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Oddball Capresso drip maker

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I stopped in a Barnie's Coffee location the other day for a quick cup on the way to the movies. They have a single Capresso auto coffee maker in stock that's in a very beat-up dog-eared box and marked 25% off. The original price is $140 or $160 if I recall correctly and I won't budge until they go to 50% off but I'm intrigued by the product.

Sorry I can't find any pics to post here as Gogle searches turned up nothing. Her's what makes it unusual: it has a conventional looking glass carafe on the warmer plate at the baset. The top is a glass container that holds the water with a cone shaped (a la Melitta or Chemex) filter below it. The bopx claims that the unit holds the water in the upper glass contanienr, heats it untilit is just below the boil (the optimal level for brewing) and then releases it. Brewing time is claimed to be 2 1/2 to 4 minutes depending on how many cups one makes. On the surface it would appear to be an automatic brewer that eliminates the shortcomings typically associated with auto drip makers. It's certainly not that much more trouble to just use a Melitta cone but the auto feature is appealing.

Have any of you seen or tried this machine?

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