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  1. How about , Burrito progression: On a large round plate, eat clockwise: Burrito water in cylinder glass(warm chicken consomme with smoky paprika dust) Four smashed steamed pinto beans topped with tiny onion dice, red pepper flakes, with garlic sorbet dollop Crispy fried manchego cheese round garnished with avocado and lemon mousse Eat like chips and dip Tiny flour tortilla rolls(2) with piped in beef tartare blended with ripe olives, lime and sea salt Texas Pete's Hot Sauce Sorbet on a spoon. Eat while viewing a picture of a Taco Bell USA Ice Chips
  2. Yes, Caroline, Shawn should see a doctor. Sometimes you gotta be mean and just say "Grow up. You love me right? So do it." My husband also hates MD's and prefers naturopaths, but because of being Hep C positive and having a horrible kidney stone this past summer while we were on vacation and some other things, he went to a gastrointeroligist for a follow up, which led to TWO colonoscopies, and removal of more than 15 pollups (sp?)last month! Thank god none were malignant but now we know he needs to be checked every year, so we can stay on top of it. I said to the MD "how can this be? he eats about 5 pieces of fruit per day, tons of greens, salads, no red meat" (well lots of junk foods-too many carbs, sweets also) and he said "it's heredity". His diet has nothing to do with it. So, please ask him to go... PS. My hubby also decided to start organic juicing of all days yesterday, on CHRISTMAS MORNING, so dragged out the old juicer and proceeded to juice carrot, beet, celery and spinach, bottle and label all separately, tried to find room in the fridge amongst the extra holiday food, while I was waiting for him to clean up the vegetable sludge and get the f**k out of there so I could start my full Xmas dinner, which of course took all day, seeing there was a raw and yet un-dressed with sage butter 20 lb turkey in our fridge! Thank you for letting me vent PPS. I also got him Zevon's last CD for Xmas. He was great.
  3. One step down, "powdered" milk! Remember? from Carnation? When I was in first grade, my mom refused to buy milk for a while because something was discovered in milk produced at the local dairies (in Wisc) that was dangerous. I think it was something the cows had grazed on in the fields, maybe a pesticide? I'm sure my teacher thought my mom was a communist when she would not let me get my little daily carton of milk they passed out! Actually, I think she was a communist . (my mom, not my teacher) And very cool. At home we had to drink that powdered stuff. Yuk! I never eat diet food. One day I will be punished I'm sure. I like tofu, but also blood rare filet mignon and baked potatoes with butter AND sour cream (being from Wisconsin)
  4. You mean mootz, ri-gott, and projoot? Here in CT I mistakenly asked for "mahtsahrella" ( like in Wisconsin ) and got a lot of stares!
  5. Yes, I think it all comes down to choice. And variety. I also try to buy organic meat and veggies as often as I can, and don't serve meat every night, so might have omelettes or veggie pasta as an alternative. My son doesn't drink cows milk, so I buy rice milk (about $1.89 per qt.) or fresh squeezed OJ fortified with calcium, and those cost a lot, so I'll buy less of something else. It's all about balance. A great pizza can be made for very little cost, or bean burritos, rather than meat every night, so I can still get my reggiano and smoked oysters! We also belong to an organic farm share out, and during the winter get a good supply of veggies once a month, but there have been late nights I've spent peeling and chopping rutabagas, or apples, or pears, to freeze (before they spoil)so I can cook them on the weekend. I'd rather do that than waste them, but I like doing it. But again, it's all about choice.
  6. Ouch. What I meant was just because it's important to me, it may not be to someone else.
  7. There's a great Neil Young song called "Piece of Crap" that I love. From the movie "Repo Man": As two guys are sitting in their car for a long time waiting, watching the hustle bustle of people going about their day, one turns to the other and says "Ordinary fucking people, I hate 'em." A classic! These are the same people that work at the grocery check out and STILL don't recognize half the stuff I buy. Holding up an artichoke, or endive "what's this again?" (I did get raddichio for the price of red cabbage once though!) Pork, I feel your pain. Most people just don't don't give a shit. There are people who live as if they had blinders on, not wanting to learn, explore, feel, smell, taste, laugh or cry because it's DIFFERENT. Sadly because of these apathetic assholes, our natural resources will soon be destroyed. It's that pig attitude of "I want a green lawn and I don't care if my dog or kid or your kid gets cancer, I'm using my Chemlawn." Or, "I don't care if workers are exploited, I want my Nike's. They don't want make waves. They want to blend in. We don't.
