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  1. Did you get one for Stretch, Jr. yet?

    A follow-up question for JohnW: 

    I had the pleasure of trying the new cornmeal dumplings with mushrooms at my recent lunch.  Neither my dining companion nor I are people who often order mushrooms to be honest, but we tried your dish and really liked it.

    But if memory serves, you're allergic to mushrooms, aren't you?  What was the development of that dish like?

    The development was as follows...Needed something to finish the menu, was looking through old menus from New Heights days. The dish was called the more correct sopapillas back in the day, but since we're an American Bistro (sic) we call them dumplings. Wrong on many levels, but you have to duck behind the concept when banging out Mexican food. I have not tasted finished product, but when my cooks crush out the leftovers at the end of the night, I guess it works.

    When cooks bang out or crush out a cuisine, how would you say their saucing tends to be?

    Heavy-handed? Also, what dishes are better smashed out than crushed or banged out?

  2. I have two words to whisper into Mr. Safeway's ear:  Harris Teeter.  We are getting a new one in the old Citadel building on Kalorama Road.  I'm just hoping the competition will spur the Ghetto Safeway to clean up its act.

    Sorry, can't help on the noodles.

    It's actually known as the Satanic or Switchblade Safeway. Ghetto is on Georgia Ave. close to District line.

  3. On Wednesday I had an Old Thyme Martini at Firefly ...and a Bourbon Slipp, for that matter. The Bourbon took me 90 minutes ( a full table turn at Ray's, by golly) to fully consume. I liked it, though.

    The Old Thyme Martini is 75% Bombay Safire, 25% Vermouth, a bit of Derek's homemade orange bitters and a sprig of thyme. It tasted like the spa. Clean and mentholy. It's stirred, not shaken. I don't love gin, but I admit, I found it to be a pretty classy little drink.

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