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  1. A friend of mine was telling me about this place where folks get together and cook a weeks worth of meals at one time for a set price. I have never heard of this before. Is this something worth investigating? Does this type of arrangement result in quality meals for a family? It sounds interesting but I question the quality of meals produced from such an arrangement.
  2. lol, Noodles and rice... reminds me of an outing with my nephew about a year ago. His dad told me that he will eat nothing but plain rice from Taco Del Mar and I shouldn't deviate from this. I took him to Taco Del Mar and thought I would surprise him with a little cheese on his rice.. BIG mistake. He had the biggest tantrum right in the middle of the restaurant during the lunch rush! " I -- DON'T -- WANT -- CHEESE!!!!!" (now multiply this line by 50 repetitions and increase the decible level to deafening) The cashier was eager to get him to quiet down so she brought out a supersized dish of plain rice. Yup... Rice and Noodles do the trick!
  3. These are some great tips everyone, thank you! It seems that Cassian has an uncanny knack for being very needy right when I've reached the most sensitive point of cooking a meal. I think I'll have to lay off of most of my sauces for a while until the little one can wait through a reduction. I've been going to Costco and purchasing bulk meats and parting them out (like suggested) and have lots of pre cooked meals ready to go, but I've been waiting until I get home at night to get organized. Everyone's tips on setting up the night before will come in quite handy. Since we eat a lot of asian food, I've been cooking a lot of rice then once it cools, I wrap up single portion size blocks of rice for quick heating in the microwave (this has really saved me on more than one occassion). I was at the in laws house the other day and was able to catch Rachel Ray's meals in 30 minutes (I'm afraid I do not have cable TV in my home). It inspired me to pre cook some soups and freeze them in some zip locks. Boy, parenting really does add a whole new twist to cooking meals! I can't wait until Cassian starts to eat real food, but if he is half as finicky as I was when I was small, I'm in big trouble!!
  4. Please forgive me for going slightly off topic. Believe it or not, one of the most interesting cooking episodes I have seen was "The Iron Chef" when the food of choice was natto. The chef's were doing some amazing things with natto... I wasn't so sure If I could stomach the dessert though. If my memory serves me, I think one of the chefs made a deep fried natto cookie with ice cream? I can't remember the specifics of this program, but I do remember watching this episode with a focussed intensity! This definitely helped me think more "outside of the box" when it comes to particular types of food.
  5. The "Blooming Onion" kit... need I say more...
  6. I need some advice from you experienced parents out there. I have a new born in the house (which is an amazing experience I must say), but now I'm trying to figure out how you folks with more than one child manage your time when it comes to cooking. I do most of the cooking at home. I used to be able to come home from work, relax a bit then start cooking dinner for my wife and myself, but as of recently I've been hard pressed to find time to cook a decent meal. Cooking is do-able but it's far more challenging with our new family member on board. Do any of you veteran parents out there have some good tips and advice on how you manage to keep meal quality high while still being fair in sharing family responsibilities (and also keeping your sanity)? Since I'm the youngest in the family, I don't have any practical experience (watching my mother care for a new born and cook) to draw upon. TIA
  7. Thanks Mom and Kris! I can't wait until he starts eating real food, but I can tell right now that he is going to be my biggest critic ; ) Kiem, that is the exact mold I was talking about. Rectangular plexi glass! I do have a pair of Maneki Neko (one left hand and one right) in my kitchen. Although not a practical tool, I feel they are an important part of the kitchen!
  8. Hey everyone, Happy New Year. My whole schedule has been out of whack these last few months but I have a new item for my kitchen! High maintenance but worth every penny! I can't wait to start training my new assistant. He's quite the food critic when it comes to milk... I'm sure his tastes will mature with time! Ok, the other semi-Japanese tool in my kitchen is a Spam Musubi mold. I've been using my digital camera to shoot photo's of my new assistant so I don't have any pics of this mold yet but its about 2" X 4" and makes quick work of a party tray of Spam Musubi. I really love this simple piece of equipment! The other Japanese item(s) I truly love in my kitchen are my Japanese knives. Hattori, Masamoto, Tojiro, Global and Shun. I will never go back to German knives! I'll try to check back in when ever my "assistant" allows me to! It's great to see everyone is in good health!
  9. I second Malarkey! I totally forgot about Daly's. I take my wife's car to Scott Sherman Automotive right next door, and always go to Daly's. I love the Daly Double with Bacon. They have the best burgers and the best fries (peel on). I guess I didn't think of Daly's because I always associate their burgers with an automotive repair bill! ; )
  10. I've been so busy lately, sorry for not keeping up to date with the Hot Pot day. My wife is in her 38th week of pregnancy so I've been doing a lot of work in the babies room. I did make a hot pot but didn't get any photos. Pretty basic one for us on the 7th, a home made chicken stock broth. I was looking forward to breaking in my new portable gas burner and hot-pot stoneware but decided to go electric. Side pork, lamb, tri-tip beef, Napa, Tofu, Matsutake, Mochi, and Udon. Rice, furikake, and oshinko on the side. Just plain toasted sesame seeds with a little broth and chili oil for dipping. I have a feeling I'll be writing in a lot less for the next couple of months. Happy Nabe day everyone!
  11. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm... Great photos!
  12. I just hit the motherlode (literally). I was visiting my parents this last weekend and found out that my mother went matsutake hunting. She then handed me about 2 lbs of fresh matsutake!!! I cooked some immediately but will freez the rest for hot pot day. These are huge stalks and caps. I can't wait for November (I hope there will be some left by the time Nov 1st rolls around: )
  13. It seems my wife's family is sold on a place called the "Sun Break Cafe" in Auburn. I haven't been there myself but everyone is saying they have a great eb.
  14. Haven't tried the rolls but I really miss the Portuguese sausage fried rice...
  15. What ever happened to Cool Hand Luke's in Seattle? Does anyone know if there is the smallest chance they will reopen?
  16. Never been to either. I'll have to make sure I hit these next time I'm up there! Thanks for the recommendations on the "benny's" (I've got to practice my Canadianese)
  17. I've only had their kind of fruit and yogurt dish for breakfasts. It was ok.
  18. Julia's in Wallingford? AAAAHHHH, they are open until 9... a little too late eh?
  19. WEB LOG!! I just figured out what a blog was! And I thought it was a Bavarian holiday rolled cheese snack!
  20. Boy, It seems like most every restaurant that serves breakfast in BC has EB on their menue. I really don't have a favorite, but I do know that the eggs benedict up in BC were consistently better than most in Seattle. Milestones has a decent eggs benedict, and there is a restaurant by Stanley park called the Boathouse that has a good brunch EB. Some friends took me to a place close to Wo-Ming (great kitchen shop with great prices by the way) that had some good benedicts as well. From what my friends tell me, the B&B's up in BC actually offer some of the best eggs benedict. If you're in Victoria, John's place has great eggs benedict. I wasn't too impressed with their dinner ,but I'm sure it is because the large group I was with put a lot of stress on the kitchen staff.
  21. Spam... you can can sculpt it into what ever your imagination allows! On the lighter side, if it weren't Spam and I were seriously stranded with non perishable items and they were all the same thing, it would be freez dried rice and chicken: http://www.rei.com/online/store/ProductDis...vcat=REI_SEARCH Then I could add local vegetation and other items to add variety. I'd be set up for life of solitary gastronomical delight!
  22. Just received three more as gifts. A BBQ cookbook, Japanese cooking, and a book made by a non profit organization consisting of a lot of local favorite recipes. Not many but I thought I would add them in to the thread.
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