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Rachel Perlow

Bottled or Tap?

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When we visited Hearth recently with guests from out of town, one of the out-of-towners automatically requested (or assented to receiving? I was in the restroom at the time) bottled water for our table. Now, like I said I wasn't at the table, so I didn't see if the server was pushy with the bottled water or not, but at other NYC restaurants that is frequently the case -- like, when I request tap water I am uneducated or something. Frequently, however, NYC tap water tastes much better than some brands of bottled.

So, anyway, what is Hearth's policy on water? Do the servers automatically suggest bottled water or does the patron have to bring it up?

On a similar note, if a patron does not care to order wine (Hearth has excellent wine service, btw), what do you suggest they drink with their meal?

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