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  1. Why? I imagine he's very happy with the one he already has. I certainly would be. On, and to keep it food related...I've been known to enjoy a blizzard or 2.
  2. yes Um, I could very well be wrong (it wouldn't be the first time) and I haven't been to Spring for over a year, but I don't remember the menu there being a sampling menu in the same way that the menu at GZ is. I mean, I think they might have a tasting menu at Spring as an option, but it's not a whole menu of small plates like GZ. When I went to Spring I had a starter, a main and a dessert and that was more then enough food. At GZ there aren't really "starters" and "mains" and 3 courses there would not be quite enough (for me at least) But maybe I'm misunderstanding the questions, Yellow Truffle certainly seems like more a regular then me.....
  3. Near Pasteur? That's pretty near the Green Mill, which is one of the best "destination" bars in Chicago IMO. It also has some pretty interesting history. Al Capone used to drink there (and, unlike a lot of places here that make the same claim, they have the pictures to prove it). I'd recommend it very highly. Pretty good blurb here. Looks like its about 7 blocks away from Pasteur.
  4. Hello Mr. Batali, I was wondering what cooks/cuisines are currently doing it for you. I notice that you seem to be a fan of what Fergus Henderson is doing - which as a Englishman, I find very exciting. Anyone else? Speaking of Mr. Henderson, I've noticed that organ meats seem to be getting a little bit more trendy lately. As a long-time supporter of these oft-neglected cuts, what do you think of this? Sorry to ask two questions in one post. Hope you don't mind! Cheers!
  5. Not meaning to take anything away from the Beasties, but there are many, many Hip Hop albums with lots of food references. I'm willing to bet you could pick pretty much any one at random and find a few. Rappers seem to like their food. I guess it's a part of the bling bling lifestyle. Of course, this love of food can backfire....Big Pun RIP
  6. I haven't heard it yet, but it wouldn't surprise me - after all, this is the band that once rapped - "The Paper The News With Ernie Ernesto They'll Even Print My Recipe For Pasta With Pesto Now Here's Another Special Of The Day - I've Got More Spice Than The Frugal Gourmet" Edit: This was before Mr. Gourmets problems with the law of course
  7. A-ha, I was about to suggest Green Zebra. I think it's great. I'll be interested to hear your thoughts. What did you think of Spring?
  8. Awesome! As a Brit living in Chicago, I was hoping she would do something like this. I'm looking forward to it.....
  9. After a start like that, the rest of the night was bound to be a disappointment.
  10. I'm no expert on the subject (and certainly don't want to imply any lack of talent or innovation on the behalf of the chefs who were involved in "New Indian Cooking In America" event, which sounded amazing), but thank you Andy for mentioning that this kind of thing has been going in the UK for a while now. It was the first thing that leapt to mind when I looked at this thread.
  11. I was highly impressed that they actually went all the way and made jelly beans that really did taste like all of those things instead of just pretending. The Booger really did taste like a booger (if memory serves ) !!! Of course, they made me want to be sick everywhere, but surely thats the point. Pretty avant-garde for a mass-produced candy. Surely Adria would approve.
  12. VeryApe77

    BLT Steak

    Um, the menu I'm looking at online says "frozen almond milk". Am I going crazy?
  13. Hopefully he should be up and running by July/August, so you should be in luck....
  14. I probably shouldn't divulge my sources, but I have been told by a very reliable one that Doug recently checked out a location right by my house! To say that I am excited would be a understatement. I won't say where it is though, mainly because I might be jinxing myself (and also because I don't want to piss off the man who has bought me so much meaty joy). I'm sure he'll be back on the scene soon.....
  15. Ah yes Nero, I know that branch of Dominos well. Never actually eaten food from there, but I walk past it often. Should have gone to the Northside after all....
  16. Damen and what? Do they serve Bloody Mary? Wanna meet up for a burger and a Bloody? 1635 N. Damen, just near the six corners in Wicker Park. They actually do a good bloody mary, if memory serves. I would love to meet up but I'm at work right now Thanks for asking though!
  17. Nero. Wow, you're right by my house. I'm rather fond of the Burgers at the Northside on Damen. In fact, very fond of them. Not so fond of the restaurant itself, but I'll put up with it for a good Burger.
  18. According to their website, there will be a Fatburger opening in Chicago soon. Not quite in n' out, but the second best thing don't you think?
  19. I've been there twice so far and had 2 great meals. I thought that the service was very good and I liked everything I ate (the Avocado Panna Cotta, the Beets with Mascarpone and Port/Lemongrass vinegerette and slow roasted-shiitakes in little potato bowls were the best dishes I tried IMO) . The dessert menu, as Yellow Truffle pointed out, is great. I loved the Dreamsicle. Very similar to Spring, I thought, but with much warmer service. But the only time I went to Spring the waiter was not very good, so maybe that's not a fair thing to say (I hear the service there is normally pretty good). Wish I could go into more details but I have some work to do sadly. I would certainly recommend this place though.
  20. Reading this thread, I feel a huge regret that I ever moved away from England...just the sentence "Poor Belinda with her ravioli" almost made me get a ticket back home. I just went to the Hell's Kitchen website and watched this trailer in which GR acts like a mixture of Chairman Kaga (from Iron chef) and Harry Potter. I highly recommend it to anyone needing a good laugh.
  21. I'd ask if theres any way I could get a CD-R of all of the songs from their recent ad campaign. I'm weirdly obsessed with them. Not that they make me want to eat there or anything though...
  22. Wait, are you in America? If so, which channel? I really want to see this.
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