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  1. I don't think 90 mikntues is a "policy" at Ray's.  If they are squeezing you in they may tell you that they need the table back by a certain time because they have another party coming in.  Also, in my experience, 90 minutes is plenty of time to consume all the things you mention and to have a snort of port to boot.  They don't horse around, your app's will be delivered in short order and your steaks will come out shortly after they clear the apps.  I wouldn't worry about it.

    As long as Michael doesn't come over and greet the table and tell of his latest reveries, a table of four or more can be out in 72 minutes flat. :raz:

    One thing people shouldn't do is deny or pretend not to acknowledge that they've been informed of the policy and then blurt out, "Oh No You Di'n't!" about 96 minutes in...

  2. Without a doubt Komi is one of my favorite places in town.

    And I've been meaning to say, it's one place where dessert is as memorable and as special as the beginning of the meal. I've never actually seen pastry chef, Robert Underwood there; maybe he doesn't look like he stepped out of the pages of Vogue or more than likely it's because he's there when we are not, slaving away in the wee hours.

    It's been nearly two months since my last visit, but when is it a bad time to appreciate Underwood's beautiful homemade sorbets?

    I forgot how heavenly simple sorbet can be. It's a perfect way to end a good meal when the texture and flavor is like the trio I had at Komi. Vibrant cantaloup, concord grape and cranberry. The three were bright and bursting with flavor, invigorating my entire mouth at a point when I was pleasantly full and had thought I was done tasting for the night. There wasn't one flavor better than the next; they were all soft and clean, not too acidic or cold, as to blast the taste buds. Memorable and refreshing.

    And then there was the flight of dessert wines, courtesy of Sebastian.

    Sebastian, bouquet to you!

    The flight started with a sparkling Muscat from Asti Italy called Marenco, sweet but slightly dry and sparkly with tropical flavors. Next, a Samos Kourtaki, a Greek Muscat, "very different than other muscats, Sebastian told me,

    "this one is very viscous, smells of raisin and alcohol." It was delightful, more sherry-like, I admit, but I liked it very much. The next was a sparkling Malvasia from Casorzo Italy. It was like a glass of sparkling raspberry juice, very light and refreshing. I don't want to sound like a broken record, but that one was delicious too and wasn't encompassed by the fruity sorbets. The last wine was Silvano Garcia Monastrell. It was deep and rich like a port , full of prune and black olive with a subtle sweetness. I think I remember that one as my favorite, but they were all precious.

    It's like the caramels and cookies at Palena, a fit ending. The whole package at Komi, the staff's skill and passion, all of it deserves my praise and attention

    (even months after a meal).

  3. Dinner at Bangkok 54 was the most disappointing meal I’ve had in weeks if not months, because given all the recent raves about it by people I have confidence in, it never once occurred to me that it would be anything short of great.

    I wanted to love it,


    I agree wholeheartedly; I was there with Don to taste and witness all of this, and he's absolutely right. I'll admit to having had high expectations of the place after a glowing review (three stars) from Tom and all the revering in this thread, but even without that good press, it was an extremely disappointing meal.

    I promise you, I am a forgiving diner who tends to be quietly critical. But I couldn't even eat that duck, soaking in a that watery, sodium-laden sauce. And the crispy fish in the Yum Pla Duk Fu, didn't exist. It was like eating fried fiber, dryer lint from a fisherman's sweats (and this is just the beginning of my criticism). I don't need to compare this meal to some I've had at Minh's or Thai Square. I only know what I know about Saturday's meal, and it was the worst I have had in sometime. Maybe the place is overrun after the Post Magazine's review. I just don't know...

  4. Also, please report if the promised couches are in full swing.

    I think I encountered a "swinging couch" last night and it was awesomely different from what I expected. What I saw was an elegant horseshoe-shaped booth (with centerpiece of clear glass rocks, orchids; utmost poshness) that was sort of the pilothouse of the kitchen. Adjacent to the booth there's a steering wheel that "swings" or spins the "couch" on it's circular track, allowing privileged diners to alternate between an exclusive show in the kitchen and the soft light of their private corner. No one was seated there last night, but I resorted to my own toddler-like devises and gave the wheel a partial turn.

    I didn't have time to eat, but menu looks fun and the dozen or so plates I saw being run from the kitchen looked intriguing, and the service was eager and friendly.

    I was pleased with my blackberry mojito and the souvenir cocktail menu (a spoof of the Metro rail map with the different color lines representing different genres of cocktails ) that I had at little bar upstairs.

    Do expect the competitive Penn Dollar prices, and the Zaytinya crowd.

    And showing up in jeans is cool. Everybody who works front of the house wears blue jeans, but I wouldn't be surprised if their back pockets were tagged with Diesel logos.

    Looking forward to my haircut!

  5. I went a few nights ago. Fortunately, I drove my Hummer and brought along Paris Hilton, otherwise I doubt they would have let me in.

    There should be a sign out front "Tragically Hip Only".

    Here's the question:

    Is it still welcoming if you're just a lummox? Can I go in jeans and respectable shoes after my movie?

  6. How's the service these days? I last time I was there, more than a year ago, the service was dreadful. The wrong food came out (like three times), the timing sucked, the server had no clue, nor did he care...

    I think the couple I was with finally decided to break up at that table; I don't even know who picked up the check, we so glad to get the hell out...

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