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  1. I vote Toloache. The tamal de puerco will make you happy to be alive. Great tequila selections & it's very close to the hotel.
  2. Looking for recommendations in the NNJ area for great chocolates or other unique food gift ideas for the host who has everything. What do you usually bring when invited to a dinner where the host already has a huge wine collection, fully decorated home, etc.?
  3. I second Zetinya in Oakland - best steak I ever cooked at home... you just reminded me that I have to get back over there.
  4. My vote in this area is for Spain Tapas on McBride in West Paterson. Good bread, sangria & a full tapas menu in addition to the regular menu. We tried 5-6 tapas (shrimp in garlic, chorizo with onions, manchego, tortilla, & mussels) but they were all very good to excellent.
  5. E & V's is right on the Wayne/Paterson border (just remember it's cash only). Good food, huge portions & very local atmosphere. I've had decent meals at what used to be the French Hill Inn, now called Tavern 344 I believe. (we particularly like the atmosphere since it's usually not packed & you can linger a while). If you like sushi, everyone seems to love Nori on Berdan Ave.. I have yet to go so I can't personlly comment.
  6. Thanks to all for your suggestions. Unfortunately, most of the places I contacted won't reserve a room on Saturday nights & that is when I want to have the party. As an option, I'd like to further explore having someone come to the house to cook. Has anyone ever heard of this type of service? Otherwise, any suggestions on great caterers in Northern NJ?
  7. Half of the party is near Montclair & half in Hoboken. We can go either way! So far I'm checking out Lua, 340 Grill, Cucharamama, & Frankie & Johnny's. In Montclair, Table 8, Blu, or Corso 98. Anyone know if they have any private or semi-private areas?
  8. Planning a 40th birthday party for 20-25 people in North Jersey. I'm looking for suggestions in either the Hoboken or Montclair areas for a restaurant with a private room. Want good food & a fun atmosphere if possible. I'm open to any type of cuisine and any price range. I've also heard of one company that will come to your home and cook for a party of up to 20, this would also be an option if anyone has any information. Thanks!
  9. Need some suggestions on where to get the best sushi close to Carlstadt/Meadowlands. It's a business dinner so some atmosphere would help as well. Thanks -
  10. I live near CC's and was hoping that it would be my new regular stop for bbq. We ordered ribs, pulled pork & various sides & I hate to say we didn't love or even like one dish. I don't like to flame a new restaurant & I guess I'd be willing to try again someday, but I'm just going on record saying I wanted to love it & was totally disappointed.
  11. bp1123


    Maybe I just hit a good week when they first opened, but the produce looked gorgeous & whatever I wound up getting was excellent. We tried the aged beef & wound up making the most memorable steak dinner we've had in a while. My husband thought it ranked up there with all the big name steakhouses. Prices were much more reasonable than market basket.
  12. Another great birthday cake bakery is Mills in Wood Ridge. I had a chocolate cake with bananas, fresh strawberries & whipped cream from there that was birthday cake perfection for me. (201) 438-7690 275 Valley Blvd Wood Ridge, NJ 07075
  13. I've been to both several times & would choose CulinAriane over Blu anyday. I think their food is excellent & I've never had any issues with the service.
  14. Tapas de Espana would be my pick for NNJ. I wasn't impressed by the food at Sabor in Hawthorne although it's a good atmosphere for drinks with friends & I did enjoy their sangria. There is a newish restaurant on Mc Bride Ave. in West Paterson called Spain Tapas. I have yet to hear anything about it. Has anyone been there??
  15. I usually take my better half to NYC for our special occasion dinners, but I'm considering staying in NJ this time. Any opinions out there regarding the food and atmosphere at either Stage Left in New Brunswick or the Highlawn Pavillion? Both menus look appealing & they both seem to be quality restaurants, but I'm looking for some recent reviews.
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