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  1. I always liked that place when it was snowy. Something about the wood and the brick (pizza oven and walls), and it was a short litttle walk from everything else. Not a bad option when you're low on cash (and want less of bar feel than some place like Sette).

    I liked some chic pea fritter. I do remember that...

  2. I'll pay anyone twenty bucks if they can crawl the entire alley behind Madam's Organ at midnight - the one running between Columbia and Kalorama Roads.  Hell, if you make it to the parking garage near Belmont I'll give you ten.  The only question is whether you'll get devoured by a rat, mugged, or die from dehydration due to vomiting.  Eeewwww.

    What I wanna know is....how do YOU know so well what all of these options are? And what the proper compensation should be? And where all the little alleys run to? Hmmmm....

    There are also the possibilities of stepping in human feces, sliding down a gravel embankment (graced with loitering gang members) due to a misstep onto island-sized piece of littered "Jumbo Slice" pizza ...or being pecked to death by a slew of albino pigeons. Very scary stuff. But the good news is...is...is...it makes getting to your car seem like the big reward (even if your car is shit!). The End.

    PS: On the shitty car note.

    One time, my Dad (we are bad people) put a an open bag of nasty Chips Ahoy cookies in the open car window of the prick that kept parking in the spot that belonged to him (because he, well, he bought it...)

    and when we drove by later in the night there were, like, three rats and a kitty cat in the car!! It was medieval, to say the least...

    woof woof.

  3. Madam's Organ is often dissed for no reason.

    For me, having lived in that hood helped me change my mind about everything. It helped me see straight.

    It was the filthy bum and his exposed ass crack in front of the piss-covered brick walkway to McDonald's that tainted every single establishment on that block.

    I know, I sound like a spoiled yuppie...

  4. who is the michael in the "michael's rib eye diablo..."?


    Why, it's Michael "His royal Arrogance" Landrumm, of Ray's the Steaks Fame.

    thanks, that's what i figured but i wasn't entirely sure. Looks like I will have to conduct a taste test when i get back into town, kinda like the pepsi challenge. except with rib eyes. and probably not blindfolded.

    Totally different. Michael's is more of a glaze, and arrogant, ours is more classic French (but equally as arrogant). We can help with the blind part.

    Can you call your cheese plate Jarad's Toolbox? I miss Nectar :sad:

    *edited for Arrogance

  5. On a whim Minister of Drink proposed a run to the liquor store last night. There was talk of television and hot toddies...

    West Wing or Bada Bing.

    But it was 8:59 and the liquor store closes at 9. 

    Who had the power to help us?  AA?  God?  Some clown on a Segway?

    No, our neighbor Michael Landrumm did.

    After helping us secure the coveted bottle of whisky before the 9 p.m. deadline, he welcomed us into his house and insisted that we sample his "deconstructed" Shepherd's Pie. He even found us a free table and urged us to sit.

    It was just like being at Grandma's (and I was clawing the brown bag all the same).

    How to construct Ray's Shepherd Pie:

    Take arrogant little white teacup of stew and pour over some pompous plate of potatoes. Mmmmm.

    Repeat as needed.

    And now I can better report on what's in the (arrogant) little teacup because it's easier to see when poured over fluffy white potatoes.

    It's the Irish Whisky again (beef, barley, corn, peas, mushrooms, potatoes make up the hearty part).

    Mmmm, and it was awesome.  We were hungry for some Irish something.

  6. ...and if we cannot agree on a native plate of gummy, then we must agree on a native plate size. Washington has a lot of small plates, it's a little tapastry of everything. Small plates and mini-me versions are ubiquitous. In places you never even expected....

    Everywhere, Everywhere, Everywhere...

    But we can't stop getting bigger.

    Washington, little plates, big people (powerful, politics, public relations)

  7. Rectifying the problem.

    This is where I find the 'customer notes' in Open Table are a good service to both the customer and the establishment.

    Last time Mr. Gasbaggs had to wait 34 minutes for his main. Make sure Mr. Gasbagg's food comes out fast.


    Mr. Gasbags hates Jeffrey. Do not let Jeffrey serve Mr. Gasbaggs


    Last time we forgot to put the candle on his daughter's cake...and we forgot the cake...

    Try hard to give him good service.


    VIP VIP VIP, champagne and canape upon arrival! :shock::shock:

    Mr. Gasbagg's name is in the computer three times, under three different spellings! :shock:

  8. Based on the tone and content of the first question in Tom Sietsema's chat this morning, as well as the "anonymous" early leaking of the Nectar story (and trust me, the story broke several hours before it should have), I smell a rat.

    Just to satisfy my own curiousity, what might the "rat" be up to? Is this just piling on and score settling? I don't understand what might be gained by leaking the news other than not allowing the owners to control the release themselves? Same with the post in the chat, which seemed not only nastily gratuitous, but almost laughably planted by someone with a serious ax to grind.

    I wonder who the landlord is. The landlord would be the prime candidate for "rat" here. After all, the landlord now has to go find a new restaurant to go in, the hotel has no room service for now, there probably will be remodeling costs, no rent while it's vacant. As deep throat so famouslly observed: Follow the money.

    The Hotel is called the George Washington Inn. Not for the guy on the dollar...but for the lord of the land...

  9. I visited The Imperial of Arrogance last night with the usual suspects, and everything was just like it always is. Ray was as arrogant as he's ever been. And dinner was as consistent and delicious as I remember.

    We must have looked particularly regal dressed in our fancy party gear in the front window.

    I talked myself out of wearing sweat pants to Ray's and settled for some old cargo pants and a stained shirt.

    One of my companions wore a roadblock orange tee-shirt that had a picture of Mr. T and his famous words, "I Pity The Fool". Yes, I did feel special last night.

    Oh, and soup!

    As the days get shorter and colder I will find myself in need of a regular shot of Ray's Irish Whisky, a hearty beef stew served piping hot...

    I understand it's new, and I urge you to try it.

    Just think Chunky - -Soup That Eats Like a Meal.

    Just think Campbell's sans all the arrogance of a tin can.

    Lots of substance; an honest and simple soup that truly satisfies.

    Keep up the good work, Ray's.


  10. I'm sorry for anyone who didn't have the opportunity to experience Nectar, and of course, for my friends at Nectar, who put their souls into what they do and made that place glow.

    I have so many memories of great meals and drunken happiness behind those walls, celebrating with friends. What a terrible surprise. :sad:

  11. Now THIS sounds fun (from Firefly's web site):

    Firefly Turns Two - November 6th

    Come celebrate our second birthday with us. On Saturday, November 6th, from 1 to 4 p.m., spend the afternoon mingling and mixing while indulging in Chef Wabeck's complimentary BBQ-style menu. Call us at 202.861.1310 for more information.

    I won't be in a ear's shot...

    but see you there!

  12. Good bet = someplace open

    Being open between 2 and 5, is that very common along that corridor? Maybe Poste for mini burgers or something. That's not too far away, right?

    Or maybe Old Ebbitt for half price raw bar and a nice beer!

    Or free bread slices from Cosi and you can roll around the bed and bath department of Hecht's...

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