding it in place, but otherwise it's perfect in every way. I'm half tempted to make it my desk lamp but the bulb isn't really bright enough for that. Nonetheless, I love it. I need to find its home in a suitable place of honor.

    That may be the coolest thing ever. Great find, Katie. And you got it for 10 bucks? I'd have given more than that for it

  3. I stopped by the store this morning to ask if they pay for the bags. I didn't speak to an owner or authorized corporate representative -- just one of the section managers -- but what I was told is that they don't pay for bags. There's a company in Brooklyn, apparently, that sells bags to product manufacturers and prints advertisements on the bags. The product manufacturers offer these bags for free to the stores as a way to get their logos out there. The company is called Mediacy if anyone wants to do more research.

    Which means you are stealing from Mediacy not the store. Does not seem to change the fundemental question.

  4. I would imagine this whole exercise has to do with driving message board traffic. It's clear that Mr. Shaw thinks there is a legal justification for taking these bags. He makes a very lawyerly argument. But he suggests in one post that they do have utility to him picking up after the dog, packing lunch etc. So, there is a perceived value to them. I would suggest the true value to him equates to what it would cost to buy the same item that gives him the same utility. Thus the replacement value of the item he is stealing is the true cost of the theft.

    I'm sure if Mr. Shaw really wanted a whole case of these bags he could get them cheap. After all, he is director of a famous culinary society and I'll bet all he has to do is make a few calls and somebody would drop them off at his place toot sweet.

  5. the worst show I can remember was Chef Rene the Black Hat Chef A production of the public tv station in Allentown PA. This featured Chef Rene who was some sort of riverboat chef. The worst part was the stories he told affecting fake racial accents and dialect. Later they added some public tv guy to try to control him this was in the 80's I think It was horrible.

    Anyone else remember this dog or any other real bad shows

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  6. I think one problem with egullet is that the mission statement is kind of pretentious and elitist, and there are a lot of hoops to jump through to join (and to stay active). While this has the (presumably intended) consequence of keeping out a lot of the riff-raff and ensuring that folks who are here are interested in participating, I'm sure it also puts off many people from joining entirely. I only joined to post in a few threads I found interesting, but when I first came across egullet years ago, all the requirements definitely kept me from signing up.

    I'm not saying it's a bad way to go -- there's some benefit to limiting the size of a community, but by restricting growth, you do also run the risk of lack of growth or stagnation. I'm not against aggressive moderation and keeping things on-topic, but personally, I would question the need to be so restrictive about who can join, or try to inflate the idea of a forum by making it a "society".

    The name also seems a little dated - the whole 'prefixing things with e' trend died out a while back...

    This is not to say I don't enjoy this forum - it's a more manageable volume of topics than Chowhound is, and in certain areas of discussion, there's less noise / repetition.

    EG pretentious and elitist?

    Hard to believe, Harry.

  7. Although Tupperware parties were typicly female only events, I did one time many years ago attend one. I bought a set of tumblers that served in good stead for many years for outdoor activites. As I recall there were games and prizes and stuff.

    Perhaps Mr. Shaw could become a representative of Tupperware and sell stuff to benefit the society.

  8. typical wine mark up is three times wholsale and two times retail. However, in PA the difference between the price the licencee pays and retail is not very much. So, I think 44.50 on a 12 buck bottle may be a bit much.

    As to the law. It is extremly convuluted and I have been out of the business for a good while now. I do not think it is illegal for them to allow you to supply the wine. Our concern always was that the license holder is responsible for any alcohol served. Also, they can't co-mingle yours and theirs.

    Clearly they are in the business to make money and they will make more if you biuy it from them.

    Tell them you will give them 37 bucks or something like that for it and see what they say.

  9. I put excess ice into the dog water bowl, they like the chilled water and love to munch the cubes as well.

    Or you could let them sit out in a bowl or something, and to the best of my very limited knowledge, they would melt and produce water. This could be used for watering the plants, making a pot of coffee, or perhaps even drinking.

  10. Like Chris H. This book was my start in this area . Though I never tried the dry cured items I found the book to be easy to read and inviting to the beginner. Nothing wrong with listing mistakes. It would be the rare cookbook of any type that does not have some.

    Not sure where all the hatred for Ruhlman is coming from. To a professional in this field perhaps the book does not meet their standards. I don' think it was written for the professional.

    Again I don't get the hate, but if it makes you feel better and superior feel free to continue.

  11. The other day I watched Rachael Ray on the Food Network. I don't usually do so but thought I would so I can see what makes her so vilified. So, what did she do? She took vegetables, chopped them up and then cooked them. She took some ground meat, seasoned it, than cooked that as well. She made a tomatillo salsa. She did use the processer for this. Everything she used she cooked herself except for the store bought tortilla chips.

    I just did not see anything here which would lead me to hate her or call her nasty names. Yes, she is a TV personality not a chef. I don't think she claims to be a chef. Her personality is a bit over the top but so what? Is she self promoting? Perhaps, but no more so than guys like Bourdain that everyone seems to love.

