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  1. I totally agree. It's easy to make snarky comments about Food TV, and of course we can all think of things that could be improved. But I also think that we can all agree that it's done a lot to foster interest in food and cooking in the USA. I'd hate to see it go.
  2. Not sure if this is the same place, but I used to LOVE Tamale House when I lived in Austin. I'm not even sure if it was open all day, so it might be a different place. It was certainly near the plasma center though...so I've been told
  3. I was in the neighbourhood for the first time recently and found it to be downright pleasant (although I'm aware that this probably wasn't always the case)! It reminded me of the East End of London.
  4. I spent a lot of my childhood a house with an aga. I had no interest in cooking at the time, so can't add much here, but I will say that I used to really enjoy sitting on the hotplates during winter
  5. Everytime I've been into the Friendship Chinese Restaurant in Logan Square (Chicago) - which is often - I hear a version of that old Scottish classic Loch Lomond...performed in a traditional Chinese Style (complete with Chinese Singing). I love it.
  6. I think it probably is butter - To add my 2 cents, when I had the TDF our waiter told us that the butter comes from a purveyor who only supplies butter to the french laundry and trio. He explained why it was so yellow, but I will not try to explain it here as I would probably get it wrong! I will say that it sticks out in my mind as the best butter I have ever tasted in my life!
  7. Spring. I don't think too many people would argue with that. I personally really liked Arun's but some other people don't seem too keen on it. Ixcapuzalco.
  8. Now I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon manically waiting for the phone to ring..."theres a parcel down here for you". Bet it gets here just after I leave to go home Nice to know it actually exists though! Talk about "eagerly awaited"
  9. Apart from Germany, I was under the impression that it was the only place outside of the USA that Elvis ever visited. I could be wrong though. Blame the colonel...
  10. Heard from Gourmand books that they were shipped on Monday. Anyone got theirs yet?
  11. the funny thing about wish lists is that it clarifies your thoughts and puts you in a position to make things happen. i promised myself that i would eat at FL, el bulli and RHR. i've managed two out of three so far and probably wouldn't have gone to el bulli if i hadn't dreamt about it and worked out how to make it happen.
  12. After a gap of two years (I live in Chicago now), I am finally going to be able to make back to dear ol' blighty for a 2 week holiday in the Spring (they work you a bit hard over here). My wish list - pretty predictable, but - St. John (used to love going there when I worked in Farringdon, can't wait to try St. John Bread & Wine) The Fat Duck Le Champignon Sauvage (luckily my Mum lives near Cheltenham) Petrus El Pellici on Bethnal Green Road (for old times sake) On the American side, I'd like to make it back to Trio sometime and would like to try Trotters to see what all the fuss is about. If I ever make it to Detroit, I'm going to Tribute. and El Bulli. This one seems unlikely as I have no chance of making it to Spain in 2004, but this is a WISH list, is it not?
  13. Phish? Leftover Salmon? Please, I've just eaten. The mention of two awful jam bands in two consecutive posts is making me feel a little queasy. What next, the string cheese incident? You're all sick...at least mention a good band - Like The Jam.
  14. I finally saw the ad this weekend....about 6 times. It was on Comedy Central on just about every commercial break. Sad to say that I am a little busy right now, but I have to say that the best bit is when Mr. Bayliss ("2-time chef of the year" according to the subtitle) announces that the sandwich contains "the kind of Chicken you just can't resist when it's been char-broiled over a red-hot grill". Oh, THAT kind of chicken.
  15. How about the 'coming soon' picture on the website? http://www.superdawg.com/ Very eerie. Puts me in mind of a David Lynch movie. Albeit a David Lynch movie about Hot Dogs. This place sounds so good. I'll be there tomorrow for sure.
  16. I've been meaning to go to Superdog for AGE'S now. I think I'll make the voyage this weekend. I'll let you know how it goes. Of course, theres also Weiner Circle. Forget about Tru or Trio, Weiner Circle at 4:15 A.M really is cuisine as performance art.
  17. Yup, the duck fat fries are only made on Saturday and (I believe) Friday. I should have mentioned that - sorry! I should also mention that it is closed on Sunday and closes a little early - 4 in the afternoon. I normally go on Saturday.
  18. Thanks so much! That's great. I figured that it is most likely not the restaurant hub of the Southeast - but there's always some hidden gems! Thanks for the advice!
  19. First off, I apologize profusely if this has already been discussed, I couldn't find any pertinent threads. Recently, I've been lunching a lot at Hot Doug's in Roscoe Village. Now, I'm no true Hot Dog expert (I'm from London for God's sake) but I really, really like this spot. You can get a great Chicago-style polish or Wisconsin-style bratwurst with fries and a soda for around $5...or for $7 or so you can get one of the specials, normally game-based. These cost a bit more, but normally look really good. I'd been avoiding these (due to financial issues) but last time I sprung for the smoked pheasant with moutard sauce and bourbon cheese (my girlfriend got the lamb with garlic and mint, with a tzatziki sauce and feta cheese). Both were truly excellent. We both got the duck fat fries as well, which I also really liked. They did taste different from the regular fries, but I can't really describe how, except to say that they tasted more like a crispier version of traditional British fish-shop style chips then American fries. Obviously, the whole idea of 'gourmet' hot dogs might seem a wee bit pretentious, if it wasn't for the fact that Hot Doug's doesn't seem too different from any other well-kept Hot Dog stand (prices included) and has a really nice neighborhood vibe. Doug (like myself) seems to be an old punk rocker and I have to congratulate him on turning his obvious passion for encased meats into a seemingly successful business (it's been packed when I've been there). A true Cinderella story! I was wondering what other small Chicago Hot Dog stands are worth checking out? I'm pretty new to the city, and there's so many of them and the majority of them are pretty mediocre, it can be a little tough to choose. Hot Doug's 2314 W Roscoe St Chicago, IL 60618 Phone: (773) 348-0326 http://www.hotdougs.com
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