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  1. The Modernist Cuisine team is currently traveling the globe to research pizza and different pizza styles for our next book Modernist Pizza. Nathan and the team will be in São Paulo and Buenos Aires soon. We'd love hear from the eGullet community—what pizzerias should they visit while they're there? You can read more about our next book Modernist Pizza here. Thanks in advance, everyone!
  2. Hi @scott123! Although we don't weigh in on this particular debate in Modernist Bread, bromated flour is included in our overview of types of flour and added ingredients on page 249 of Volume 2. The flours we use happen to be nonbromated because it works best for us, however we believe that bakers should use whatever flour provides them with the best results.
  3. Thanks for weighing in on this @Chris Hennes. You're correct! You don't have to seal the bag for this technique to work. Most machines will automatically seal the bag just after the vacuum is pulled, but the sealing of the bag in and of itself is not important. What matters most is the vacuum.
  4. @Anna N We love seeing all of your bread! Try to mix and swirl the salt as best as possible, however the most important thing is that the salt disperses as efficiently and evenly as possible throughout the dough even if it does not dissolve completely in the water. You can also try grinding the salt very finely in a coffee grinder. This will make for a fine particle size that dissolves easily in water.
  5. @Anna N This bread looks delicious! If you're still looking to create a bigger swirl, we recommend rolling the dough out so that it's thinner and longer as well as spreading the cinnamon mixture more thinly.
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