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  1. "I did not have sexual relations with that bacon" no apologies to B. Clinton !!!
  2. Tony, I'd never put you in the same category as Bayless. You are an original and (thankfully) brutally honest about everything you've eaten, cooked, done, shot, thought about etc. And you take a lot of risks not giving a shit about your "sponsers", the FN, or your reputation. I was only joking about you doing a commercial for "the patch"(!) OK, I'll stop praising you. When you return to the US I want to ask you about a fava bean recipe from P-Town. Have a great trip! Don't eat any under cooked stuff.
  3. (to be sung to "Age of Aquarius") When the bread is in the toaster... And tomato aligns with lettuce Then BACON will guide the planet And mayo will tag along This is the dawning of the age of the BLT Age of the BLTEEEEEE THE BLTEEEEEEE THE B.L.T.
  4. I couldn't agree more FG. And to make a point about Clapton's beer commercial. That still burns in my memory. The guy's in a recovery program, was a dope addict! Did he need the money??? Let's hope Rick will come to his senses like Hugh(had the most beautiful woman in the world as a girlfriend) Grant did the day after he was arrested for soliciting a hooker and say "What the f**kl was I thinkin'?" I vote that he donates all of his earnings to the farmers he depends on. If they're still speaking to him.
  5. No, no, no. Bourdain just eats or at least tries anything (that's a compliment AB), so the BK spot wouldn't create any controversy. How about "Tony Bourdain here for The Patch..." Now that would be controversial! (and I still wouldn't quit)
  6. Well, in a small way my family shops and eats differently because of a new awareness brought to us by folks like the CC, and people commited to changing the way the planet eats. We belong to a local organic farm and participate in a "share out" program, try to buy as many fresh and organic foods as we can afford. And yes I still go to the grocery store and buy "regular" food now, but maybe 25% instead of 100%. We don't buy farmed fish, only ocean caught because of the horrers we've heard about the fish farms. We get lists of "good" foods and "bad" foods from various publications. This genetically engineered food shit is scary! And yes, we do occasionallly eat at fast food joints but not 3 meals a day. "Freedom from food preparation is what the fast foodchains have started" Yes, and they've also contributed dramatically to the obesity epidemic, diabetes, heart disease, and cancer in this country. I made a point earlier that there are so many corporations that chef Rick could have endorsed that would hve been much more approprate. Or, my god, wouldn't it have been great if he made a deal with BK to do the commercial if they promised to say purchase all their veggies for their salads and sandwiches from local organic farms???!!! They can afford to do it. It would keep many farms in business, and the press would be great, they'd probably sell more product. I wish...
  7. I think the technical term is "before he starts to gag"
  8. Exactly Jinmyo. In other words, the "message to the masses"this commercial gives hasn't changed one bit: "shit, why take all the trouble to buy all this stuff and make it from scratch when I can just go to BK and have it "MY WAY?" Yuk. I tried once again to find a link to "Mother Earth News" Oct/Nov. issue. It's featured on the site but no link to the article "From Farms to Five Stars". Damn! It's all about Bayless and the CC. Great article. I have the actual magazine. Try to find a copy. p.s. for fun this weekend I duplicated from scratch my sons favorite Campbells chunky vegetable soup. I used real chicken stock, tomatoes,fresh carrots, beans, corn, peas and potatos. It was great. And really didn't take much time at all. That's the message Bayless should be giving!
  9. Yes, I've seen it too many times. Probably on Comedy Central (Crank Yankers or Daily Show) and also during Alias. From what I remember: Bayless walking briskly through a vegetable market as if shopping says something like "We're here at Los Angeles' _?(open air?)___market, in search of the freshest ingredients. For the salsa, fresh POH-Blah-NO peppers, tomatoes, and then that kind of chicken(cut to picture of steamy chicken breast with grill marks) you just can't resist when it's been char broiled over a red hot grill" Cut to Rick sitting at a table holding the sandwich with Burger King neon sign behind him and says "Hey, this didn't take as long as I thought!" Big bite of sandwich. the end... (Can't remember if ""baguette""was featured in this one too.) Very subtle/sneaky because he never says the words Burger King or Santa Fe chicken sandwich, or healthy, or natural, or organic, or antibiotic free, or environmentally aware or OH SORRY, I forgot . It's a Burger King commercial.
  10. I know this topic has swayed a bit from what we don't get to what we don't like. It's interesting how so many of our food favorites have a lot to do with we're used to( our country of origin, conditioning, heritage etc.) It's funny how so many of you hate stuff I like: head cheese (last time I bought it ,I hid it from my husband!) good with horseradish! marmite, on a piece of brown bread spread with butter add a very thin layyer. It's salty and yeasty, and has to be used sparingly. scrapple! The stuff I had in Wisconsin was more like breakfast sausage and grits shaped in a loaf, then cut into slices and pan fried, served with maple syrup. Once I had lunch with some co-workers who still think tofu is "Ewww, wierd" and I said as I ate my salmon tartare: "Imagine you had never seen or eaten an egg and I told you about a new food that is all squishy and gelatinous, and actually an unfertilized baby chick, but when you cracked the round hard shell it comes in and cooked it in some butter with salt and pepper it was pretty damn good! And oh yeah, it comes out of a chicken's butt!" And tofu is made from soybeans.....scary! It does sound a bit strange, huh?
