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Pizzeria Recommendations in São Paulo and Buenos Aires

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The Modernist Cuisine team is currently traveling the globe to research pizza and different pizza styles for our next book Modernist Pizza.  Nathan and the team will be in São Paulo and Buenos Aires soon. We'd love hear from the eGullet communitywhat pizzerias should they visit while they're there? You can read more about our next book Modernist Pizza here. Thanks in advance, everyone! 

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I'm a pizza lover. And some people say São Paulo has the best pizza in the world. I don't know if it's true, but we had a huge wave of italian immigrants around 1870 and 1960 and that must mean something.

Anyway... I'm gonna list my favorite places here with a brief description of them:


1.Castelões: This is the oldest pizzaria in São Paulo (not the best pizza, but surely a piece of history).


2. Leggera Pizza Napoletana: IMO this is the best neapolitan pizza in São Paulo. The dough is made from sourdough, the flour is from Italy (brazilian flour is terrible) and they change the menu each season.


3. Carlos Pizza: Another neapolitan style pizza. But here we have a creative owner who was the souschef of Alex Atala at D.O.M  and later the headchef of Riviera a few years ago. So you can expect some twists on the classics.


4. Veridiana: Refined and classy place, but the pizza is amazing. Here we can clearly notice the differences between true italian (neapolitan style) and São Paulo's style of pizza.


5. Speranza: OMG what they put in their sauce? It's f***ing unbeliveable.


6. Da Mooca: This is the most different pizzeria you'll see in São Paulo. They're a fast casual pizzeria, they make rectangular pizzas and you order them by weight.


7. Quintal do Bráz: Beautiful place and they used to make the best pizza I've ever had: Taleggio and mozzarella, Prosciutto di parma, aspargus and eggs (YES, EGGS, WITH, RUNNY, ENDULGING, FOODPORNY YOLK)


If you guys need anything else just let me know :)


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