  8. No, I don't think so Extramsg. I haven't seen the Rick commercial for quite a while now. I don't think it "made a difference" in BK's sales which would be the only reason they'd continue to show it. BK and other fast food places have been selling salads, chicken, and veggie burgers for years to supposedly promote "healthier" foods but in my opinion to grab more of the market share. They didn't need Bayless' help to do that. Many of us have tried the sandwich (if you page back about 35 pages). Most people thought it tasted pretty crappy, but that's not the point. I have never said that I never eat at fast food joints. Many EG folks on this thread enjoy a good greasy burger on occasion. I would rather spend my $6.00 on an incredible bowl of Pho, rather than at BK. There's also the atmosphere at the tiny Vietnamese place which smells so good, is warmer, cleaner, and more appealing to me than cold, antiseptic BK. But then there's those days when the buck is tight, I'm in a real rush, or in most cases, my son is with me! Last night he wanted McD's so we did (for car ride home). He's learning about food a little at a time. At one point he said "these nuggets have chopped up lips and assholes in 'em don't they?" So cute! I said "Well, they could, but I think the new ones are all white meat at least"(and about 100 other ingredients). Hey, I'm NOT a board member of the CC, NOT a well known chef who promotes whole foods, sustainable gardening, local community farms and their workers. I don't have a reputation to live up to (well, maybe, but that's a different story!) I've told my son of this topic and he got it right away when I said "You know how Shaq does the BK commercial? Well, I think that's OK, because he's not known as a famous chef who loves organic food. But this chef Rick does a commercial in which he's shopping for fresh local ingredients in a great market and then he's at a table in BK and says something like "Hey, it's already here at Burger King, and then bites into the sandwich" which could mean: "Why bother making it fresh at home?, Eat at BK". This thread has given examples of a few "what's next?"commercials like maybe Alice Waters for Kraft Foods, or The Pope for Trojan condoms, or my personal favorite A. Bourdain for "The Patch". Y'know? I think Bayless made a big mistake.
  9. Hey! Now who's being mean? And how do you know? Or kind
  10. Hey! Now who's being mean? And how do you know?
  11. I'm pissed at Bayless but don't make it a habit to diss other opinions on this forum. Isn't that the idea of these discussions? Tanabutler? I'm in!
  12. So sad but true Ludja. This trend for fast food every night is pathetic. I'm also in CT (grew up in Wisconsin) and as a kid in the '60's, I remember that going to McDonalds was a real treat maybe 4 or 5 times a year, usually when my parents were going out. BUT... Around the same time, health food stores, organic gardening, and sustainable agriculture were just starting to peak my mom's interests. Sadly, organic veggies and antibiotic free meats are still a "novelty" in regular grocery stores. I can't always afford them! Imagine if those farms had the money and marketing departments of corporate fast food giants... A lot of people don't give a shit about food, it's preparation, nutritional value, ingredients etc. Each meal is just something to get through as quickly as possible! Possibly because they just never learned about it. So Bayless joined the herd and did his hooker thing for BK and took the money. I'm sure the charity thing was an afterthought after reading some of our posts! He had a chance to take a stand for what he really believes in:why he became a chef:why he loves food. Imagine a perfect world where Rick teaches a weekly cooking class (food 101) at his restaurant for single moms, dads and kids, maybe visit a farm or two, milk a cow. It would be cool. It might catch on. The Santa Fe sandwich did not. Yeah, he blew it
  13. I'm not sure how that ties in with Bayless... As soon as a good deed is mentioned, it is no longer a good deed.
  14. The condiments in packets can occasionally be appreciated, considering the alternative "Heinz" ketchup bottle that has sat on the table for months and just keeps getting refilled with cheap watery crap that starts to ferment!
  15. 1. The floors are being mopped while you're eating. 2. Your waitress uses the same dirty rag to wipe down each table.
  16. Maybe all the "cruisers" will be taken ill, as so many have been lately, and all the chefs of New York can say "Ah Ha! We told you so, bastards!"
  17. But have you heard how figs are being treated lately? It's apalling. This is so wierd: are there people out there that will roast a goose but refuse fois gras because of the force feeding? What about the rest of the goose? This topic still interests me. Are geese that are not raised for fois gras consumption living better lives? Or ducks? I can actually understand how a vegetarian can feel. My sister, and her two children are vegetarians. The girls have never eaten meat and my sister now for about 32 years. She simply doesn't believe in killing animals. Not just certain animals only, or only if it's done in a "certain" way, or only if they've lived a nice life in the wild first etc. She eats dairy because the cows and chicken don't have to be killed to get it. (and they still love me even tho' I'm a carnifore) I don't understand the "let lobsters live" maniacs who still eat fish because...why? they don't scream when they're put in a pot of boiling water? How do we know that? Why aren't more people boycotting "Jello" and "Kraft" for geletin and marshmallows made from YES STILL, horse hooves? Cause they can't give up those 'smores or Xmas Jello molds. The folks at Williams Sonoma suck. Anyone tried Dean and DeLuca? I'm still confused. How do we know truffles want to be dug up? Maybe they're suffering silently...
