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  1. In my old bartending days we used to try to invent real vile stuff, one night I was declared winner by far witha peppermint schnapps, chartreuse concoction. I also made a couple of martinis with sauerkraut juice instead of vermouth, however there was someone who actully like that

  2. Coke classic may be one of the greatest inventions ever. Very cold from the bottle. Some foutains are great but it depends on to may variables . My sister will drink nothing but Pepsi so it does not run in families. We never have soda in our house anymore since my wife started the low carb deal. Just last night I went to a meeting and wnen it was over someone asked if I wanted a 20oz bottle of Coke. I took it like it was a 100 dollar bill. Woderful stuff. pepsi is barely drinkable.

    On another note I have always loved 7 up, put not sprite or any thing else. At work Pepsi has the vending deal and if I am desperate i will drink a sierra mist but NEVER a pepsi

  3. Like everyone else I watch Good Eats all the time, I also like Bobby Flay, and I guess i am the only paula Dean fan here.

    I like Andrea Immer's wine show, and like to watch Carlo cooks Italian, i think he cooks real Italian food and does show how to do it.

    My wife loves watching Michael Chiarello, I find him tedious,

    When i have control of the remote my first choice is cooking shows, like everyone else i don't watch the new food network stuff.

  4. Gald it all worked out for you. I have been away from bartending for almost 10 years now and I still miss it alot. I like what I do now, after spending some time searching, but if the stars were all aligned corecctly i'd go back to it. I hope you have a wonderful time and i second the recomendation that you learn as much about wine as you can. Wine knowledge can take you far as it has more lasting meaning than knowing how to make the latest cocktail in vogue. Again good luck and enjoy yourself

  5. Landjaegers? Salami? Kosher bologna?

    Holy Cow, what are you guys talking about? Lebanon and Sweet bologna are wonderful things. There is no resemblence to those other things. Were I live, in lancaster, they are staples of life. The taste is smoke and cure. The sweet is the same thing with sugar added for a smoke and sweet flavor. I can't believe that it is not available in Philadelphia. The leading brands are Kunzlers, Baums, Seltzers, Berks and Kutztown. Kunzlers probably most available as they are the largest of the producers. Their product looks just like the picture. Baums makes a smaller product. I like them all really. When we go to the store and see it on sale at the deli my wife always says to me, " they have sweet bologna on sale" and I always get some. I like it on Martin's potato roll s with mustard and cheese. This is amongst the greatest sandwiches invented. On New Years Eve in Lebanon they drop a 75 pound Lebanon Bologna at midight than slice it up and hand it out.

    i wonder what Georges Perrier would think of a sweet bologna sandwich? I hope he would like it though I will not be looking for it on the Le Bec Fin menu anytime soon. Seriously, get some and try it and I think you will love it.

    Final point is a Landjaeger anything like a Land Rover? Does it have four wheel Drive?

  6. Working your way up is the way to do it. In 25 years of bartending and beverage managment i only worked with one guy who went to school and he was great in spite of it. I started out working the door at a club, moved up to bar back and washing glases and than started helping out and it lead to a great time and lots of money for a long time. I don't do it anymore because I had to stop drinking. I still worked for a while, but had to give it up. i had one Food and Beverage manager who hated bartenders because he said they were all prima donnas. A good one is. I know that we always ran the bar and made money for them and us and ignored alot of foolishness that they tried to impose.

    A good bartender is like an orcestra conducter, setting the tone and pace for the whole operation.

    About bar profit, I always knew who was stealing even when upper managment did not, a good bartender knows not to be greedy, I can still remember one of the old guys I worked with putting his arm around my shoulder and telling me "You have to take care of them, but you have to take care of youself too" He asked if I knew what he meant and I told him I sure did.

    It is a wonderful life, if you can get to the right spot. In the wrong spot working for the wrong people it can suck

  7. I can still remember my first taste of Jim Beam. I knw this bourbon thing was going to be something good. I have never benn able to develop the taste for scotch. I became convinced that the perfect Manhattan made with bourbon was the greatest cocktail ever invented and i drank gallons of them.

    Many years of bartending and beverage managment allowed me to taste lots and lots of bourbon, and I loved it all. I too eschew an 80 dollar bottle of bourbon just as I refuse to buy a bottle of wine for more than 15 dollars. There is a bottle of Makers Mark at home. I pour it over some ice, sit down in my chair, exhale a big breath and sip it and peace arrives.

    I know longer work in the business and now only enjoy one drink a week or so and only at home as I did discover that I needed to leave that state I used to live in. It tastes so good now that i do it because i don't have to do it.

    This may be considered nothing more than drivel however when i taste bourbon I taste the earth. The same as when I eat an oyster I taste the ocean.

    I apoligise to everyone for this bit of self indulgence

    Enjoy your bourbon, wether 8 or 80 dollars a bottle.

