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The most elusive recipe of NYC (IMHO), Halal chicken and lamb over rice with white sauce

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Hi all,


I wanted to get some expert opinion on this NYC staple. There are recipes online but none really capture the essence of the dish. It is just like pizza, a lot of people claim they have cracked the code but recipees always seem to be lacking 


It consists of either lamb gyro meat or sauteed chicken on a pita flat-bread or over rice usually accompanied by some salad and "white sauce" (a tangy mayo-based sauce) and hot sauce. 


Has anyone stumbled on a spot on recipe for this? I once asked the a vendor for the recipee and he shot eye daggers at me. I moved away from NY and I need a way to get my fix. 


please help. 


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53 minutes ago, blue_dolphin said:

Have you tried Deb Perelman's recipe for Chicken and rice, street cart style from her cookbook Smitten Kitchen Everyday?

For many years, while my mother was alive, I was a devotee of the Halal cart on the southwest corner of 53rd, near the fountain. I would get the chicken, and always asked for mostly white sauce and a squeeze of the red, which is very hot. My mother lived three blocks from that cart. There was almost always a quick-moving line; those guys work fast!


I have actually made that Smitten Kitchen recipe when feeling nostalgic, but not for many years. It wasn't exactly the same, but it was pretty good.

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