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  1. Living in Chicago, I'd actually never heard of okonomiyaki until I saw a recipe for it in the last issue of Giant Robot (one of the best magazines in America, in my opinion, and a constant source of education). I made it for the first time last night and liked it a lot. I think I undercooked it a little bit...and used too much cabbage...but I can work all that out next time. It was certainly easy and quick and (as I already have all the ingredients in my pantry pretty much all the time) incredibly cheap. A great discovery!
  2. So have they got rid of Shatner? Please? Maybe they've decided to drop the Chairman idea altogether, although this is probably wishful thinking. I mean, I love Kaga as much as the next Iron Chef fan, but as the casting of Shatner proved, the concept didn't translate very well.
  3. I seem to remember someone posting a link a few weeks ago with a picture of a Vietnamese restaurant in Miami called Pho Shizzle which I thought was funny (esp. if it was an accident). Sorry, not really answering your question...
  4. Right...or areas that are not really cities at all...like Scrapple in some parts of rural Pennsylvania perhaps?
  5. Chicago - Italian beef/Hot Dogs/Deep Dish Pizza
  6. Well this is true enough, I suppose. However, I'm glad they still show all of the re-runs. I wasn't living in the US at the time, so I'm just getting to see most of these for the first time. It isn't as if Food Network are coming up with anything better to replace it with either. I say they should re-run IC as much as they like.
  7. Bill Murray Peter O'Toole, Alfred Hitchcock Sarah Silverman
  8. I actually rather like some tofu dishes. Actually, reading this thread I have realized for the first time in my life that I like pretty much everything in some form or another. I know this should be a good thing but for some reason it's making me a bit sad. I'm sure there's something out there for me to hate, I just haven't found it yet
  9. Isn't this opening soon? This weekend? I'm looking forward to hearing some reports about it - especially if the St. John influence is as strong as has been suggested. If The Spotted Pig really does turn out to be the US version of St. John, a flight to New York might be in order (actually, I need to visit anyway...but this would be some extra incentive).
  10. My thoughts exactly. Parts of this thread reminded me of Nabakov at his prime (it was the stuff about blushing teenage girls that sealed the deal)
  11. There isn't any need in your life for a food taster/PA/butler is there?
  12. Bux, Slightly off-topic, but it's a nice story - Mole sauce has been traced back to the 1680's and is believed to be the creation of Sister Andreas, a nun of the Convent of Santa Rosa in Puebla. It was created to honor of Archbishop Don Manuel Fernandez de Santa Cruz and his guest, Don Antonio de la Cerda y Aragon, Viceroy of New Spain. The archbishop apparently made a last-minute visit to the nunnery, and the nuns did not have a lot in the way of fancy food. In a panic, they threw everything they had in the kitchen into one pot - thus mole was created (thank goodness they had some chocolate that day). I have also heard some versions of this story that claim that Sister Andreas actually prayed to God asking for help with this last-minute culinary problem, and had a vision dictating that they just throw everything into the pot! Of course, who knows whether any of this is true or not?
  13. Personally, I don't think a reveiwer has to like everything, but I would expect them to at least be prepared to try everything (within reason, of course). Cap i pota fria, cockscomb and tripe are all foods with a rich history (as are witchety grubs - I would absolutely expect a food critic to try these if this restaurant existed). If you don't like them, fine, but I feel that if you are going to be paid to write about eating, you should be prepared to give it a go.
  14. See this thread for some links to this subject Edit: Ah, I was beaten to it. Sorry.
  15. In defense of this place The Rock-afire Explosion are one of the best animatronic animal bands of all time.
  16. Close - The Neon Bible. Written a long time before ACOD and very different. Made into a film by Terrence Davis a few years ago - Scully from the X-Files was in it. Hardly a must-see.
  17. To quote The Onion, is there a jail that could hold her?
  18. Oh my god. I have not seen this episode. Who won and was Passard's food amazing? If memory serves, Sakai won...but Passard's food did look pretty good It was the last episode, of course the iron chef was going to win!
  19. I don't know if it's the duck fat or what, but I think that the Duck Fat Fries at Hot Dougs taste exactly like English fish shop chips. Only crispy. As a brit living in Chicago I find this pretty exciting, but I can see how one could find them underwhelming.
  20. Just got a Hot Doug's t-shirt for Christmas, which I will sport proudly!
  21. Just for the record, I am as guilty as making snarky comments about Food TV as anyone...I wasn't doing any finger-pointing, honest guv!
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