  8. Neutering is the way to go, my guy, Arlo by name, was snipped at a young age and never started the leg lifting deal. He on rarest of occasion will do it if we are going for a walk and he wants to mark something. But in our yard he never does. Our vet always tells us that when she has young guys bring there dogs in that they are squemish about them being neutered. She tells me that on this occasion she tells the owners " I want his, not yours"

    I agree with everyone about pugs being cool dogs, we are big dog people, Arlo is a Boxer and we also have Sophie the Bernese Moutain Dog, if I ever got a little dog it would be a pug.

    And as much as I love both of them I would not take them to a restaurant.

  9. My wife and I own two dogs. We love them both and they are an important part of our family. However, I would never even think of taking them to a bar or restaurant. It would be unfair to them and also greatly unfair to any other customers. Many people do not care for dogs at all, some folks can be greatly freaked out by them. I do take the dogs with me when I go out some places but never to a dining place. As the post above stated any dining establishment that allows it would be in violation of the law.

    It is very important to socialize your dog by taking him places and having him be around other people and animals, however, restaurants would not be a good place.

    BTW, pugs are very cool dogs. They are a small dog that acts like a bigger dog. I hope you enjoy the pup very much.

  10. I have found the baking with julia book that has recipies from all kinds of bakers to be outstanding, somone took all the different recipies and wrote a usefull book. Chefs themseves usually write beautiful but useless for the home baker cookbooks. If they work with a real writer and the recipies are tested things seem to work better. Another book i have always like is called the cake bible, the author of this escapes me as i am at work and not near the bookshelf, all things are clear and work fine for the home baker. another one i like is called Sweet Baking. These days i mostly bake bread and have found the bakers appretince by rinehart to be a revolation to me. Not so much for the recipies, and some of them are great but he explains things in a manner that no one else has ever do so for me. I certainly do not have the time to do everything he does, however, the book is well written and i very much like it

  11. As stated above thr lancaster Mennonite Historical Society is the place for help with this matter they are located just off rt 30 across the street from the starbucks near the tanger outlet center. since there number is in the directory i will post it as well, 717-393-9745, they can also provide guides who will ride in your vehicle to give you real insight to the area not just the tourist business sites

  12. Strawberry Hill, wonderful wine list, lancasters best, the owner used to give tours of the cellar but i believe he stopped due to shrinkage issues. The Loft is owned by chef Gunter Backhaus who long ago was chef at the old host farm resort. He is in the kitchen most of the time and the menu reflections what works well in lancaster. a traditional place to go for many. nice setting with good service

    Ah, the log cabin. For a long time I thought and told people this was lancaster best and it is still highly thought of. the food is still pretty good, but i feel the service is really lacking. some of the younger staff need seasionig and to loose the chip from their shoulders. Still a lovely place in a beautiful setting and i think worth a try.

    A couple of other quick mentions. Donneckers in ephrata, chef is Greg gable who worked at le bec fin under perrier. hes from the area and has come home to run this kitchen. i have not been there since he took over but i hear nothing but good comments. the menu is not le bec fin like, but i think more of a bistro style.

    Lombardos in lancaster, old style red sauce place but a plate of rigatoni with red sauce and hot sausage is one of my favorites. Brothers and Sister on s marshall offers what i gues is still called soul food in an authentic and very tasty fashion

    That's it for now but the Pa Dutch style food is authentic to the area. it should not be ignorded by visitors. Since I grew up with it i guess i look for something else whrn i go out. There are more spots around town i like and will try to post more if people want. Lancaster is not Philadelphia. Not large enough to support that varied a scene. However good eats are around

  13. In reply to request about Lancaster co eats.

    In Lancaster city, Gibraltor on Harrisburg Pike across from F&M College, excellent seafood and some of the best service the area has. Nice if expensive wine list. Also, Mullbery Park Cafe, more of abistro menu, but they have chilli crusted tuna that may be my favorite plate in town, nice atmosphere wine are standard but not overpriced. Next, right beside the Central Market is Carr's. Outstanding use of fresh local products very good beef abd game entrees.

    Lots of people including me like Lemon Grass thai on Lincoln Highway, There ar other good and cool places in Lancaster and i will poat moe later

  14. Have been living and eating in Lancaster Co all my life. People ALWAYS ask for an "Amish Restaurant" There just is no such thing. As another poster says Amish and Mennonite families do host meals for a price in their homes. The Lancaster Mennonite Historical Society on Lincoln Highway East is the place to go to check this out. The Mennonite Historical Socitey, in one of the greatest statements of what Lancaster County has become, is right across the street from Starbucks, yes Starbucks.

    The places folks have mentioned are typical Lancaster County food places. I think Shady maple is better by far than Millers. ALL of these place exit for the tourist trade and their kitchens are of typical tourist quality. There are many fine places to eat in the area that do not proport to be of Pa Dutch style. Those are were we go. if anyone wants i can mention some of them. However, if you go to any of the places mentioned, prepare to be underwhelmed. The cuisene prepared perfectly will never result in wows. It is understated in flavors, and high in calories.

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