    I do not see her use a chamber vacuum sealer. Or liquid nitrogen. Or make any foams. Perhaps her approach is just too damn common to meet with the approval of all here.

    I believe the concept of the show is to point out that a meal of one sort or the other can be cooked in a relatively short period of time. And it looked to me like she did.

    So I don't get the hate for her

  12. The Daniel comparison was a bit of hyperbole. But I think you found a bargain.

    This is what I'm arguing about and trying to disprove. Just like in my recent Whole Foods' topic, false-truths, hyperbole and innuendo gets spread around so much that many people end up believing it's the reality. The reality is that it isn't the reality.

    In the case of Ruth's Chris, it's that the steak must suck because it's a chain. And it is dramatically expensive. Neither of those is true.

    Wait a minute. What you are trying to say is that people who post here have lots of preconcieved notions about things and that many of those notions are sort of pretentious? I'll be damned, I never would have know that.

    I guess I will admit my shame and say I have as well eaten at Ruth's Chris. Was it steakhouse nirvana? It was not. Yes it is a chain but to equate the quality of the food with that of Olive Garden is wrong. What I had was a nice steak cooked correctly. Was it overpriced? It was not cheap, but I was not expecting it to be. So please, hold me in contempt for eating at a chain place that actually has the audacity to advertise. Oh the humanity!!

  13. I have to nominate everything written by Sandra Lee.

    But there is no way to nominate just one book or author. There are too many church cookbooks (which must secretly be sponsored by Jello and Campbell's). I grew up eating "hotdish" and Jello salad made from these books that made the Moosewood Cookbook recipes seem downright heavenly. Really.

    I know the church cookbooks are still in frequent use because at my grandfather's funeral in 2006, I counted no fewer than 14 different Jello salads.

    For baking, yesterday I saw the worst book I have ever seen. It was a cupcake book and it looked like the decorations were done by the slow kindergarten class. I cannot believe any editor or publisher could have signed off on that one.

    Have you ever even looked at something written by Sandra Lee that allows you to make this blanket statement?

    I don't think there is another person in the food world who gets less respect than Sandra Lee on EG. I don't cook like she does and you don't either. But guess what? Lots of folks do. If if her books and TV shows inspire a person to at least attempt some sort of cooking, even if it is modified with ready made stuff instead of feeding their family fast food or frozen pizza I think she has accomplished some very positive thing. Perhaps the person that tries to cook a little bit may one day find they like it and want to do more. That same person will most likely never have a chamber vacaum sealer or a sous vide supreme. But they may wonder how that boneless chicken breast tastes if seasoned a different way.

    The worst cookbook ever is Sandra Lee's ? I disagree

  14. Milk is not something I normally drink. Nor have I normally drunk milk for the past, oh, let's say my whole adult life. Oh sure, I may throw a splash into a cup of coffee when I'm forced into buying a cup of coffee while on the road; I'll certainly use it when making gelato or ice cream, but as I said, it's not something that takes up any space in my refrigerator.

    Until recently, that is. On a whim, I decided to buy a quart of milk. Not just plain-old milk, but milk from NY State, from grass-fed cows. Label claims it's organic, too. And unhomogenized as well, which was certainly recognizable as soon as I opened the container and saw the big glug of cream on top.

    And you know what? It was freakin' delicious. My taste memory of milk is not that great, but this stuff had to be better than any milk I can recall drinking. Creamy, sweet and delicious, that milk was. When I ran out, I bought some more, only this time I went with skim (2%, anyway) and it was still delicious. Now I'll drink 1/2 a glass with a biscotti occasionally, but it's even better with 2 Mallomars! Who knew?

    So I'm wondering; are there any foods you've given up for a long time and now you're back to eating again? And was milk always this good?

    Whole milk=3.5% fat

    2 percent=2% fat

    Skim=0.00% to .05% fat

    Thus 2 percent milk is not the same as skim milk

    But milk is wonderful stuff always drank it and always will. Here in the country I can get it from dairy farmers right from the cow. it is lovely.

  15. There is no Whole Foods where I live. But, I have been in their stores when I travel. Are they not all about conspicuous consumption? Their scheme is getting people to pay more for the same stuff they can get someplace else for less just so those folks can feel good about themselves.

    I shop at Whole Foods, you go to the Acme, and therefore I am better than you.

    Just like, I drive a Mercedes and you drive a Chevy.

    In the executive offices of Whole Foods I'll bet they have pictures of P.T. Barnum hanging on every wall.

  16. I have been away from the PLCB Web site for awhile. I visited today and was unable to find anywhere to search for items or to identify what stores might have an item in stock. Both the Chairman's Selections and the Product Search are no longer there. I also tried the "FineWineAndGoodSpirits.com" site and was able to find the Chairman's Selections list but no link to the stores' inventories.

    The ability to find out what store had what product in stock was one of the better features of the site. It is a MAJOR inconvenience to do a "search" by phone!

    Am I missing something?

    I found the new web site as well and it took me some clicking around till I found the search feature. Exactly how escapes me at the moment but it is still there on the finewineandgoodspirits page

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