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    • By VistaGardens
      New useful shop toy acquired today:  a milk frother.  This small device is perfect for stirring pigment into cocoa butter when you are making your own colors, or need to mix up ones that have settled.  It makes no splatter like a hand held blender and is super easy to clean - just put it in a mug of hot soapy water...  I picked one up on Amazon for under $20US with a stand, thinking it might be good, and it was great!  Because the cocoa butter has a thicker viscosity than milk, it doesn't froth it, but does an excellent job of blending without the mess. 
    • By DeanTheBaker
      Hi everyone,

      I am someone who used to hate milk chocolate (and white as well) because they are always too sweet for me.
      but recently I got to try Valrhona's Bahibe 46% and it's really good; creamy and not sickeningly sweet.

      After Valrhona has changed my mind, I'm on a quest to explore the world of milk chocolate.
      Are there any alternatives as good or even better? what's your preference when it comes to milk chocolate?
      Thank you.
    • By eglies
      Hello there everyone! I am a new chocolatier and I am looking for someone who has some time to dedicate helping me set up my new business. I have questions mostly on recipes and equipment. Is anyone available?
      Thank you
    • By JoNorvelleWalker
      The current issue of the NY Times Magazine is on candy.  Shamefully sinful.  I cannot unsee the images.
    • By Pastrypastmidnight
      I want to put a soft marshmallow fluff into a bonbon. I’ve made this recipe lots of times for my s’mores macarons and it’s great but the recipe says it will only keep 2 weeks in the fridge (but it is actually fine much longer—at least no one in my family has died yet  ). 
      Does anyone know of a soft marshmallow cream recipe I can pipe into a bonbon and leave at room temp for a couple of weeks? I know the commercial stuff will separate long before it goes bad (don’t ask  ).
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