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  1. OK - with such ringing endorsements, I'll give it a go! I have no yellow mustard...but 2 versions of my own based on andiesenji's homemade mustard. Do I have to go to the store - or can I use my own?
  2. What a timely thread! I have a whole 13# brisket that I dry rubbed yesterday and plan to smoke tomorrow in my New Braunfels offset firebox smoker. Split the cherry today that I've been hoarding for a few years. I do go low and slow and figure at least 14 hours. I'm doing 4 courses for 12 - starting with a simple spring onion soup. I picked up some beautiful morels today at the farmer's market and some local goat cheese. Oh, yeah, inspired by Jackal10's foodblog, I cured some pork belly and that's going in the smoker as well. So I think some sort of morel, goat cheese, smoked pork belly tart is in the offing. Then the brisket. I got some beautiful asparagus today and I'm not sure what else yet. Dessert is a chocolate raspberry tart with sabayon. Zins with the brisket, we'll see what folks bring for the rest of the dinner. So the big question - to sauce or not to sauce the brisket. I'm in the no sauce camp, but MIGHT put one on the side if someone has a killer recipe!
  3. Thanks so much for your quick response! I have to say, I really enjoy cooking out of every book I have that you've written. Your directions are so clear, make sense so easily to me and most of all - WORK and turn out great. You have spoiled me and I think that's why I sometimes get frustrated with other books!
  4. I've been baking out of both CDPH and Desserts by PH and noticed that he doesn't use cream of tartar when whipping egg whites. I've used it for extra stability and wondered why he doesn't call for it - does it change the flavor or texture? I'm about to make the chocolate and raspberry tart out of the Patisserie book. One of the components is cocoa nougatine and it calls for glucose and pectine NH. I've been to several stores and can't find either one. Can I sub corn syrup for the glucose and powdered pectin for the pectine NH?
  5. I ate at a place that thought it was chic or something to have several spray colognes in the bathrooms for whatever reason. This night, an obnoxious drunk guest brought one back into the dining room and proceeded to spray it all over the place until the waiter took it away from him. I was glad we were on the dessert course, but even so it was horrible. The spray bottles disappeared from the bathrooms after that.
  6. Check out the Carlton Winemaker's Studio. I don't know their hours, but there are some stellar folks that share space and come up with some great wines.
  7. We just dined at Paley's Place last week. All 4 of us were delighted with every bite. My father-in-law in particular. He had the escargot w/ marrow bones as an appetizer and wanted it again as an entree. Then his sweetbreads came, and he wished he had a bigger stomach. It is nice that Portland has so many places that can please (and sometimes displease) so many tastes. You are staying very close to the Crystal Ballroom. If there's anyone playing there you like, you should check it out. The floor "floats" and is fun to dance on! Their beer's not bad either.
  8. Have you used Priceline.com for hotels? We've done it a bunch in other cities (including Vancouver!) and gotten great rooms for reasonable prices. Downtown is fun to stay in and there are alot of hotels. If you stay downtown, and feel like walking, check out Higgins for dinner. The places already mentioned are good as well, but on a Monday night, check for if they are open as it's a popular night to close here.
  9. mklynch

    beehive cake

    Wendy, Your centerpiece looks like the meringue cake I'm going to try - is it? Do you have any tips - it is really nice (like all your work!).
  10. mklynch

    beehive cake

    The party is on June 4th, so I have some time to play with this. I got some molds for chocolate of bees, boneycomb, hives and flowers and planned to make chocolates as gifts for the guests. I can play with different fillings for decorations for the cake. I think I will do a mirengue hive and the chiffon pie from the Pastry Bible as well. I make caremelized sugar ice cream and that got me wondering if you can caremelize honey. Anyone know? I'll give it a try if not.
  11. mklynch

    beehive cake

    Great ideas! I think the bubble wrap indentation was something I saw, but I don't remember where either. Thanks for the input!
  12. My oldest friend is turning 50 and I'm hosting the surprise party. She is a beekeeper and we are using that as a theme. I'd like to make a beehive dessert. I have an idea for a meringue dome that I could stuff with icecream but am looking for other ideas. Also need ideas for bee related decorations for whatever I make. I saw a caramelized sugar beeswax thing years ago but can't find it in any of my books. Any ideas? Thanks!
  13. mklynch

    Not quite wine drinking

    We bought our house 3 years ago from the guy who built it and lived in it since 1978. It has 2 second story decks. He liked wine and loved to party and apparently loved throwing wine bottles into the woods off the deck. I've pulled out at least 20 bottles over these years, none broken and some with readable labels still. Wish I'd been at a couple of those parties! We are boring, however, and put our bottles and the ones I pull out of the woods in the recycle bin for the teatotling neighbors to gossip about.
  14. Elie, Questions about the frozen egg whites. Do you freeze them individually or what? Any downside to using them? Do they whip up about the same volume or do you make an adjustment? I hate to say I've been tossing my extras. And the cake looks great - looking forward to trying it!
  15. check out www.cateringsupplies.com I bought a couple dozen wine glasses from them as well as colorful mylar table covers, parchment papper and some other stuff. Great prices and great service.
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