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  1. I find Giles very, very amusing. I can understand that many people might find him a bit strange, but he *does* have a way with words.

    Which raises (not "begs", Giles would be quite irate) the question whether restaurant reviews that make you chuckle can be "serious"...

  2. The prices *do* astonish me, who is not all that easily astonished.  But I have a feeling that a money-is-no-object mood could lead to a very nice experience there.

    Not anytime soon, alas.  But this restaurant interests me strangely.

    I know people who have spent 200k Euros on a car...

    L'Ambroisie's prices do not astonish me.

    It's called priorities.

    Oh, I do understand what you mean. I flew to New York from Vienna in 1980 to hear Horowitz (assuming that he would never play in Europe again), then gladly paid five times what any other ticket for a recital would have cost when he *did* play in Vienna in 1987.

    The only thing that just might give me pause is that I could eat at least two, probably three, exquisite meals for the price of the Ambroisie experience.

    But then again, I did say (didn't I?) that I am entirely willing to believe it is worth it.

    Interpreting the statement above more or less literally, I can only take it to mean that L'Ambroisie's priorities are to make lots of money. Fair enough!

  3. The prices *do* astonish me, who is not all that easily astonished. But I have a feeling that a money-is-no-object mood could lead to a very nice experience there.

    Not anytime soon, alas. But this restaurant interests me strangely.

  4. Reservations at BOTH?! You are fortunate. If you did not make the reservations for the same time/meal (which would have been rather naughty), you might want to compare them yourself.

    I might as well add that I consider the Schwarzwaldstube one of the very best restaurants I have ever had the pleasure to visit (several times, and it seemed to just get better and better).

  5. Because the restaurant doesn't have a website, it's often difficult to get up-to-date information on L'Ambroisie.  So, for those who are interested, I thought I'd post the current menu (as of a week and a half ago):


    I note with interest that the restaurant seems to have customized (not the most elegant term, but I think you know what I mean) your meal. E.g. the perdreau rôti does not appear on the menu.

    It all seems entirely wonderful. If I ever get to Paris again, I think I simply must eat at L'Ambroisie. (My meagre experiences so far: Le Pré Catelan - very good; Lucas-Carton/Senderens - one of the best meals of my life, close to perfection.)

    I suppose 400 Euros per person (including unimportant wine and a non-bow-down-and-pray digestif) should do it?

    Strange, but I seem to have fallen in love with a restaurant I have never seen!

  6. Not having eaten in New York since 1980, I have nothing at all to say about the restaurants Michelin likes or doesn't.

    But I find it very, very remarkable that the number of 3-star and 2-star restaurants is the same.

    What is more surprising: the quantity of 3-stars or the paucity of 2-stars, I wonder?

    I don't think there is any Guide Michelin where these categories are in equilibrium.

  7. Baiersbronn (where the deservedly famous Schwarzwaldstube of the Traube-Tonbach is situated) is not in Freiburg, and not exactly nearby. It is in the north of the Black Forest, while Freiburg is in the south. A good 2.5 hours by train, not much less by car.

    In Freiburg, by the way, I can recommend the restaurant in the Hotel Colombi without reservation. It has one Michelin star, but definitely deserves two. (Michelin frowns upon the fact that the chef sometimes has to cook for "events" in the hotel.)

  8. That guy is nameless and faceless to the general public. That guy has quite possible been working under Bocuse for years. And that guy may quite possible never open up his own place or become famous. But there are many more guys like that working than there are celebrity chefs who's egos have become imprinted in the public as being represented of industry professionals. Some of those guys can outcook the guys they work under.

    Roger Jaloux, if memory serves. Also a "Meilleur Ouvrier de la France" in his own right.

  9. Another tip - stand on the right on the Tube escalator, or you'll get snarled at [nothing to do with food, but it is important to follow local customs...]

    and dogs must be carried :biggrin:

    I quote Philip Howard in "The Times":


    I agree that clueless tourists are irritating when they ignore the customs and conventions of the rush hour. I saw one puzzled by the notice, "Dogs must be carried on the escalator". She was looking for a dog to carry to allow her on the moving staircase.


    Made me smile!


  10. If you are considering a trip to Baiersbronn, Bareiss is extremely good, but the Schwarzwaldstube at the "Traube-Tonbach" is considered one of the very greatest restaurants in the world.

    I have had half-a-dozen or so meals there over the last 15 years, none of them less than stellar, some almost beyond credence.

    I can unreservedly recommend the Cheval Blanc, too, if you want to remain in France. I had a week or so there, some years ago, learning how to cook (better). Their cellar is amazing.

    Still haven't been to Burehiesel, but everything I have heard is encouraging (except, perhaps, their prices).

  11. Bux, does GaultMillau really use that system now? I recall it as 13-14 points: one toque, 15-16 points: two toques, 17-18: three toques, 19-20: four toques.

    Incidentally, when the first GM for Austria appeared (1980?), they gave a "distinguished" restaurant 8 points, probably just so people would talk about it (cf. 20/20, probably for the same reason).

  12. I really should have mentioned that I am all in favour of non-smoking sections everywhere. Indeed, in fine restaurants I fully understand a complete ban on smoking in the dining room(s) - if there is a bar/lounge/whatever where I can enjoy a post-prandial cigar. I *never* smoke between courses in a restaurant where the food interests me and discourage my dining companions from so doing.

    But total prohibition is, to my mind, just a bit too much.

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