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  1. Actually, I bet a lot of people have their own pretend or observed V-Day, which means maybe it won't be as bad as you think. Like when everyone thinks the traffic will be really bad so they pick some alternative route, but then it turns out that a lot of people are picking the alternative route as well...

    Bistro du Coin is for non-lovers, but it may be for lovers if they open a Clarendon store.

  2. On the subject of kids, and bringing this back to 2 Amys, I noticed today that they've almost run out of space in the back to store the literally dozens of highchairs and boosters they need for the kiddie lunch crowd. Soon, they may have to change their name to Franco E. Formaggi's.

    These kids just don't get it.

    When I was little they fed me Shakey's Pizza or popped McCain Ellio's in the oven (if ever). I was just barely aware that school lunch pizza wasn't very good.

  3. Not to threadjack too hard, but is Sinplicity still open? I went by there at 3:30 today for coffee and they were closed.  I know they keep weird hours, but 3:30 on a Saturday? Think they might have switched to a catering-only operation.

    To me it sounds like the place has gone catering-style (if they haven't always been). I think Sutton Place (or current establishment) sells their packaged sorbets...

    Nonetheless, the sorbet I ate was nice and rich, without being being too icy and I liked it very much. It was almost gooey, but not in a ghetto emulsifier way.

  4. Yum! Don't miss the $3.95 fish tacos (Beer battered fried mahi mahi w/ Mexican slaw & crema pico de gallo on soft corn tortilla) at Taqueria el Poblano in DelRay (Right next to the busty and brillaint cheese place!). The most delicious thing I've had in the $4-20 range in quite sometime. And for dessert, even though it might not be on the menu all the time, ask for the chocolate sorbet (made by Simplicity) with the tequila and lime zest. Sounds gross, but it's like eating a box of truffles half-naked on the playa or something without getting fat or thirsty. Not bad.

    (edited for tequila spelling)

  5. One interesting thing about the wine list on of about 10 different bottles of red they sell is Opus One for $185 (or pretty close to that).  Very odd choice if you ask me.  I wonder how many of those they keep in stock.

    Bet Ted has something to do with that. Maybe it's for when he comes to visit...

  6. This is my least favorite part because it makes my salivary glands water in the bad way...

    Other creative specialty cocktails include the Star

    of India, made with rum, orange liquor, passion fruit juice, Sambuca, a

    splash of sprite and organic rose petals ...

    If the drink's any good,

    shouldn't Sambuca just be a secret ingredient like Krusty's Non Narkotik Kough Syrup is in a Flaming Moe?


  7. I'm sad to say the catfish sandwich has departed the Colorado Kitchen Friday lunch menu. :sad:

    I'm happy to say it has been replaced with a fried shrimp po' boy that, well, I strongly urge you to eat for yourself. Aarrgghh. The remoulade alone is right up there with the notorious narcotic tartar sauce. :smile:

    Thanks for the report stretch. I'm really hungry for psychotropic substances, particularly those that go well with fish.

  8. Sometimes Michael even wears a black Grand Marnier polo shirt in the dinning room, under his apron. Cry wolf about that everyone...

    All that product placement a Ray's; the Remy-Martin people are livid.

    I mean, even though Ray's doesn't have liquor for sale, let's get really up in arms about his favoritism of that cognac. God, Ray. I'm telling Tom.

  9. What about too much comping?

    After factoring that tip, you'll always spend more money if you're a conscious human being. If you're a "food writer" too. And what do you do then when your beginning to feel like a fattie, you vowed not to be out long or eat too that much that night...and POW WOW. Mo' food, mo' booze. You're eatin' my friend, and you're tipping 49%...

    In my case, though, not so much to worry about. The hot chocolate at Ray's is a nice touch. Why not for everyone? Maybe he ran out.

  10. Yes, I would  find it demeaning to be described merely as "a poster on a certain message board"  (had I been one of the recipients of the comped hot chocolate), when we are now a society devoted to upholding the culinary virtues, and therefore worthy of whatever that gets us wherever. :wink:

    Well, I ain't that poster child...

  11. My question to Tom revealed his review for this week:

    U St. Washington, D.C.: Have you dined at, or heard anything about Opera, the place that replaced Kuna? Thanks

    Tom Sietsema: Your timing couldn't be better. My review of Opera hits the news stands this Sunday.

    Rock on L. Pavarotti!

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