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M. Pamplemousse


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over here




@Anna N   points us to The Michelin Guide 


it seems one can loose a star , using a less than ideal cheese 


for the Souflee 


it reminded me of the M. Pamplemousse books.


M. Pamplemousse travels w his dog , Pomme Frits 


( a bloodhound ? )   and the dogs inflatable kennel 


( should the dog not be allowed in a hotel )


he is an Inspector for the a rival guide


in an early book , M. Pamplemousse tastes the soup 


thinks about it , the slides the bowl under the table 


and P.F  laps it up.  then emerges from the table


and goes to his water bowl for a few loud laps .


M. Pamplemousse  then pronounces 


' as I thought , a bit too salty '


hope you can find these 


if you haven't already .

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