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  1. I'm bringing this baby back to the top! Looks like all rain for the next few days in Miami. Any breakthroughs since August 16th? Rainy day spots?
  2. Mmmm, that caramel chip ice cream (and the vanilla panna cotta) I had last Tuesday were luscious. I've never had a bite of sorbet or ice cream at 2 Amy's that wasn't to keel over and die for...
  3. It would be funny if the WSJ really spelled his name wrong. I'm such a prick.
  4. I'm convinced that they abuse the cheeses and rape wallets. Those bastards.
  5. Funny you should mention that. Today I was gawking at the application for an alcoholic beverage licence posted on this cute little brick unit, freshly painted in royal purple trim... when out popped Jamie Leeds. She told me the new place is going to be an oyster bar called Hang's Oyster Bar and that it's set to open May 15th. The space is located at 17th and Q Streets, next to Trios. Hope to hang at Hang's.
  6. I'm sure Curt Cobain would dig the Nacho Nirvana, Mofo.
  7. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Beans Who am I to disagree?
  8. The sign on the window at Merkado says they start service on Saturday, April 16th...
  9. That's true. When I mentioned the Baltimore City Paper, I was trying to make the point that as much as we, where ever we may live, deserve to know about a destination restaurant, Baltimore deserves coverage. The chef that's doing great work or the business people/residents...
  10. There's a puzzle in the back of the magazine for huffy city folk. Who's the Baltimore City Paper critic, btw? Any good?
  11. More of Kliman's prize-worthy journalism: "Poultry in Motion" A great read here. Rock on!
  12. Reminds me of Michael Landrum's Ni-Burger idea where HVAC system is modified to ciruclate the aroma of miniburgers througout the establishment. You don't actually get to eat the miniburgers, you only get get to smell them. ← Only a real sick-o would think of that.
  13. Stop stealing my thunder, bill. April Fools.
  14. Rays has officially been yuppified. I think there should be an affirmative action reservation policy to get more middle easterners in there and less deodorant.
  15. A touch off-topic and perhaps even controversial, but being a big fan of gender-neutrality, I've always objected to the term "woman," because it's derivative from the term "man." I believe it's more appropriate to employ the more neutral term "woperson," because ... ... oops. Thinking about it some more, I don't like woperson either, because of the implications of the term "son." This brings us to the logical conclusion: "woperchild." That's it. Woperchild. ← Isn't a woman a man/being with womb? Wombeing.
  16. Mr. Chen's, Woodley Park Metro. It's Organic. Mr. Chen's
  17. I'm embarrassed to say that I once had a salad there... Something with walnuts, maybe some turning strawberries and field greens (cannot remember). I was watching soccer on TV, though. I would say that Marriott or Sibley Hospital could pull the off the same sort of masterpiece. Plus, the place brags about it's sangria and tricked me into ordering one. The sangria there sucks!
  18. They wear merlot sweaters and drive 7-series BMWs. Their wives play lots of golf. Oh well.
  19. Yeah. Pull the motherfucking feeding tube and let this thread go to bed for a half a day.
  20. I like Guajillo and Ray's. So Fuckity-foo.
  21. I can't wait until Michael's book party at Cafe Milano.
  22. I know a lot of people that loaf Ray's, and it's probably because Michael makes a lot of bread.
  23. You should make a trip to Del Ray and visit Taqueria Poblano It's cheap and they've got amazing fish tacos...and across the street is Cheesetique, a great specialty cheese shop where you could get yummies for a potential picnic or whatnot. I'm not lying about the fish tacos!
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