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  1. I think Bierhalle Kropf just might fit the bill. It is a 10 - 15 minute walk from the main station, it is as budget-friendly as Zürich gets (i.e. not really, but what can you do?), and I like it. I hasten to add that I haven't been there for a couple of years, but I think it's the kind of place that doesn't change very much!

    A bit of information (the restaurant does not seem to have a website of its own - not necessarily a bad thing): http://www.frommers.com/destinations/zurich/D36069.html

  2. In the May Travel & Leisure (usually available on the web in a month) there was a big article on "Vienna Wakes Up" that mentioned: Badem Butik, Klub Sioga, Mash Eat Club + Park Princeve and another list that included the famous: Demel, Do & Co Albertina, Fabio's, Indochine 21, Meinl am Graben + Österreicher im MAK mentionned above

    The first four of these are new to me! Very interesting indeed. It's "Meinl am Graben", by the way (and also "Österreicher im MAK", but I know umlauts are difficult!).

    Edited by John Talbott to correct spelling.

  3. OK, dear friends, let me jump in here. I totally agree with Julot -- Bocuse is an outstanding restaurant to me in the sense that it is hosted by the only still active chef who came from the Fernand Point school. Alain Chapel, Raymond Thuilier, Pierre Gaertner and Francois Bise are all dead, Louis Outhier and Pierre Troisgros are retired. Bocuse nowadays is the only link we still have to the greatest French gastronomy of the 20th century.

    Am I wrong in thinking that Paul Haeberlin is also an ancien élève of Point's? (I know that his son is now the chef at the Auberge de l'Ill, but I think, and hope, that Paul H. is still alive and involved in some way or other.)

  4. Just a few further comments concerning what pennylane wrote.

    The outdoor market next to a church (around the church, I would say) is right in the centre of town, and the church is not what I would call "a" church, but Freiburg's minster with one of the most beautiful Gothic spires to be found anywhere.

    The indoor market is called "Markthalle" (also in the centre of town).

    The Black Forest is "Schwarzwald" in German. "Schwarzewald" might confuse search engines if you are looking things up. And I fear pennylane was not directed to its most beautiful parts - they are impressive indeed.

  5. Not crazy at all. The South-West corner of Germany is the most rewarding of all.

    Freiburg is in the South of the Black Forest. I can wholeheartedly recommend the restaurant of the Hotel Colombi. Absolutely reliable.

    Hirschen (Breisgauer Str. 47) in Freiburg also merits praise. Less pomp and circumstance than Colombi, but excellent value for money.

    But as you are talking about the North of the Black Forest, then you are talking about Baiersbronn.

    Which brings us to what is often called the best restaurant in Germany, the Schwarzwaldstube at the Hotel Traube-Tonbach, where I have had many surpassingly superb meals, and "Bareiss", which has just now acquired its third Michelin star.

    Not easy to get reservations in either place at such short notice! But if you say it's your wedding anniversary, you might have a decent chance!

    (Needless to say, there is much, much more. But I just wanted to mention the pinnacle and offer a comment on Freiburg, a town I know very well.)

  6. I have had nothing but pleasant and often very rewarding experiences with French sommeliers (all of them male, admittedly, but I see no reason why this might not change), many of which were in countries other than France. They all seemed happy in their work; I might even write more pompously "devoted to their cause".

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