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  1. take the train to Philadelphia. Come to CBP and eat some Fed Nuts fried chicken. Have a Schmitter. Or a cheese steak from Tony Luke. Yes, it is Aramark making it all for those names you may know. The food at CPB is ridiculously priced just like at all ballparks. So is the beer, but there is lots of real good beer available.

    And if you want lousy service just wear your Mets jersey. We just love Met fans.

    Like the guy at Phillies spring training say sat the gate. No bottles, no cans, no Met fans

  2. Fatless Half & Half.


    This is a product that gets daily use in our house. It is clearly not half and half. It is non-fat milk processed in a way that gives the same mouth feel that half and half does. My wife uses it every day in her coffee. I drink my coffee black, but I will use it on my bowl of morning flakes. Just like American cheese it is a product of so called "modernist" techniques. If Myhrvold and his gang of merry pranksters had touted a way to produce a product that mimics half and half out of non-fat milk it would have been greeted as a wonderful revolutionary product by the many modernist cuisine groupies with perhaps its very own EG topic to go along with the millions of other modernist ones.

    Instead, since it is a product of industrial dairy producers, it is derided as dreck. The manipulation of traditional products by application of additives and techniques can be done in a high falutin fancy food lab or in a big industrial facility. The concept is one in the same.

    So, if you don't like this product don't use it. For those who may wish to limit their dairy fat intake, but still like the mouth feel of half and half it is not hat bad of a thing

  3. Been using it for weeks, it's great. Worth every cent. After an hour of preheating at 550 and 20 minutes with the broiler on high, the steel hits 700-750 degrees. Pies cook in around three minutes. Best pizza I've ever made at home, and I've tried every freaking method you can imagine (big green egg, stones, etc).

    See a nice pie here... http://bouillie.us/2013/03/06/if-youre-a-pizza-freak/#jp-carousel-4744

    I usually use Laheys no knead crust, aged for a day in the fridge.

    If I get my BGE cranked up, my cheap infra red thermometer tells me my ceramic baking stone gets well over 800. I can't comment as to the difference between hot ceramic and hot steel plate as I have zero knowledge of the topic. And I don't claim that pizza I make is Neopolitan. But it is good and it does get charred.

  4. nicely done. If you look you should be able to find an topic called "behold my butt" from the good old days of EG. In it you would find lots and lots of info about folks smoking butt with all sorts of devices. You may even see things I posted about using my old WSM. There was even a seperate rib smoking topic as well.

    That WSM will serve you well. It will cook lots and lots of good stuff.

    My wife bought me a BGE for a birthday gift a bit a go and I gave the trusty old WSM away. But that cooker worked like a charm for me in all sorts of weather. I shoveled snow off the patio to get to it in the winter. Cooked many a Thanksgiving turkey in it.

    I never used a controller of any kind on mine. I know folks who sware by them, but I don't think it necessary at all.

  5. I used a WSM for many years. Absolutely do the ribs with the butt. And there is no reason in the world to soak them in hot water for a full day. Both the ribs and the butt will turn out great in the WSM. When doing ribs I would often give them a couple of minutes on a hot grill to crisp a bit before service.

    The WSM is a great cooker just get it settled in and it will hold a steady temp for a long time

  6. There was a pretty signifigant developer in Lancaster who spent alot of effort trying to get Trader Joe's to locate here. they even built a space in the development just for them. It never hapended as they did not like the market I was told. So, there may be one in Canada before there is one here.

    I think Wegmans cafe is a good place to eat. Always enjoy it there.

    A road trip with Kerry and Anna would certainly leave nobody hungry.

  7. Dinner tonight had us checking out the other Vietnamese restaurant that had been closed yesterday.


    We shared a grilled pork bahn mi. Yum!



    Anna had the rare beef pho again to compare.


    I opted for the bun.

    Rice and noodles is one of our favorite places to eat. Friendly family owned business with good food. Kerry and Anna had Vietnamese two nights in a row. Growing up in Lancaster it does not seem that long ago to me that there were no Vietnamese or Thai places here.

    It was my pleasure to meet up with Kerry, Anna and Bob for lunch.

    Safe travels for Bob back to DC and Kerry and Anna back across the border. I hope the border agents don't confiscate their lard cooked potato chips

  8. I've tried that with the egg, but it keeps high temp so (too?) well I think. Do you have one? Getting it to cool is the only thing I'm struggling with, especially if it's been going on full blast.

    I've taken meat off and let it rest for a while and let the egg cool down during that time, then put the meat back in until it reaches desired temp. Must experiment more, but with cheaper meat :-D

    I've tried that with the egg, but it keeps high temp so (too?) well I think. Do you have one? Getting it to cool is the only thing I'm struggling with, especially if it's been going on full blast.

    I've taken meat off and let it rest for a while and let the egg cool down during that time, then put the meat back in until it reaches desired temp. Must experiment more, but with cheaper meat :-D

    I do have an egg. I find if I cook a steak at really high temp then shut it done completly it will drop,to 375 to 400 right away. If you want it lower then that your pull and hold method works fine. You are correct that once the egg gets hot it tends to stay so. It is easier to regulate the temps going up then down

  9. Was wondering about the use of salt in cocktails. And I mean in something like a martini or manhattan. Everyone knows that he right amount of salt in savory or sweet cooking is a wonderful thing. Too much is horrible.

    I know that salt is a tradition with tequila. I don't often have a margarita, but If having one made I always say no salt as I find many bartenders lay it on so thick it really is all I can taste. But I do find just a bit of salt makes the drink better.

    And I guess things like bloody Mary's have salt, but that is not what I really mean.

    I don't recall seeing this discussed here but I must believe it has been a item of talk and thought for the cocktail experts.

    So, what would a bit of salt bring to a martini? Or other drinks.

  10. Last week my wife visited her oncologist for her six month checkup. She recieved very good news that all is well and she is doing fine.

    However, the doctor recommended that she loose a little weight so at our house we have now embarked on the 17 Day Diet.

    I can certainly stand to lose some as well so I am on the trip.

    I am now on day 6 and I am just screaming for some carbs. It has been six days since I had any bread and that may be the longest since I started taking solid food I have gone. I love bread, I adore bread, I bake bread.

    I know it will make me lose weight. I have lost 8 lbs already.

    But I want bread!!!!!!!!!

  11. A trip to Lexington market is a good thing. Faidley's crabcakes really are very good. There are other good things there as well.

    We also like pazo though it is right on the edge of being overly pretentious. The Washington DC outfit Lebanese Tavernera has an outpost in Harbor East right by the marriot and they do a nice job as well.

    Chaps does a good job with sandwiches as well and serves up Baltimore Pit Beef done correctly.

    There are lots and lots of places in fells Point and I will let it up to others to reccomend them

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