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  1. <snipped>

    As I waited to be picked up at JFK, I felt I might need to do the culinary equivalent of "never washing this hand again" after meeting some great figure. Surely anything I were to eat after that meal at elBulli would defile my body.


    I understand you well! It is something like 35 years ago now... I had my first *** meal at the Auberge de l'Ill. (I hadn't experienced a Michelin ** either, come to think of it.) And I was totally floored. Food can taste like this?!

    The next two days - I went to McDonald's.

  2. A German housewife with rather primitive equipment shows how it should be done. Her explanations are in German, but not essential, I think - and not every German-speaker will be able to follow her easily either.

  3. Toasting word: "Prost" (pronunciation somewhat like "proast") or "Zum Wohl" ("tsoom vole"). And I can second the Demel recommendation if the Salzburg Demel is comparable to the Vienna Demel!

    And I am sure Salzburg will be delightful with or without snow.

    (Still working on restaurant recommendations; haven't been in Salzburg for a long time, trying to ask friends now.)

    Edit: Here's a suggestion: http://www.travbuddy.com/esszimmer-v350174

    A generally reliable friend of mine liked it very much. (Their webpage is German only, so I am sending this link.)

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