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  1. Located in Nutley, NJ at the corners of Passaic and Chestnut, this new establishment has a quiet environment, comfortable seating, a really nice coffee bar (w/WiFi, I believe). Just opened Apr 1, 2010. Owners say they recognized the need for a good place to get a fabulous breakfast and a good lunch/dinner. NOT FINE DINING. Outdoor seating. Visit their website for more info: http://www.chestnutcafeandeatery.com/Home_Page.html They also have a Facebook page.
  2. If memory serves me correctly, (and if it is still there) a place called Que Pasta is handicapped accessible and has roomy tables (for wheelchairs). 326 Market Street in Saddle Brook. The food was nice. I can't say I have been back there in maybe 10 years, but it was barrier free back then.
  3. I don't want to start an argument, but it was inconsiderate to ask for basically anywhere within the radius of Wayne to Hoboken. I thought it as a convenient place so I suggested it, favorite or not. Then in a reply I'm directly told, no, I want a place in Montclair. Well, if ya wanted a place in a specific town, ask. If you ask for Montclair I probably wouldn't have posted because I don't KNOW of any outdoor venues in that Community. I'm not saying two wrongs make a right, but I felt I need to make that point. Please don't make this into a battle and "pick sides" ... it happened, it's done. Tracey is an adult and as you stated can go anywhere she pleases (you didn't have to add salt to a wound).
  4. When I visited I had my pocket digicam. Here are some images, if interested:
  5. I wish you had indicated you wanted Montclair. Had I known I would have never taken the time from my day to help you think about Sunset Pub & Grill. You originally stated you'd be willing to travel to Hoboken and I offered a venue near your residence. <sigh>
  6. Tracey, there is a new restaurant in Lincoln Park at the Airport called Sunset Pub & Grill, 425 Beaverbrook Rd, Lincoln Park (973-694-8700) which has a large outdoor seating arrangement for lunch & dinner. I do not know if they do private parties (they just opened this past weekend July 11th/12th). I was impressed with their menu. Try them yourself. Word of advice: If you use a GPS and kick in their address you'll be taken to a grassy field. Enter the intersection of Jacksonville & Beaverbrook Rds. You can't miss it.
  7. Not a big deal, but it is Sunset Pub and Grill :-) Guess this is the new buzz word of the year. The reason I highlight this is that my wife nailed me on the same mistake when I entered the data into my GPS unit. BTW, the mailing address (425 Beaverbrook Rd, Lincoln Park) takes you to an open grassy area with no sign of an airport or restaurant literally for MILES. I spoke to the Manager and told him that if people are calling for addresses (probably to enter into a GPS) he should give the intersection of Hillview and Jacksonville Roads in Pequannock rather than anything Lincoln Park.Anyway, the food .... very nice. I had a Maple Balsamic Chicken wrap. Wife had a delicious burger. We were there on opening day. Many boo-boos, but beautiful day, nice restaurant, looking forward to many repeat visits. Can't wait for them to start serving breakfast. Right now they only do lunch & dinner.
  8. Aw, boy, MAGIC PAN ... now that I saw the name the yearning has begun. I loved that cozy spot. I wish there was a substitute, but none found. Can't top Farrell's ... where's a good PIG TROUGH when you need one? LOL
  9. Just wondering what the Forum thinks of this establishment. I know it is a chain, but some folks at work rave about it. I'm going to be trying it this week at the Hackensack location. Any suggestions? Warnings? :-)
  10. Outings to this restaurant were the highlight of my little boy's mornings often. My little boy is now 24 and serving in the US Army with two young sons of his own. While he is currently stationed in Virginia, he will "dance on air" having the opportunity to take HIS kids there whenever he returns home. Please keep the Forum informed!!
  11. They are gone, Susan. Closed several weeks ago. New owners moved out and around the corner. Michael Pellnitz is the chef at Ritacco’s Midtown Bar & Grill, 223 Franklin Ave, Nutley (973-320-5468)
  12. Curlz, you should send an email to the Cafe owners via info@thepetitecafe.com and give them the details. As you wrote, they'll be in Lyndhurst anyway!Many of the patrons received the following email today: Dear Friends, We would like to thank all of you for your wonderful warm wishes while we make our transition. So many of you have been calling about your cupcake orders and availability of cupcakes this weekend while we move, well rest assured cupcakes have not stopped. We will have cupcakes all weekend and you can still pick them up at our current location. But, we have found a new home down the road at 231 Franklin Ave. Next to Thai Essence. It is presently occupied by Commissioner Tom Evans, but we worked out an agreement that we will share the space until the election. We will be at that location starting Tuesday April 1st. You can still call in orders that 973-667-7778. We will continue to update you as plans evolve. Best Wishes, Maureen and Keith
  13. Ooh, sorry Curlz ... I don't know how I missed your "tribute" to TPC. But they ARE so good, it is always worth mentioning and at this very moment in time they are not as readily available (in Nutley). I think when the sun rises I'm taking a short road trip to FG!
  14. Just for clarity, those cupcakes are NOT baked by FG. They are delivered daily by Nutley's The Petite Cafe (recently closed to relocate but still cranking out those awesome stuffed cupcakes). I don't mean to take any credit from FG (love the joint, too), but what's fair is fair: they are "imported" from Nutley (soon to be Lyndhurst) daily.
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