  11. Of course I wish Mr. Keller the best of luck and hope his new restaurant is a great success. I do tend to forget that very successful people, whom I consider to be at the peak of their career, may feel themselves like it's only the beginning. I'm probably just sulking because I've used the excuse of distance to prevent me from going to the French Laundry in CA. Now, even though it will be one State away, I fear I'll still never get there!
  12. Like good butter, I think he's spreading himself too thin! Even he sounds nervous about the move to NYC. How about "One Hour Lunchisizing" (remember one hour Martinizing?-what is that anyway?) Sounds like his whole concept of that wonderful leisurely European sounding, take your time, taste what your eating experience will be lost.
  13. I felt the same way when I saw Britney Spears on "Rolling Stone"..."what in the hell..? Didn't someone try this idea with dogs playing poker?
  14. Sorry Richard. Maybe Mr Bayless decided to go with his gut feelings (hoping he still has those!) and decided against it. I'm surprised that no one from Chef's Coop has responded to egulleters comments/questions... Maybe they're being somewhat "chicken" about it.
  15. I knew you must have had a good reason! My husband grew up there (he escaped!) and (because most of my in-laws live there still) we only really go for Turk's (great soft shelled crabs!) and Chick's Drive In (yummy fried clams etc.) I saw the BK TV ad last night-no Rick B in commercial but they SAY the veggies are fire roasted, not fried and their "baguettes" they actually used that word, are baked fresh everyday "on premises". Yup, teenage kid thaws dough, puts in "Subway-like" rising machine, bakes in "Subway-like" oven. Yeah it looked tasty enough on TV-it's the miracle of marketing geniuses-that can make a piece of crap look delicious enough for many of us to buy into it. Then the next day to satisfy my craving, I'll unwrap my squashed, overly mayo'd, and catsup'd, leuk warm burger, in a FREEZING COLD restaurant and hit myself in the head and say "you idiot!!" I also hope that Mr. Bayless regains his sanity. I went for Pho today, wise gal that I am! haha
  16. And you forfeited "Chick's" and "Turk's", all in the name of research?! Say it ain't so FG!!
  17. Not sure. Can it be taken in gel caps for those "don't have time for lunch" days? A la "The Jetsons" Or maybe snorted?
  18. Neil Young here. I've written a new song about Mohegan Sun Casinos..."
  19. It must almost be lunchtime!: Wellfleet oysters on the halfshell, lemon, cocktail sauce, extra horseradish. sashimi, especially uni Not that I've ever had the opportunity, but I'd love to try to fill up on fois gras and truffles!
  20. I mentioned yesterday that I had just received the Oct/Nov issue of Mother Earth News (The origninal guide to living wisely) This issue (I checked their website for a link but it's still featuring Aug.Sept. issue) contains a 4.5 page article titled From Farms to Five Stars by Doreen G. Howard, a writer who speciaizes in stories about food and sustainable gardening. The main focus of the article is Rick Bayless and the Chefs Collaborative. As I suspected, there's no mention of the BK deal, which I imagine would have pissed off the editors big time! Bayless' dreams and ideas about breaking the boundaries between the folks growing the food and the folks preparing it are so impressive. The collaborative has made it possible for many farms to thrive through large donations for better equipment, grants, etc. One example was a donation to one Wisc. farmer Bill Warner to build heated hoophouses so he could grow baby spinach all year round for Frontera (Bayless' restaurant) and "Frontera paid for half of the winter tomato order so we were able to build three more houses, making us sustainable" and "We were able to hire employees ad pay them a decent wage". Quote by Bayless "We consider the farmers who grow for us our partners, and the health of their business is important to the health of ours." He has also helped his managing chef Tracy Vowel realize her dream of becoming a full time farmer by gradually phasing her out of her full time position at the restaurant once she's ready. So, what is this Burger King thing about? What in the hell was he thinking? It's as if I heard that the National Chair for the American Diabetes Foundation (is it still Mary Tyler Moore?) was doing Krispy Kreme ads!! You'd think if he needed more money to "support" the farmers (if that's his reasoning?) he could have found another, more appropriate, sponser like say a grocey store chain that sells organics, or an environmentaly friendly car commercial or something!? I can see the commercial now "New BK Santa Fe sandwich with "pastured, antibiotic, drug free, chicken, with guajillo chilis, roasted organic tomatoes, honeyed pasilla sauce, and wilted baby spinach" Only $25.00! Or make it a meal with fries and a 32 oz coke $29.99! Oh shit, I'll just take the fries and coke. I forgot to go to the ATM! Shame on you Mr. Bayless.
  21. I love shopping with my son. We goof on each other all the time, and also have time to catch up with what's going on at school , with friends, etc. These times will soon be a thing of the past, so I love 'em!
  22. Sorry, I did speak too soon. I had no idea the mother had asked the restaurant to heat the baby food (in the microwave?!) I can't imagine asking a restaurant to do anything with food brought in from outside-they're busy enough and do have health codes to follow. And no,babies don't care about the temperature of their food.
  23. Just got the October/November isse of Mother Earth News. Page 62 is a big fat photo of Bayless and an organic gardener from Wisconsin examining mesclun mix accompanied by an .article titled "From Farms to Five Stars". Will read whole article later after I clean my contact lenses. I DOUBT if BK deal is mentioned! Wil let you know. Ciao
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