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Michael's Pastaria in Nutley


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I dined there with a friend, last weekend, and from the very beginning we were disappointed.

While the food was very good, the service left something to be desired. The wait staff is comprised of inexperienced very young men and women.

After being seated, we were presented with a warm basket of bread. Hungry and excited that it was warm, I eagerly opened the covering. However, it revealed a loaf of bread that looked as if it had been bought at the local supermarket. With all the great Italian salumerias and bakeries in the area, you would think that they would have chosen a nice crusty bread. They also put out those horrendous little foil packets of butter. When asked if we could have some olive oil, instead, they brought us the olive oil / vinegar trivit. The oil was not EVOO, but very bland, probably light olive oil.

We decided to split an appetizer of Mussels Fra Diavolo. The mussels were tasty, sweet succulent morsels. However, we had to ask for small plates, and then they forgot to provide us with a bowl for the shells. We got one of the waiter's attention, and asked for a bowl. He answered back " just wait a minute", and ran with a couple of others, to the second level of the restaurant to what appeared to be some sort of emergency. We kept waiting, while our mussels were getting cold, and when he finally came back with a bowl, he told us that someone had taken the owner's wine. I guess taking care of the boss was more important than taking care of the customers.

Our entrees, Rotelle Putanesca, and Penne with Brocoli Rabe and Sausage were very good, and the pasta was perfectly cooked (al dente).

With our plates still half full, we were engaged in conversation, when a busboy came out of the kitchen and tried to take our plates. He didn't even ask if we were finished; he just reached over to take it.

We decided we would not stay for dessert, and asked for the check. When our waitress took the folder with the cash, she asked if my friend wanted change back. He had placed a hundred dollar bill there...lol, and the bill was only about $36

This restaurant could be a nice addition to Nutley's restaurants, but the wait staff seriously needs training.

Has anyone else dined here and had a similar experience? Am I being too judgemental?

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The wait staff is comprised of inexperienced very young men and women.

it's just so simple. when i open a restaurant next year, or maybe 3 years from now when i want to dump my life's savings in a questionable investment with the goal of providing the public and friends with a cool, good place to have dinner and hang out, the first thing i will consider is service. you suck, you're out. i'll do the whole thing myself before i let some inexperienced idiots do it.

i'm amazed that so many "business people" let inexperienced, uninterested kids represent their buisness as servers, when it's pretty clear that 98% of customer relations aspect of running a restaurant comes from the dolt taking your order. oh, and the dolt who brings the plates to your table (another place so many restaurants fall short).

this advice was free; the next tidbit will cost you. contact me via PM.

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Isn't this the establishment that recently won BEST PIZZA IN NUTLEY and unseated the long running Ralph's as #1? I have never tried it, but just curious if this is the same place.

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