  18. The Santa Claus costume was "just plain fabulous"! Poor Bobby. He's like a pain in the ass friend that you just don't have the heart to say "Go away!" to. But I really loved the "Burnt Food Museum" and last night's coverage of the Gingerbread House competition held every year at NYC's Marquis Marriot. Beautiful pieces! Has anyone been?
  19. He's kind of scary isn't he? Yet, I love the way he says "fabulous"!
  20. Hey thanks Pat! I'll bet the key is that simmering the second time with the oil/vinegar solution so it permeates the beans, then chill them. Thanks again, jane
  21. This is a fun topic. I've never misspelled or misinterpreted anything in Chinese. However I'm not proud of that since it is such a complex language that I wouldn't attempt to learn it. I commend anyone for learning english as a second language because it is a strange one! This is good in any language: I've seen so many menu items but now am drawing a blank I still have a pouch of Jamaican "Cock Soup" in my cupboard my mom gave me. Makes my husband nervous... My dad's favorite fortune cookie was "You are doomed to be happy in marriage". We used to have a can of gluten made by a company called "Ma ling" so on the can it read: Ma Ling Bran Dough Loved him in the Godfather!
  22. I love fois gras, but rarely have it. It has, however, made my life just that much better. Last night's Thanksgiving (re-run) episode on "South Park" had the "Cruelty Free Slaughtering" truck full of turkeys headed for the turkey factory. They were all led into a big room, door closed, lights dimmed when a movie screen began to show them a peaceful soothing film of a country side. While all their heads were tilted up toward the screen, a giant flat circular blade emerges from the side wall and slices off each head in a second. Luckily, Gobbles, Timmy's physically challenged turkey who's head drags on the floor, was saved! Quote from Bux:"The issue of endagered species is not related to animal cruelty and I'm not sure gorging or force feeding is either. It's a mistake to lump this all in under the politically correct banner." So true Bux. Gary, I believe you couldn't care less. We kill the animals we eat, right? We just don't want to hear about it, right? Don't show me those documentaries on how our cattle and poultry (notice it sounds less cruel than saying big sad eyed cows and farmer-in-the-dell lambs,piggies, ducks, geese and chickens) are crammed into pens, fed shitty food and chemicals and each other, hosed off, chopped up, plastic sealed and labeled. I love meat and I'm selfish. I'm not givin' it up. If you don't like it, don't eat it. A lot of people get all wierd when organs are discussed. They eat the ribs, shoulder, ass, leg etc. And what's in those hot dogs? But head cheese?! Intestine? Liver?! My husband rolled his eyes when I said they were skimpy on the giblets this year. One liver, one giblet, one neck, no heart! It's my favorite part since I was a kid. Giblets simmered for a couple of hours in a rich celery garlicy oniony turkey stock, sliced thinly, eat at the counter while making all the other Thanksgiving dishes. (saved some for gravy)Can't get anything better. I don't really care how my turkey lived or died. I'm assuming it was raised on one of those farms and cruelly killed. I doubt if he was treated to dinner and a show before dooms day. I don't think he gave a shit. I live on 4 acres of organic land in CT. It may be time to buy my own geese. But I won't call it force feeding. It will be known as the highly suggested buffet .
  23. Can I do another one? I don't know if I have the prose rules right for Haiku, but here's another shot: also edited New menu each night Think of Friday night's special Closing fridge with butt Marinate and dice Table one getting restless No capers for him Pots are tossed in sink I could hide in a walk in "And that is The Dish" Chop green cilantro That's fine I'll eat the couscous Dr. Atkin's sucks Should I see if I Can cook for minimum wage And not do dishes?
  24. Sorry. Ok, I think I get it (edited) My new addiction Recipes infused in brain Egullet feeds me Won't sign on today Must work,make money,buy food Mise en place sounds cool I'll just peek at one Or two forums maybe three Now it's time for lunch Names drop off my tongue Adria, Keller, Trio Fat Guy and Jason Like Mary Hart says "Demi and Ashton" and sounds Like they're her best pals I can just taste the Fois gras, truffles and that foam I eat my pretzels
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